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  1.  I like your reports but we are quickly getting down to the nitty gritty, cue violins on the Titanic.
  2. Doesn''t she have to retire when she reaches 70 years old, I thought that was part of the clubs constitution.
  3. They are obviously suffering from high anxiety they need to spend some time at an institute for the very, very nervous.Mel Brooks would sort them out.
  4. It seems to to be well obsevered and alas it  won''t happen again for both clubs R.I.P.
  5. The worrying thing is this team does not appear be to in any way shape of conform to the make up of the other League 1 teams i.e teams that play breakaway football with blistering pace. Docherty and Nelson are like lambs to the slaughter and this result I fear will not be an anomanly.
  6. Years ago there was a TV documentary about "F Troop" a hardcore group of Millwall fans, on a visit to some other club the most violent trie to take on a whole stand single-handed needles to say he was arrested, very funny though.
  7. apart from Newcastle by average attendance we must be underachieving more than most. The boasting of attendance figures works both ways.
  8. Newcastle have the money to make a realistic challenge for a play off place, we on the other hand I believe will be out of our depth in league 1, as we were muscled out in the Championship and we are now going into an even more division where a physical approach will be needed, hardly the Norwich way is it?
  9. that are in a worse plight than us, I fear we are are in a worse position than we thought.
  10. what the Man''s take on the current situation is, it seems to have gone quiet on that front.
  11. No he''ll be retained as a legend to be wheeled at the next legends open day, Norwich City seems to bemore interested in its legendary past than the future.
  12. I remember a lot of posters preferring Gunn to the appointment of Roy Keane, do they still believe that or have they had second thoughts?
  13. using it for all all and sundry is laughable. I bet that half at least of these so called legends cringe at being called one.
  14. We had the opportunity when we were promoted to the Premiership to distance ourselves from Ipswich and blew it through lack of ambition, now it''s their turn.
  15. I heard Connor Wickham is a big lad, a lot bigger than Sammy so I would suggest caution on that front.
  16. on the BBC''s The Archers mb in the Bull that runs to 294 messages.
  17. Pre-season he inferred he could attract players of  Premiership quality, however they failed to materialize leadingto an influx of loan players not up to it. The current state of affairs is down to the way the club is run.
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