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  1. How anyone can pick our ''best'' team and leave Lupoli out is beyond me
  2. [quote user="norfolkchance1"][quote user="jas the barclay king"] [quote user="lincoln canary"] Hoolahan is a class player and should be starting every week. [/quote] Youve clearly never seen him in a Norwich shirt have you?! jas :) [/quote] He looked good when he came on at Barnsley, just a pity no one else was on same wavelength as him. [/quote]   What game was you watching? He gave the ball away so many times it was unreal
  3. Nothing is going to change, not by semi-arsed protesting, I honestly believe the board are ready to sell up, it takes time!! Look At Newcastle, Ashley as been ready to sell all season and it still hasnt gone through
  4. Kid, you starting off a one man ''sack the board'' cry is going to get no where. Give it a rest. Do something useful, ur GCSE''s are coming up soon
  5. does your mum know your still on the PC at this time??
  6. Love the people who say it was the ''right time to move'', its not like we sold him at the right time to make a profit, we released our best, most creative and most passionate player. all he would of cost extra is wage, like the wage were spending on Eagle, Troy, Koroma, Sibs, Lupoli, Hooloop.
  7. hmmmm, is he on a free now??   Sure he can do the same as Fozzy!! Probably still get forward more!
  8. I dont mind an opinion on City from a ''outsiders'' pont of veiw, but when he talks bollox about Wolves it annoys me, if i wanted to know about Wolves i''d go on there site
  9. Read in the Metro today, had to chuckle! ''Leroy Lita will finish chances we havnt been creating'' Cheers Glenn, top work.
  10. I dont know which is worse, moaners, or people that moan about moaners! if you dont like it, dont come on here, and dont moan!
  11. Come on mate, hardly a world beater!! Didnt score that many! Never that good when he dropped down a division. Plus he''s years older now! I dont doubt that he could do a job for us, just not worth getting ''over; excited for!  
  12. 1. Not garuntee he''s coming here. 2.Is he really good enough? all are hopes and dreams are pinned on a 32 Norwegian striker that''s never really been good enough for English football??
  13. How can anyone be happy with mid-table championship football, playing away at crewe, scunthorpe, or colchester! I can live with been mid-table premireship, playing away at old trafford, emirates and stamford bridge. Guess your the same crew that was happy with a point at Oakwell?? The amount of games you get to doesnt make you ''more of a fan'' than anyone! People have work/travel/financial/family commiments that mean they cant get there!
  14. Not seen Clingan, but Pattison, Fozzy and Russell offer nothing for me. Not ball winners, Dont particulary ''get about'' them, absolutly no creativity, inconsistant, some of Fozzy and Patison''s passing is shocking. Fozzy takes the free kicks and corners ''cos hes roeders mate'', its not very often it beats the first man!  
  15. Come on boys, we must be able to rack 100k up between us on here, and il drive Cureton there!   Great player,   Waste of time, pointless 1 month loan, board putting off the ''sack the board'' chants for a month! 
  16. I went to United-Lisbon last season, Champions League grop stage, the Arena was Fantasic but the atmosphere was terrible, even when they scored 2 late goals to win the game nothing, lots of empty seats in the ''corperate'' bit where I was. I only get the the away games in and around Yorkshire but I always feel we have fantastic fans that make alot of noise, though we were very quiet at saturday, maybe because Barnsley started very well!!   Have to agree Newcastle have the most passionate fans, though they are deluded!! A big club doesnt make you a ''good'' team!
  17. I was hoping it was about Shameless, looks like Frank Gallagher may have wrote it though!!   Pint and a E please!
  18. He gave the ball away every single time he got the ball, ran over it on more than 1 occasion, trys to beat the same man 3 times and he isnt that quick. Should ditch the white boots too!
  19. Still believe he will be absolutly class in this league!   Gutted not to see him saturday.
  20. Because weve got our ''target man'' we feel like we have to use him.   Also its much easier for a full back or centre have to aim a ball at Sibs rather than try and play the ball out.
  21. I think we are in a better position than 12 months ago, much better squad and i have faith in Glenn (Though i would question some of the decisions he made on saturday)   6th would be a freat season, but i cant see that, more like 12th, juts above the scum
  22. Cant comment on Clingan becuase i havnt seen him But...   Our midfield saturday was awful, i honestly dont think one of our midfielders would have got in the Barnsley side. We have nothing ''about us'' no creativity, no bite, no passion.    Barnsley a suppsodly poor side had us chasing shadows and without creating many chances, stroked the ball about very well
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