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    West Ham tickets

    From what I saw/read; Liverpool sold out online at around 9.35 But were still for sale by phone at 10.30 - Getting in the phone queue was impossible for me. Managed to get tickets online at 9.20ish though. I believe there is a split of tickets by mediums, phone/in-store/online.
  2. CDMullins

    Not bitter one bit?

    Any one who follow him knows he is very tongue in cheek.
  3. CDMullins

    Team for Newcastle (h)...

    This.. I think he will offer much more than Stepi in that role and at this level by the end of the season.
  4. CDMullins

    Proud and optimistic

    Without reading all the above [sorry its late] Ben was outstanding tonight. First two goals had more than a touch of luck. 3rd no idea why Jamal is marking VvD, that's poor planning. 4th pretty much summed up by our biggest issue, Grant Hanley. Never been a Premier League defender. Thought all the young boys Max, Jamal and Todd were brave and positive. Proves again we need that steel in midfield, let's hope Amadou provides it. Leitner is a must, surprised to see him on the bench. Emi needs to stop the strops, he's not a big time Charlie yet. Chuffed for Teemu, great finish. All the negatives we already knew, conceding made it very very tough, but all the things we hoped we'd to going forward, we did. Overall, we'll certainally take some positives from tonight.
  5. CDMullins

    Are Norwich good enough

    My only concern is shipping goals, I still think we need a CB to play every game alongside Ben. Zimbo is good cover, but I have little faith in Tim and none in Hanley at this level. Also the much talked about lack of a quality DM to provide defensive cover. Aside from that I'm confident we'll take it to most teams, will have a go and be entertaining.
  6. CDMullins

    Result v Liverpool

    You know it!
  7. CDMullins

    Result v Liverpool

    Wouldn't be surprised at all to see Salah, Mane and Firmino on the bench.
  8. CDMullins

    Result v Liverpool

    3 horse race.
  9. CDMullins

    Result v Liverpool

    Think we're going round in circles now, have a good afternoon.
  10. CDMullins

    Result v Liverpool

    K'in hell, Rather us get tonked 4-0 and 'have a go' than pick up a scrappy 1-1 draw and not touch ball for 90mins. Some key words in that sentence. At no point have a suggested that we will or should get a draw, I said I'd rather we get tonked trying to win the game and being positive, than putting 11 men behind the ball and hoping they don't score.
  11. CDMullins

    Result v Liverpool

    It will be if you don't read the rest of the sentence.
  12. CDMullins

    Result v Liverpool

    Ashamed's a strong word, but disappointed. The Premier League isn't the be all and end all for me - if we go back down, we go back down, as long as we try and do it the right way, that's fine with me. Id be proud as punch with a draw earnt the right way on Friday.
  13. CDMullins

    Result v Liverpool

    Rather us get tonked 4-0 and 'have a go' than pick up a scrappy 1-1 draw and not touch ball for 90mins. The lads should go into this game the same as they went into every game last season.
  14. CDMullins

    Result v Liverpool

    Rather us get tonked 4-0 and 'have a go' than pick up a scrappy 1-1 draw and not touch ball for 90mins. The lads should go into this game the same as they went into every game last season.
  15. 19/20 Home Shirt Size XL - more like L Buendia 17 + Badges. Cost £71.50 £55 including postage.
  16. CDMullins

    New Home Shirt For Sale

    Official size guide; XL Chest 114cm Length 77.5cm
  17. CDMullins

    New Home Shirt For Sale

    Still forsale
  18. CDMullins

    New Home Shirt For Sale

    £50 Essentially free lettering+ badges and postage/packaging.
  19. CDMullins

    attacking midfielder

    The addition of Roberts gives us the option to move Emi more central, also if Todd can replicate some of his pre-season stuff he can be pushing from a starting position
  20. CDMullins


    Looked real sharp last night, Really pushing Marco for No.10 spot.
  21. Dreadful. Not sure how two products from the same kit maker, in the same size can be so different. Not sure if selling is allowed on here, you have to assume anything goes these days with the current amount of non football/Norwich related threads going. So if anyone wants a Home, Buendia 17 with badges shirt, in XL - More Large maybe even Medium, I will post for £60, cost me £71,50 PM me before it gets deleted.
  22. CDMullins

    New Shirt Sizing

    Should also be noted that Errea is a very clingy material. Rather than Next/Burton/Jacamo's more forgiving cotton. Which doesnt help in the slightest.
  23. CDMullins

    New Shirt Sizing

    Bump, just to get it above Love Island, Brexit, Old Poin Coins, Ashes, Man saves toddler, Patrick Roberts girlfriend
  24. CDMullins

    Ticket Office phone system

    Rang when tickets went on sale other day at; 9.00.04 - ticket office closed Hit redial; 9.00.12 - queue is full, please call back.
  25. CDMullins

    Is this a football site or not!

    Like; Hero Norwich Pride Check Down Your Sofa Congratulations Just four examples of threads you have to open and read the first post before knowing they are completely irrelevant.