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  1. Webber sees us as a feeder club. He''s motivated by negotiating big deals. Signing for pennies and making a big profit. Listen to his comments around the Maddison deal, his delight at being a big part in the negotiations was tangible. Proportionally we are under investing in the first 11, and any ambition to build a side capable of promotion is more than questionable. There is no immediate plan or motivation for a return to the Premier League. That much is clear. The biggest concern is this lack of ambition filtering through the club, resulting in our young stars forming the mind-set that Norwich is merely a steeping stone to bigger and better things. And when this happens, you''ve got no chance of building anything successful on the pitch. I liked it under McNally and Bowkett, when we invested in the first team. When results on the pitch where high priority. And for the first time in Norwich''s history, we weren''t a selling club!
  2. [quote user=" steadyboy"]Watched v. Ipswich game on Sky red button. Transmission extremely poor, picture blurred, no action replays, no close ups. Seemed like only one camera covering the game. Second rate coverage, disgrace. Anyone else agree?[/quote] Ah, the joys of HD digital television. How did we ever cope before? Coverage befitting of the standard of football on show, some might suggest. It is better than nothing, although I really don''t know why it can''t be in HD?
  3. [quote user="sgncfc"]If any of you seriously think that Farke is on borrowed time then you really haven''t been paying attention. The model is in place and progress is being made. We have a solid Championship squad and there is absolutely no chance of relegation. I wonder what games you are watching. We just drew away to Ipswich - we didn''t lose; we weren''t outplayed; we had the better chances. We are clearly nowhere near the finished article but he will be given time and will get at least another two year deal after this season to continue the progress without the remaining high earners and with more academy graduates coming through. He and the coaching staff are clearly developing the players they are bringing to the club and have already brought several academy players through earlier than any other manager in our history. You can post on forums all your silly negative comments and chant whatever you like. You can even stop going to games (those of you that do), but you''ll be back when we start winning. He is going nowhere anytime soon. Because it is working. Can you really not see that?[/quote] Absolutely no chance of relegation? With respect, that’s a very delusional statement. Look at our results so far this season, current league postion, and form from the end of last season into this. Factor in the loss of key players, we are most certainly not guaranteed survival in this league.
  4. Hopefully the international break means he won’t miss too many games... he’s got bags of potential. But, I fear injuries may get the better of him.
  5. [quote user="westcoastcanary"][quote user="lincoln canary aka Golden Coppel"] But, we’re going nowhere with Farke and co. The gap between Ipswich and Norwich is virtually nothing.[/quote]You mean compared to the gap between your trolling and the reality? And why not do us all a favour and drop the "we". "You" is the word you want.[/quote] Give it a rest you tool.
  6. I’ll take that. But, we’re going nowhere with Farke and co. The gap between Ipswich and Norwich is virtually nothing.
  7. Hanley, omg. How’s he missed. We upped it there, we have to maintain it!
  8. We’ve completely gone here. The second is coming, what’s Farke doing? Nothing.
  9. Abslolutely awful this half. Outfought and outplayed. It’s horrible.
  10. [quote user="tired"]It wasn''t that bad. Good thing about it being 0-0 with no shots on target is that Ipswich have already performed as well as can be expected of them. They''ve already peaked in this match - which for them is basically attempting long throw-ins or just booting it up to Walters and hoping our defence makes errors. Whereas we can play far better than that first half, whether we will or not is another matter.[/quote] That’s an extremely naive and arrogant view!
  11. I think Rhodes has done well.. but the three behind are not moving well enough off him.
  12. Leitners problem is he passses like his in the number 10 postion. He needs to adapt and look to spread play more across the park and to wide positions. Every time the ball seems to be a little 5 yard pass forward which doesn’t get us out. Either that or he tries a through ball for a player to run on to, but again not effective unless your higher up the pitch and the through ball is for a player in an attacking postion!
  13. [quote user="Nuff Said"]Is there anyone out there who agrees with Lincoln’s bizarre trolling on Pukki, or are we agreed from what we’ve seen so far that he’s one of the most promising of this year’s recruits?[/quote] Let’s stay on today’s game. Of which he’s done very little.
  14. [quote user="Crafty Canary"]Pukka non-existent so far? Are you watching the game?[/quote] Are you? Granted he hit the post immediately after I posted that, but up until then very little indeed.
  15. Rhodes doing well.. everything is so scrappy.. buendia struggling a bit.
  16. [quote user="Ian"]I know it''s not fashionable to praise our manager, but I am delighted how rapidly he promotes our younger players into the first team when they show promise. Delighted for Aarons, let''s hope he and Buendia have blinders![/quote] Does he? Godfrey and Thompson should be starting. His persistence with Tettey who is clearly past his sell by date is mindless. Happy to see Buendia start. He should be able to link the play from Leitner to Rhodes, but I’m concerned about our defensive ability.
  17. [quote user="BroadstairsR"]"Haha, you guys! X." I am unable to work out your strange forum name let alone your even stranger need to seek out meticulously every single possible negative factor about everything that is connected to NCFC.. When ridiculed for it you have little to add beyond the above quoted street corner boy response.[/quote] Is it right for anyone to be ridiculed on here for their views? Perhaps the street corner boy response is an appropriate response to those posters who pre-judge based on the username, rather than debate on the what’s been written. Just saying.
  18. [quote user="Herman"]The sad thing is that if we lose he will be on here crowing that he was right and then get upset when everyone tells him to go away, (or words of a similar meaning).[/quote] I won’t Herbert, that’s not my style at all.
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