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  1.   Kennedy Nope, Awful, had good 15 minute spell after we scored. Actually the subs gave us a fighting chance, Sibs and Holanwasteoftimehan off for Bell and Patti at half time Lita missed a unbelievable chance at 2-1 Both full backs were awful, Lita had no service but missed 2 very good chances. Hoolahan is shocking, i dont want to see him in a yellow shirt again, Why NO Lupoli, why o why o why.
  2. Is it definatly ticket only??   Jesus Christ!
  3. Fanfare for the common man! amazing   I do like Kasabian tough!
  4. i think bowen would be a good choice, david moyes would be my choice but cost a packet..   well if were been silly id have Alex Ferguson, with Arsene Wenger as coach and Jose Mourinho as physio
  5. On paper our team should be in the top 6??   Are you for real?? Dont forget we own very few of our first 11.   And id like to know which 1 of our players would get in the Starting 11 of a club in the top 6. Possibly Marshall, thats it.
  6. I agree, when you look back at the squad and first team we had they were terrible! Some really awful players in there! Yet, down to team spirit, people working for each other, and a 12th man we did fantastic, probably over acheived! With some many loan players with nothing to prove, no commiment to the squad we will not turn a poor team into a premiership team!
  7. Come on he''s not that great, hardly profic for Spurs or Wolves Even older now!
  8. 1. I dont think he;ll come here 2. Is h that good, is it showing ambition??
  9. I went to the Leeds game at Elland Rd, Not knowing We had sold our allocation, so ended yp sitting with the home Pikeys! I had my top zipped up and kept quiet, it can be done should you be sensible, no cheering even when hooooozey scored! Also i think the northern accent helped! Im starting to feel slighlty uncomfortable going away now, ive always worn the shirt, even over a jumper if cold.  but now im 22 im at the age where i could be beat up, where as before i felt like id never get any trouble because i was a child. Also because me and the old man are from ''up north'' were not getting off a bus with a group of people, so often have long walks on our own, had some gobby little shit trying to start trouble at Hull last year, 2 hours before the game with no one around. Also at Derby last year a couple of ''norwich'' cars had been broken inot or vandalised. Im Going Derby on the 28th and Burnley on the 1st (with Burnley fans - may go in the away end on my own) Also going to 2 Man United Games (QPR and Sunderland) And going to Stamford Bridge with Burnley fans - Dont know if ive been watching too much Green Street but im not looking forward to this especially as my mate''s mates are northern idiots and destroyed their own town a couple of years ago, when beat by Blackburn.   Coming to the point where its best to play safe, zip up the top and try and blend in, not worth a ''kick in'' or car smashed up for showing the shirt. Its not even rivalary between clubs, its modern society and the scum with live with.  
  10. Mates a Leeds fan, knows hes awful but loves him, hes also keeping Robinson (last years Swansea captain) out of the side, on the right wing. Puts in 100% week in week out, would i have im infront of Fozzy...... Dare I say it...........Yes i would
  11. what a load of Cods''wallop! We arnt paid to have players! We pay a loan fee to the club plus a proportion of the wage. The only way we would be ''paid'' to have loan players if we were a feeder club to big clubs (fat chance of that) Which would mean we would get the big clubs yound lads on loan and they would have ;first option'' should we produce a star.   As for the no-loan FC we would be knackered. in fact with the loans were knackered!
  12. Tidy player, creative, can get the ball down and play, just what we need right now, especailly with the pace of lita getting ''in behind''
  13. How anyone can pick our ''best'' team and leave Lupoli out is beyond me
  14. [quote user="norfolkchance1"][quote user="jas the barclay king"] [quote user="lincoln canary"] Hoolahan is a class player and should be starting every week. [/quote] Youve clearly never seen him in a Norwich shirt have you?! jas :) [/quote] He looked good when he came on at Barnsley, just a pity no one else was on same wavelength as him. [/quote]   What game was you watching? He gave the ball away so many times it was unreal
  15. Nothing is going to change, not by semi-arsed protesting, I honestly believe the board are ready to sell up, it takes time!! Look At Newcastle, Ashley as been ready to sell all season and it still hasnt gone through
  16. Kid, you starting off a one man ''sack the board'' cry is going to get no where. Give it a rest. Do something useful, ur GCSE''s are coming up soon
  17. does your mum know your still on the PC at this time??
  18. Love the people who say it was the ''right time to move'', its not like we sold him at the right time to make a profit, we released our best, most creative and most passionate player. all he would of cost extra is wage, like the wage were spending on Eagle, Troy, Koroma, Sibs, Lupoli, Hooloop.
  19. hmmmm, is he on a free now??   Sure he can do the same as Fozzy!! Probably still get forward more!
  20. I dont mind an opinion on City from a ''outsiders'' pont of veiw, but when he talks bollox about Wolves it annoys me, if i wanted to know about Wolves i''d go on there site
  21. Read in the Metro today, had to chuckle! ''Leroy Lita will finish chances we havnt been creating'' Cheers Glenn, top work.
  22. I dont know which is worse, moaners, or people that moan about moaners! if you dont like it, dont come on here, and dont moan!
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