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  1. we have a system? Are you glenn roeder?
  2. Lupoli''s goal scoring recorded to any of our other players?
  3. Right behind a man who prefers to play a midfielder up front? A man that has a class striker on the bench and refuses to use him? A man that released Darren Huckerby for ''football reasons''? A man that signed Carl Cort?
  4. These kind of threads are disliked when we are doing poorly! Everybody and their dog wanted to post after the scum match! Where are they now? Now reality has slapped us in the face and we are back to our ''same old''! Everytime we get 3 points or extend Lita''s loan by 28 days or hear the rumour of ''money available'' everything appears to be ok and the gullable lot we are believe it!  
  5. Come on then as after the Ipswich match ''Wheres all the negative posters?'' Wheres the postive posters now? Are we still unlucky? Is Delia still the saviour? Is Roeder still the magician?
  6. I do you plan on paying for him?? If were been unrealistic, ill have Cannavaro and Puyol
  7. Dont think any will come! Though Vela and Wiltshire would be amazing!
  8. Makes me laugh, made for the people of Congo, happy to play for England
  9. To be ''worth'' your lead you have to be the better side. Dont tell me that Greece were ''worth'' their 2006 Euro win!
  10. We controlled the game, without creating. they wernt worth there 2-1 lead nor there 3-2 win. We moaned for agers about not having a goal scorer,now we have whats the next excuse?
  11. As above,   When he scores, he had a message on his shirt, anyone catch it?
  12. Standing at Hillsbrough, meatpie in hand, smelling the turf and awaiting 3 city points.   Unfortunalty we get beat, then you fel worse!
  13. I live 20mins away from Hillsborough, instead of going there on saturday im saving my money and going Turf Moor tue (Burnley-Arsenal) and Old Trafford wed (united-Blackburn)
  14. Too much Football Manager or a case of severe delusion!
  15. Pathetic - one win against rock bottom and everyones happy!
  16. He definatly turned up for the sky camera''s!!   Top class saves in there, though was a fault for their goal.
  17. Probably wrong time to post now, due to the haters turning to lovers after 3 points but... The question wasnt would any of them come?? It was would you prefer them.... Yes I would so of Roeders teams, sub, tactics and loan signings have been frankly embarassing this season.
  18. Not feasible. 1. It would still cost money (More I imagine, having to pay someone to do the job the club manager cant) 2. Football Managers Ego''s are far too big. Can you imagine Glenn Roeder letting someone come in to do the job he''s making a mess of?? Understandable, imagine your boss saying ''we''d like to sack you, but frankly it would cost too much, so what were going do is appoint someone else to do your job, feel free to hang around and make cups of tea though!! You wouldnt be happy.   Peterborough tried this a few years ago, After Big Ron''s racist chant, Skyone and Barry Fry asked him to come and help the manager achive promotion, think they were doing ok at the time (6th/7th) It was kicking off on the training ground everyday, the manger didnt want Ron around, Ron wanted more control, Actually ended yp with the manager resigning at leaving a game at half time!!
  19. Good post Vor,   Look at that coming from a ''outsider'', We have this City bias and delusion that we have a good side, we really dont, with out them few goals Lita had scored we would be in serious trouble1
  20. Are you Glenn Roeder?? or have you too been thinking abouth the iminent release of Football Manager?
  21. Absolute Delusion. We do not have the quality, player for player, we deserve to be where we are. Quality players produce, even glimmers of hope, we have none of that! We are not (and for the for-seeable future stuck with the Barnsleys and Blackpool''s of this world.) 
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