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  1. I was just about to say something along those lines! Surely if we were going to be any sort of team fancied for promotion these are exactly the sort of games where we get to show our strength by overcoming adversity, digging in and showing what 10 men can do and..uh..no..of course not..we''re Norwich and those kind of things happen to other teams.
  2. You already get the feeling that the club is ready to build a wall of denial to hide behind as we start sliding down the table..last season it was "a lot of games stil to go", this time it''ll be because of officials.
  3. For sure we get more than our fair share of bad refereeing decisions but it sure isn''t any referee''s fault that we so consistently fail to take our chances during games.
  4. Can he stop the type of rot that has been setting in for nigh-on three seasons?  On the evidence of this season so far, we still can''t seem to keep a clean sheet, we always look like losing if we go one-down, we can''t deal with crosses and we seem to miss a host of first half chances.  Is this something that can be turned around with the players we have?
  5. Regardless of who ends up in charge, we have got to learn how to shut up shop...it was a huge factor in our season last year.
  6. Well, our substitutions continue to baffle.  Cluelessness abounds.  Doesn''t sound like it''ll be us nicking a winner...and thus we allow another previously struggling side to look good.
  7. We should be beating teams like this.  It doesn''t sound as if we''ve dictated the game for any meaningful amount of time.  So many reminders of last season.
  8. But surely the very least we''d expect is that he would have done his homework and actually tactically prepared...?  He was quoted in the press as saying he''s watched Colchester, he certainly knew what Lisbie''s all about and we were supposed to have been after Platt so to put two centre-halves together with zero pace between them was naive in the least.  What''s more worrying is that there will be faster, trickier forwards in this league than Lisbie/Platt...we simply can''t cope with being run at through the middle.  You have to say that the fact our defence consists of three of the first choice back four from last season is extremely worrying.  Why is that that time and again as soon as we concende NOBODY looks as if they know how to stop the rot?
  9. Opposition managers, to beat NCFC this season: Ensure your forwards run at our central defence, it doesn''t matter if your forwards are not lightning-quick.  And instruct your midfielders to shoot from distance.
  10. Please no..he''s already talking about the number of matches left in the season...wasn''t this his party line last season too?  And he sounded incredibly nonchalant..I hope it''s just his media face he''s putting on because he honestly sounds like it hasn''t even registered!
  11. I''m also wondering if we''ll ruin Grant Holt in the same way we''re ruined so many other strikers who had good stats before they came here.
  12. ...we''re playing with three of the four defenders who leaked so many goals last season.  Surely (keeper aside for now) this says enough on its own? 
  13. I''m staggered that once again we are on the eve of a season without a tall target man.  Ordinarily I''d have the mindset of ''it''s such an obvious hole in the side that surely it will be addressed before the season starts''....only...it was an obvious need exactly a year ago, and arguably a big factor in our dreadful season.  How then, are we at the here and now without this being dealt with?!
  14. That''s absolutely my concern too...it seems that the management (at the end of last season and the one before) are quick to hold their hands up and state what is missing from the team or what''s needed for the next season, but to then fail to address those observations for the start of the season is ridiculous. Surely they can''t let it happen again?
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