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  1. Gents, The season was fantastic, hugely entertaining, we played some great stuff and overachieved with a shoestring budget. It's up there with our League One season as one of my favourites. But I find it a little tin pot to suggest that one of the best seasons the club as ever had was outside the top division and again, we'd mock them lot down the road if they said that.
  2. Honestly? Need cheering up? Yes. We're in the top league which is a fantastic achievement in itself How very Norwich City. after one of the best seasons ever In the second tier - we'd mock Ipswich if they said that. our main striker is one of the top scorers in the league Think you may have come too soon. inspires the fans with his type of football and leadership Who in turn show it by sitting in silence for 90 minutes. the club is totally secure financially because it is being run properly Change the word 'club' to 'business' we have a fantastic youth set up which in turn is allowing is to get some of the best young talent in for building the future Not sure how I feel about this, Todd Cantwell isn't the future. We supposedly have 3 £30/40/50 million plus defenders yet cant stop shipping goals. our players relate with us in a good way with strong and likeable characteristics Again, how very Norwich City What's to be down about? Reading your post.
  3. Lets be right, Daniel James fouled Ben if anything, James initiated contact. Referee had clear vision and saw it as such. Clear? Obvious? No reason for VAR to be involved. Such a difficult watch, apparently we have 3 £30/£40/£50 Million defenders, save two penalties yet still cant stop leaking goals.
  4. I'm just disappointed you people are assuming their gender. Tut tut.
  5. Didn't someone on here claim to have emails Re-Lewandowski to Norwich is Gunn's short era?
  6. As old Stuart been telling porkies? Bristol City's Lee Johnson; "You've only got to look at the likes of Pukki, for example, who was literally sent in to every Championship side, I'll show you, about 100 e-mails," Johnson said, Obviously he came in and Norwich took a chance on him and he's done unbelievably well for Norwich. Some people would have written Pukki off, considering his past at Celtic and other clubs he's had."
  7. If that decision isn't overturned, then what is the point in having VAR? Absolute clear shirt pull.
  8. Probably the reality that they will never play for their club, so the next best thing. Personally and having played a bit of semi-pro football I'd have loved the chance to play away at Norwich in early rounds of the FA Cup. Would have been a dream come true.
  9. He touched the man, that doesn't mean its a foul. Origi was clearly looking for it. Referee yards away, I'm more than comfortable the right decision was made.
  10. It wasn't a foul. See that's the problem, it's so subjective.
  11. Staggering that this years loyalty isn't (or won't be) taken into account.
  12. Is that putting it into perspective? Or is it putting a positive spin on it? I'm genuinely not feeling negative about our start at all by the way but; Liverpool are Liverpool. Newcastle not won since beating Spurs. Chelsea drew at home to Sheff U, with Leicester and tonked by Utd. West Ham couldn't beat Villa or Watford Man City are Man City It was only Burnley's second win of the season. What it is clear is that there is no yardstick as of yet.
  13. Was anyone present at the consultation yesterday and can relay what was said by Ben?
  14. *cough* both have taken their teams to Europe *cough*
  15. So just to confirm you have to be a Premier League manager to have an opinion on here?
  16. Result aside it was a pretty good away day; Cheap beer, Great atmosphere in the cricket club Lots of yellow in good voice. Fairly entertaining game. We're on the Norwich roller coaster there will be ups and downs.
  17. McGovern carried out a fairly rigorous warm up at one point, meaning there must have been doubt around Timmy. Considering we'd already made one change, we had to keep one up our sleeve in case Tim needed to come off; Leaving one; And somehow, despite never kicking a ball for us, Patrick Roberts is now the second coming.
  18. Especially with less than helpful stewards.
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