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  1. CDMullins

    Felix Passlack

    What nonsense. "A key cog in the machine?" FFS. 4th choice right back, behind Ben Marshall a right midfield who has since been loaned out. A ageing Ivo Pinto who has been allowed to leave for free And a lad who had never played a professional game. "He was always going to be a developing player to start with and not an automatic first choice?" Like Dortmund would fancy that.
  2. CDMullins

    Felix Passlack

    Wasn't he behind; Marshall Pinto and Aarons last year?
  3. CDMullins

    Villa or Derby?

    Derby, Gives us a better chance of staying up next season
  4. CDMullins

    F A Cup final

    We're really not.
  5. CDMullins

    Kit nerds assemble

    5 posts and no mention of the Asics kit
  6. CDMullins

    Team Wes v Team Russ LIVE

    Wes and Hux playing for a contact.
  7. CDMullins

    Lets be honest...

    Me and my mate waled out of Bramall Lane and agreed that we had just watched two very poor teams. How wrong.....
  8. Nice of them to give you £15 extra.
  9. CDMullins

    Lets be honest...

    I was sat with Glenn Roeder at Newmarket Racecourse the day we lost to Leeds, I'll hold my hands up, I'd have swapped Daniel for Glenn at that point.
  10. We asked him, said he had something else on.
  11. CDMullins

    Goal of the Season 18/19

    1. Buendia v Hull 2. Godfrey v Wednesday 3. Steipermann v Bristol City
  12. CDMullins

    Fill yer boots

    If the bet appears 'live' on a betting website then it is a obvious palpable error. You will not get paid on it. My guess is, it is a old price that has been left on a third party website.
  13. CDMullins

    Fill yer boots

    "15/8 for the current bottom three to be relegated - that looks a dead cert." Obvious palpable error if live.
  14. My horse makes her debut in the 5.45 at Doncaster Im torn whether to; Stay there and avoid the result and watch it after the races Have the game on my phone at the races Or whether to dash home (40 minutes away) after the fifth race.
  15. CDMullins

    Championship Shopping List

    Reece James was the best player on the pitch at Wigan a couple of weeks back. Fantastic at DM, And would provide cover for Max
  16. CDMullins

    We're Up!

    975/1 @ BetVictor
  17. CDMullins


    This worries me, Specifically, the suggestion that Stoke are in a better place to recruit than us.
  18. CDMullins

    Farke Chokes !!!

    One of our issues is, Hernandez aside we dont have any natural wide players. Even Emi who starts wide often drifts in, likewise Cantwell - who is most like for like replacement. Replacing Emi was always going to be hard. Trying to bring Vrancic or Leitner into replace Emi is putting a square peg in a round hole. Theres no doubt McClean has done really well and deserved his place in the team whilst we were performing, but the series of draws gave us the chance to revert to our 'best team' and bring Vrancic and Leitner back. As DF chocked? No not at all. However you could stay he has been a touch stubborn and overly rigid.
  19. CDMullins


    Half - planning for life in Championship. Other half - Asking how much tickets for the play off final will cost. Such a bizarre bunch, great entertainment though.
  20. CDMullins

    Brentford v Leeds

    Massively got away with it over last 4 games; But we're nearly there. Lets just get an early goal, settle the nerves and finish it off in style!
  21. CDMullins

    Brentford v Leeds

    Fantastic on the ball. Have to say, Brentford have a decent little team here.
  22. CDMullins

    Brentford v Leeds

    90th Leeds corner 5 added on
  23. CDMullins

    Brentford v Leeds

    Into 89th
  24. CDMullins

    Brentford v Leeds

    Too nervous to enjoy this yet