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  1. 23 hours ago, CANARYKING said:

    Getting hammered here, wasn’t really a kick, just a nudge because he stopped right in front of me, if you’re going to leave just go

    Wow, I'll revise my previous statement;

    Imagine starting a thread boasting about kicking a person, when you didn't actually kick them, because they wanted to leave early - sad little man.


  2. Nope, still a great player, still learning and as potential to be even better than any player we 'would/could' buy with the money.


    Edited to add,

    Jamal as been somewhat forgotten about since Max's rise -  he still is very good and could be even better aswell as Byram as done, Jamal is very much first choice for me.

  3. We can certainally feel agrived by the use of VAR this season;

    Everything seems to have gone against us without VAR;

    Basham is sent off, Godfrey isnt.

    Pukki' (Spurs) goal stands, Connor Wickhams doesn't - thats 4 points plus 17 minutes to equalise against Sheff U.

    Then theres the encroachment against Arsenal - obviously far too early and would only have been 1-0 but even so...

    and VAR didnt get involved when Haller's done Zimmerman - similar to the sendings off of Aubameyang and Godfrey recently.




  4. We've had some games recently where we have been the better team, looked comfortable and been in front against teams we wouldnt be expected to beat.

    Arsenal, Spurs, Palace spring to mind, games where you'd take a point before and although we played well, lead and ended with only a point it didnt seem too dissapointing.

    Yesterday was opposite, performance, domination, stats didnt count, we just needed 3 points.

    We dragged it out, grinded it out and scraped 3 points, what is frustrating is that it took a collosal error from one of their defenders to win us the game. Other than the Pukki chance cant recall any more clear cut opportunites.

    Actually nice to see us win ugly after drawing/losing pretty for so long,

  5. 10 minutes ago, The Real Buh said:

    Godfreys red was a box ticking exercise. He wanted to be the first guy to use the monitor. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that all referees are scum and deserve nothing but contempt lads.

    Then he'd be two weeks, too late.

  6. So if you know you do it and you continue to do it, then you're clearly doing it intentionally? 

    'Likes' mean nothing, literally nothing - Piers Morgan and Katie Hopkins get hundreds of thousands a day, they mean nothing.


    The weird thing is, I'm have the same positive view (not to your attention seeking extent) but the way you deliver everything is futile/vastly over exxagerated/purley to be hostile.


  7. 32 minutes ago, lake district canary said:

    It may look like narcissm to you, but that is just another convenient label. The simple truth is that people don't like having their beliefs questioned that and if I sound patronising or pompous or whatever it is because I genuinely want people to rethink the way they think - particularly of course their negativity. Maybe I shouldn't do that, but on a football level I also genuinely believe that fans and the way they think, talk and act about the football can have an effect on a club. Some find that difficult to understand and I guess that will never change, so I am probably wasting my time - but it won't stop me trying. And there was NOTHING wrong with this thread nor the learning curve thread, both of which received likes from several posters.  It is just part of what this board is supposed to be about - discussion.

    You included;

    Even when stats/rationale/evidence are against you.


    "LDC - We will win today

    Pinkun - Why? We havent won since Nov and we've got 18 first team players injured.

    LDC - I believe we will..... 

    Pinkun - Ok based on what? whats your rationale?

    LDC - I believe

    Pinkun - Yeah but why?

    LDC - Cos for."


    If you can't see why you iriate people then you have zero self awareness or do it on purpose.


    Also, please stop going on about 'likes,' you're not 13.


  8. 18 minutes ago, lake district canary said:

    I put up with a heck of a lot on here and accept it, but when someone goes around goading others to have a go at me, which is what he was doing yesterday, I think it's time to call time on it.



    You're on a diferent planet.

    You accept your views are radical 

    You know your view puts you in the minority

    You know what you say will get a reaction.

    You post your normal drivel/prematch pep talk Wed/Thur

    Imediately after every defeat (almost asif you enjoy it) you post to tell us all we'll be ok.

    Youve now resorted to telling anyone who as a different view to 'get a grip'

    You continue you start thread after thread instead of contributing to others that are the same topic, of which all your threads are identically themed and consist of 3000 words when 50 will suffice

    You cant handle any challenge that consists of stats, evidence and rationale.

    You are an attention seeker and you thrive off the reaction.

    You must live a very sad, meaningless life if this is how you get your kicks.


    Oh and you cry poor tale when everyone gets fed up with you.

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  9. 9 minutes ago, Yellow and Green said:

    It's funny how you've mentioned Byram and Drmic. Both were purchased cheaply, have good reputations and a slightly suspect injury record. 

    Byram has proven to be an astute purchase and the other one has been unlucky with injuries. It happens; some transfers work and some don't (yet). It just turns out that it hasn't cost us anything - unlike Villa, who spent 22 million on Wesley, who's crocked for the rest of the season.

    I didn't say Idah was a capable replacement for Pukki. I pointed out that your statement was wrong. 

    Why's it funny? They're literally our only two signings and we're specifically talking about summer signings?


    Only relegation.



  10. 6 minutes ago, Yellow and Green said:

    A lot of these criticisms (transfers, contracts etc) were being praised in the summer. It's only now - with the benefit of hindsight - that people are complaining about it.

    We need to take a longer term view about this and trust that we will continue to develop the squad - in a better financial position than we were when we got promoted - and learn from this season's shortcomings if we do get promoted again.

    Appreciate that we got promoted sooner than expected and that we still have Farke/Webber for another three years. 

    * "you have no striker for a month" - Idah is fit and Drmic and Pukki are back next week.

    Not true at all, lets be honest our recruitment in the summer was dissapointing, no one was getting excited about Byram or Drmic.


    Develop the squad for what? to be relegated, sell our assets and start again in the Championship?

    At what point will we develop our squad to be a competitive Premier League squad?


    Any suggestion that Idah is a capable replacement for Teemu at this stage is ludicrous.

  11. 3 minutes ago, Since 1980 said:

    There won't be much money spent from the sale of one or two starlets because it won't be necessary. I expect recruitment to be the same style as last season. More money will be available to spend in the PL next time we're there.

    There won't be much money spent from the sale of one or two starlets because it won't be necessary. I expect recruitment to be the same style as last season. More money will be available not to spend in the PL next time we're there.


    *fixed it for you.