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  1. CDMullins

    New membership scheme

    I understand the frustration, However if they get to 4 games at £30, that money is back in their pocket compared to previous seasons.
  2. CDMullins

    New membership scheme

    Why money grabbing? You essentially get your £50 back, if you go to 3/4 games. Previous seasons, Old Trafford, Anfield etc have been £40/50+ As a 'casual' living in Leeds, who gets to most away games midlands up, this works well for me.
  3. CDMullins


    The problem with Lingard's goal is; Is it offside when the foot touches the ball, or when the ball leaves the foot? That might sound like a micro second, But then that's all it take for a big toe to move into a offside position. That level of detail, not even VAR can give us. The other thing that has been really frustrating about VAR, is that its use was meant for 'Clear and Obvious Errors' this has not been the case so far.
  4. CDMullins


    Theres no way Pukki is worth (or anyone will pay) £30M, Yes he was unbelivable last seaons, but he'll be 30 before the seasons finished. Reports of bids around £8-10 Million for Maupay and Adams, means surely Teemu would only fetch £15-20M tops.
  5. CDMullins

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Bizarre, Injury prone and deemed not good enough for the Championship by Charlton. Not really an area we are short in either.
  6. Well which is it? Will we finish 4th or not? That pesky evidence, getting in the way. Its fantasy to suggest we could come in Top4 (500/1) and same fantasy to suggest we are relegated (Evens)? Why would people rebel against your positivity? We want you to be right. However every single stat, our spending power, our squad and any rationale you use, says that anything above 18th is a fantastic season. To add, Had Leeds gone up and one of their Waccoers had been posting that they they'd break the top4, we'd all be in hysterics.
  7. Top 4 500/1 with Betvic. To win the league 5000/1 - EW is around 1666/1 to place (Top 2) Genuinley, it was only 50/1 that Ailen life form was proven in 2018.
  8. Absolutley zero substance to that post.
  9. Mocking aside, Was it really average? Or was it very good? Three 'distinctly average sides' got to finals of European competitions. I'd argue it was very good and any team from Wolves down to Bournemouth could beat (and play some really good stuff) any of the big boys on their day, then you have Southamptons new setup and Newscastle's potential sale. Its clear we are not going to make any substantial signings, were not going to do what Wolves (or Fulham) did, so realistically its this squad vs the Premier League. Considering us winning the league was quite a surprise and although we ended up winning it by five points, we went four games only drawing that could have blown our automatic chance, we could easily have ended up in the playoff against a resurgent Aston Villa, so expecting us to compete with Arsenal, Spurs, Man Utd, Wolves, Leicester, Watford, Newcastle, Leicester's seems very far fetched.
  10. You never fail to deliver... You seriously cannot believe your own drivel. For me, At this point there is nothing to suggest we should come above any current PL team apart from Brighton. Villa will strengthen and will be the best equipped of the 3 promoted clubs to stay up, Inevitably there will be a couple of clubs who under perform, so its a fight for 17th.
  11. CDMullins

    Maddison to Spurs....

    Fair point.
  12. CDMullins

    Maddison to Spurs....

    Haven't they both recently signed contract extensions?
  13. CDMullins


    Missed a key word out there haven't you old boy. Literally
  14. CDMullins


    First signing Borussia Dortmunds Felix Passlack who played a key role in Norwich Citys promotion to the Premier League.
  15. CDMullins

    Felix Passlack

    Which speaks volumes in itself.
  16. CDMullins

    Felix Passlack

    Jesus wept.
  17. CDMullins

    Felix Passlack

    What nonsense. "A key cog in the machine?" FFS. 4th choice right back, behind Ben Marshall a right midfield who has since been loaned out. A ageing Ivo Pinto who has been allowed to leave for free And a lad who had never played a professional game. "He was always going to be a developing player to start with and not an automatic first choice?" Like Dortmund would fancy that.
  18. CDMullins

    Felix Passlack

    Wasn't he behind; Marshall Pinto and Aarons last year?
  19. CDMullins

    Villa or Derby?

    Derby, Gives us a better chance of staying up next season
  20. CDMullins

    F A Cup final

    We're really not.
  21. CDMullins

    Kit nerds assemble

    5 posts and no mention of the Asics kit
  22. CDMullins

    Team Wes v Team Russ LIVE

    Wes and Hux playing for a contact.
  23. CDMullins

    Lets be honest...

    Me and my mate waled out of Bramall Lane and agreed that we had just watched two very poor teams. How wrong.....
  24. Nice of them to give you £15 extra.
  25. CDMullins

    Lets be honest...

    I was sat with Glenn Roeder at Newmarket Racecourse the day we lost to Leeds, I'll hold my hands up, I'd have swapped Daniel for Glenn at that point.