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  1. Result aside it was a pretty good away day; Cheap beer, Great atmosphere in the cricket club Lots of yellow in good voice. Fairly entertaining game. We're on the Norwich roller coaster there will be ups and downs.
  2. McGovern carried out a fairly rigorous warm up at one point, meaning there must have been doubt around Timmy. Considering we'd already made one change, we had to keep one up our sleeve in case Tim needed to come off; Leaving one; And somehow, despite never kicking a ball for us, Patrick Roberts is now the second coming.
  3. Especially with less than helpful stewards.
  4. Have to say the vibe from the fans around me were really positive, no moaning at all. Lots of noise after their goals and lots of love for Farke throughout.
  5. Contractual maybe? I've read that unsatisfied parent clubs can recall players should they have not taken part in 'x' amount of games.
  6. NCFC tweeted that it was a sell out yesterday morning. Re-empty seats, the row behind me wasn't a real row, there were no seats but we had a group of lads stood in it all game.
  7. Worst thing about today was the start, I timed it at 20 minutes before we completed a pass in their half. 20 minutes, against Burnley. Leitner aside the lads seemed to want to pass responsibility today, Lewis and Byram were guilty of playing back instead of whipping a ball a cross the box. It's not the end of the world, is wasn't that bad, it's going to happen. On a side note, I feel so sorry for the Burnley fans, their football is horrible.
  8. Interesting, so there's actually almost 1,000 fans who are guaranteed tickets for each game. The club really need to decide what they are doing next season season and communicate it, as it will have a bearing on how fans purchase tickets for the remainder of this season.
  9. Didn't think there was an 'away season ticket' this year?
  10. Somehow more tickets are now available for this.
  11. Find it genuinely staggering that people are unhappy with Max and suggest that Byram is/could be first choice. (Yes he was excellent Saturday.)
  12. Very good performance from Sam last night but surprised to see a few saying Max hasn't stepped up.
  13. But how many decisions have we seen that have been reviewed and still appear wrong? I have no confidence in VAR in fact it has only made the water cloudier.
  14. It was very similar to the handball that ruled out Dendonckers goal for Wolves vs Leicester. Think the change of rules means because Dendonckers contributed to a goal, it was ruled out.
  15. Lets not pretend LDC predicted a win, He stated it 'could' happen, like we 'could' come 3rd or be relegated, like you 'could' win the lottery. If you read his posts he never actually gives a opinion/prediction.
  16. I get that but imagine pretending you know the player....
  17. Had we had 2/3 fully fit centre halves this wouldn't have been a worry, as it would have forced Daniels hand to start Amadou, however it looks like he'll now be needed at centre half meaning we're now a CDM short.
  18. Bit judgmental? Out of interest what makes you think all 750 people in 'the club' think they are special?
  19. Is there any word as to what is happening next year? Need to know the magic number to become an elite
  20. Missing this due to been in Budapest, nice to see sales have gone relatively well.
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