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  1. [quote user="Delia S. Tickers"]I would not get too excited about Burnley''s "stars". Burnley have to sell players to survive, I would not be too surprised to see a couple of the names above leaving this month.[/quote] No one from Burnley will be sold! They do not have to sell and may even invest to secure their playoff place!
  2. Whats contacts are these? He obviously hasnt used them this season
  3. [quote user="Seat0123"][quote user="CDMullins"] Mate he''s terrible! I dont mean this in a patronising way but have you seen him play for us or watched him on You Tube?? He''s slow, one footed, light weight, wears silly coloured boots!! No idea if he has a ''end product'' never seen him in that postition! So dissapointed!!! [/quote] You are an idiot. Simply brainless. He''s no huckerby of course, not by a long way, but you clearly don''t know anything about football and should hang your head in shame for such ridiculous comments. [/quote] Never watched football?? I actually played at a very good level and im a left sided midfieler, so instead of calling me an idiot, give me your side of the argument, tell me about his good attributes, stenghts, stats (goals,assists) In truth you will realise he just does not cut it! Not as a regular first teamer, and not fit to lace Hucks boots  
  4. Age does not matter! Its not like olden day football were experience is massivly important to an individual!!! If he was that good he would be playing first team football. Cole, Clichy, Fabregas, Ronaldo,Rooney, Ramsay were all younger than him when they made their impact. Its sad but none of the players on loan at City will go back to their parent club and make the grade, Bertrand simply wont, Ozumosi is not good enough, Kennedy will not be given a chance Celtic, Sibs is certinally done, Lupoli is wanted anywhere bless him even Lita isnt wanted by Reading! We simply have a crock of crap on loan, none of the players are good enough to make a great impact (barring Lita) and none of them are putting in good performance to try and earn a move to City (barring Lita)!! 
  5. Mate he''s terrible! I dont mean this in a patronising way but have you seen him play for us or watched him on You Tube?? He''s slow, one footed, light weight, wears silly coloured boots!! No idea if he has a ''end product'' never seen him in that postition! So dissapointed!!!
  6. Sold the best, Kept the rest You sir are an Idiot! My guess is you must be a binner! Hoolahan possibly the worst player ive seen in a norwich shirt!
  7. He''s found his level, and isnt very good! He will never be Chelsea''s first choice fullback! Nor will be play regulary for a premier league side!
  8. A* for you Tom, do you want a sticker too?
  9. [quote user="one 4 the future"] Does it affect your job? [/quote]   Yep, Course it does!! No respect for him, dont want to work for him! I work better when hes not their!
  10. I hate my Boss, so what???   Would it be different if we were 4th? Course it would. Teams playing well have good morale, get on more! Teams that are not good enough to win football matchs and a manager that cant gernerate morale with fall to bits!!!
  11. Is it worth getting rid of Roeder and giving someone else the chance to spend, and keep Marshall/Croft/Bell? Or trust Roeder and give him a chance with money to spend?
  12. Surly that should read 2-7-1, dont think we''ve played with more than 1 striker all season!
  13. Get a grip, Lita to spurs, asif!! Pavlychenko, Bent, Some 20mil signing or Lita for £300,000 More chance of him coming here!
  14. Thought this was going to be a unrealistic ;Mark Hughes to be our next manager''   however its a even more unrealist Ched to return!!
  15. Chances Non! unless Bury will take Monoply money Would like to see him here. Quite obvious there will not really be any money available in Jan as Roeder is trying to our most creative player for a much needed centre half
  16. Patience for what?? We have nothing to look forward too! No star player to come back from injury, no kids coming through that could be really top class, no assets that we can sell and buy 3-4 quality with the returns, a manger that plays midfielders up front, a manager that releases Huckerby for ''football reasons'', a squad that will contain of 8 players come may, a board that hides behind getting us happy with 1 month loan signings, a team of loan players that couldnt give a toss and that will never play for their premier league parent club, Antoine Siberski, Wes Hoolahan. We have 3-4 genuine players that play like they love Norwich City. We are in deep trouble. In May we will have no money, no leroy lita, no kennedy, maybe not even Bell, Marshall and Croft. What do we do then? Stay Patient? The Board as to be blamed for for some massive wrong decisions! But Roeder really needs to take most of the blame, shocking tactical decisions, bringing players in on loan that he has not played (Troy, Lups,Sibs) and the release of Hucks.   Not a good time for us im afraid, And another season where staying in this division will be a major achievement.
  17. Money Available?? Hucks released for football reasons?? New Hero''s?? Lupoli not match fit??? Star Target man??   Lies, lies, lies
  18. Bell without doubt! Croft still has no end product despite his wonder goal!   Anywhere near A million pond for Croft and i will personally drive him to his destination!!
  19. Probably is worth 3mil but not considering hes on a free come may!
  20. No, i honestly believe he wouldnt. With no funds he has attracted decent players but cannot make them play or in Lupoli''s cas wont play him at all!
  21. The Blame is Roeders! Managers change teams. Poor temas into decent teams. Your telling me we wouldnt be better of with Harry Redknapp?
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