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  1. For example Freddy Sears did a similar sign with his first goal for West Ham, so perhaps it is just a celebration rather than the intention of supporting McCormack.   I imagine this is because the the club badge, over lapping hammers, just a guess.     As for Norris, not the brightest thing to do but footballers are stupid, not as big a deal as it is made out to be. Showing support to a mate is in no way condoning what he as done. We would all still up for our mates had they done something wrong.
  2. More chance of Pattison topping the music chart!
  3. Probably wouldnt be about Norwich City,   Would go something like this, bumped into Holly Willoughby in town last week, asked her if i could by her a drink, after a couple more i plucked up the couage to ask her back to mine, she said ok, but only if her best mate Ferne Cotton could come. Obviously i didnt mind. We got back to mine had some more drinks then one thing lead to another......... You know the rest!
  4. Oooooh the joy of my job!! If a player starts and goes off you dont get your money back, if a player comes on after the first goals as been scored you do get your money back.   As for the Hamilton bet, sounds like a Ambigious bet to me, had Hamilton Acckies have won the punter could have claimed he wanted them, at a much better price than Lewis Hamilton to win.
  5. This has to be a Joke post!! 2 players for each side is more than enough, especially as it is the easiest position to play on the pitch, and centre half right/left midfielder can fit in at full back.
  6. Come on, as a yorkshire man, i mostly mis-hear or dont hear the song lines at all! I want lyrics for: Follow, follow, follow, Something to do with 50p, portman rd, and a ipswich fan on a string and the one with andy marshall and george burley in   Thanks in advance!
  7. Was suppose to be sitting with the Burnley fans last weekend (mate is a burnley fan) but he was on holiday in isle of man and missed his ferry so i sat on my own in the city end, prob as weird a feeling as sitting with the home fans for me! Remember sitting wih the leeds fans a couple of years ago, we had mad the long drive from Castleford (about 12 miles from Leeds) got there to find there were no pay on the gate facility for norwich fans. Luckily our broad yorkshire accents got us a home ticket, had to make to with the scrotes around us
  8. The same youth team / League cup team that Lupoli played in and couple of years ago???? Hmmmmmmm anyone know where Lupoli is now??   I disagree, but only time will tell how well whether Bertrand will displace Ashley Cole, Gibbs with displace Nasri/Van Persie?? I think not.
  9. [quote user="TCF"][quote user="CDMullins"] The loan players we have will no play for their ''parent'' clubs again - Elliot, Bertrand, Kennedy, Sibs, Troy, Lupoli, OJ, Lita will not play a big part in any of their teams future. If they were going to they wouldnt be here. Look at Gibbs we had him for the season, he hasnt played for Arsenal since. [/quote] Not including Ched Evans ofcourse. [/quote]   See what happens come January when Hughes gets his millions!
  10. Are we not good enough???? Nail on the head. I dont know where this delusion that we have a good team/squad. The loan players we have will no play for their ''parent'' clubs again - Elliot, Bertrand, Kennedy, Sibs, Troy, Lupoli, OJ, Lita will not play a big part in any of their teams future. If they were going to they wouldnt be here. Look at Gibbs we had him for the season, he hasnt played for Arsenal since. Would Cureton, Russell be playing for any club in our league? I dont think so, their here because we like ex players. Without doubt or best player Lupoli as barly had a kick. While I rate Lita as a player, he is wasted in our squad, he needs chances creating for them, he will not get them here! 2 shots on target in the last 2 games, simply not good enough, id also like to see the stats on crossed, through balls. Wes Hoolahan is the worst player i have seen in a yellow shirt, anyone saying opposite had been watching too much youtube and not going to enough games. Croft, Patti, Fozzy or the Doc would not get in a top 6 championship side. The only players that can be decent players for us in that divison for me are Clinghan, Semmy, Drury, Marshall, Bell and Dejan. The loan players have no reason to show heart, passion, determination or a want to win, they think they''ll be back in the Prem in may. The players that do want to be here Croft, Fozzy, Russell, Cureton just arnt good enough on the pitch.   Instead players coming in on loan, we should have get and gave a go the youngsters, lets face it we would be in no worse postition and had Martin had forfilled his promise, Had Spillane or Jarvis had blossemed, we could have been looking at a nice sale for a couple of million of pounds enabling us to bring in 3-4 players. At this minute in time we have no assets, financially we are in the same postition as many other clubs, yet all other clubs have at least 1 player of real quality that can be sold on. The damage was done in pre-season we missed out on so many players that have gone to, and done really good jobs at other clubs in our divison.     
  11. Wonder how many times I will say this,   Burnley brought a young jug eared lad from Ireland, saw talent in him, looked after him, allowed him to play football, they developed him into a international player then sold him on for £3,5 million. With the £3,500,000 they brought 4-5 very good players in.
  12. Realistically we havnt, Non of the players we have on loan are good young prospects, non will play for their ''parent'' clubs. Lita obviously isnt wanted at Reading, Sibs will never play in the Prem again. Kennedy wont play for Celtic again, OJ wont get a sniff at Pompy if he cant make our first 16, Same with Lupoli. Croft, Hoolahan, Fozzy and Russell are awful and would not get in the side of any team above us.   Remember when we have produced/developed players, Fox, Eadie, Sutton, Bellamy, Ashton, Earnshaw and sold them on. Not one player in our squad could we sell for more than £500,000.
  13. Player for Player, we did not match Burnley not one bit. They could have had 6, we had 1 shot on target.   Where has this delusion come that we have a good side on paper??
  14. Theyve done it through producing a player good enough to sell (Lafferty) and use the proceeds to make a squad.   Horrible, dingy little town, horrible dingy little ground with no seats, no fans, yet good football! very good football, score flatered us.
  15. The reason Burnley had 3 million to spend..........They produced a player good enough to sell and spend the profit! How many of our players could we sell I honestly think none, I also believe that not one team above us in the league would buy any of our players. We have no assets.   I was at Derby and Burnley, they were identical games. No heart, fight, passion, creativity, no passing not tackling. We have wasted so much money this season, Are Bertrand and Elliot better than Drury and Semmi NO! Do we really need OJ and Lupoli, my opinion is yes, but why are they here if their not playing?? Sibs - Joke Panic buy. Hoolahan - disgusting, kid cant even get to Carrow Rd on time for a home match. Troy - ???????????????? Lita is nothing without any service, missed 2 sitters that could have got us level at Derby and back in the game at Burnley Now onto the players we do own, Russell terrible, awful first touch, no positional sense, looks lost up front, wins nothing Fotheringham - waste of space adds nothing, contributes nothing Croft - So frustrating, no end product, no speed, cant take a man on     Only Clinghan, Bell, Semmy, Dejan, Drury, Semmy and Lupoli have made any contribution. Im still 50-50 on Lita could be class if we have good enough players around, on his own.....just not good enough.   We could be in real trouble this season  
  16. I think Peter Kenyon and Roy Hodgson told Glenn we had the best full backs in the division.   In reality, their awful. And neither will play more than 10 games for their parent club.
  17. I live a long way from Norwich and I''m a Norwich fan, I think what you''ve just written is pretty ignorant. A lot of people who support Norwich live a long way from Carrow Road yet still manage to get to games- believe me that takes a serious amount of commitment and love for the club. I would serously consider thinking before you post next time because you have upset a lot of decent supporters including myself.    cracking post, ditto for myself
  18. Should have beat Derby???? Obviously you didnt go to the game.   I guess your of of the ''Hoolahan fans'' becuase of what youve seen on Youtube???
  19.                                                    Marshall Semmi (if fit)         Kennedy                       Dejan           Drury Bell                 Fotheringham                    Clinghan         Lupoli                               Lita                                           Sibs   We were playing the ball long on tuesday, and far too often if went over the head of sibs and towards Lita, Lita will with nothing in the hair, might as well play the 2 the other way around.
  20. Our wings are dire, Betrand and Ozumosi, and Croft and Wes.   Bring back Semmi, Drury and get bell on the right, Lupoli on the left.
  21. When''s it going to get better, its ok watching him do fancy tricks on youtube. he was dragged off last night and was shocking. doesnt play with passion the guy cant even get to Carrow Road on time for a home game. Plays like he doesnt want to be there. Cant see it getting better.   I hope he never plays in a yellow shirt again.
  22. What, mate have you been to game? have you seen how incapable Hoolahan is? He Contributes absolutly nothing, plays like he doesnt want the ball, wins nothing, first touch is awful, never on his wing, never takes anyone on on, no pace and he''s so lightweight its untrue. To say he is the replacement for a certain someone is painful!!!! Kris Commons was different class lastnight, compare Commons to Croft and Wesley, what a joke!   My 11 for saturday?? I dont even want to write it down. It hurts!  
  23. Marshall 4, made 1 top save, pelted the ball upto Lita all game, waste of time Omouzi 4, Commons made him look daft, time and time again Bertrand 4, Couple of decent tackles, awful passing, caught in no-mans-land or 3rd, when we were on top Stefanovic 5, Won everything, had alot of ball tonight, but did nothing productive with it Kennedy 7, Won everything, cracking header for goal Croft 5, Never once got past their full back, tried to deliver blocked everytime, picked up in 2nd half Hoolahan -10, No excistant, light weight, not paticulary fast, never beat a man, gave the ball away, continues to step on the ball, Sibs 4, balled lumped at him for 45 mins, no positive contribution Lita 6, tried hard, made alot of runs, found offside alot tho I do blame that on the poor and slow service, missed a absolut sitter at 2-1 Russell 4, no positive contribution Clinghan 8, did well, didnt win much but very tidy player, kept the ball got it down and tried to play, everything we did good started through Sammy   Subs - Bell - 7, Did well impress like Clinghan, played alot of good football, didnt give the ball away, super wiped in corner for goal. Patti - Still useless, tried hard, unable to complete 5 yard passes
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