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  1. [quote user="hogesar"]Great point against a decent Derby side. As for Lincoln''s continual BS about us ''inviting pressure on'' etc, I''m not going to let it drop or people having not seen the game might make the unfortunate decision of listening to him. The reality is Derby are a good side with good players and irrespective of what we done as a team, Derby were always going to have an attacking spell after they conceded.[/quote] You’re completely obsessed.
  2. [quote user="bristolcanary"]We have been playing very well tonight. I don''t understand the negativity from Lincoln[/quote] Listen, I’m not being negative. We’ve been decent tonight. Did people ignore me saying that but? Cantwell hasn’t impressed me, that’s all. He’s looked a little out of his depth. On the flip side, Aaron’s and Lewis have been terrific again.
  3. [quote user="hogesar"]Bet you couldnt wait to mention when Derby had a little spell of dominance...oh, hold on, you didnt wait. Great away performance so far and Cantwell has been decent. Few good touches, running out with the ball and helping Lewis defensively. Often best to ignore Lincoln especially when we are doing well, he has to really claw around for his negatives.[/quote] No he hasn’t. He’s barely touched the ball, when he has he often given it away, and he’s missed a sitter. He’s been ineffective tonight. Hopefully he improves, but he struggled against Wigan too and probably needs a rest for a couple of games.
  4. [quote user="keelansgrandad"]Cantwell is doing well in my opinion and getting better with each game. Nobody looks a weak link tonight. They are playing well. Or is that disappointing some of you.[/quote] He’s been poor tonight. Hasn’t offered anything, not been on the ball and keeps getting outpaced by Derby’s right back. He’s being carried. I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but Vrancic is probably a better option.
  5. Derby 3-0 Norwich. I fear a tired performance from City tonight. Harry Wilson to be the catalyst.
  6. This happened to a villa keeper at Birmingham a few years back too.
  7. Great result. Didn’t see this turnaround coming, hopefully we can build on it. Pukki gives our possession based football an attacking edge, which we lacked last year. I’d still like us to be more ruthless though, and we do struggle to take advantage when we’re on top. We always seem to concede a spell to the opposition, and let’s be honest we’ve had to ride our luck during these spells in the last couple of games. So we need to find a way to stop this happening, as we’re usually in complete control preceding this concession of play. Aarons looks class, he’s taken to first team football at this level like a duck to water. Lewis was very good too, and having two pacey attacking full backs who can defend is something we’ve missed for bit. Cantwell looks decent, but I’m not as convinced yet. He has a lot to learn (to be expected) and it’ll be interesting to see him develop. I still think Ben Marshall and McLean might be better options when fit. I really rate Leitner.. but he needs to cut out some of his mistakes. Reckon there’s a concentration issue with him, and Buendia was poor yesterday. Hopefully it’s just a symptom of adjusting to the game, as there’s definitely some serious talent there. Did anyone think he looked a tad peed off when he was subbed? As lastly, I not a fan of Tettey. I feel he’s long past his best. however, he was excellent.
  8. We seem to have lost control a little. Buendia struggling.. Cantwell In and out. Aarons playing superb.
  9. [quote user="Icecream Snow"][quote user="Molly Windley"]Middleton`s version here"GLENN Middleton went home and cried his eyes out after being informed of his release by Norwich City after five years in their academy"“When something like that happens it would drive anyone on,”Webber`s version here[/quote]Thanks for that, I''d been trying to dig out the Webber quotes but was struggling to find them.Given that Farke promoted Jamal Lewis and Max Aarons, developed James Maddison, and recently gave Todd Cantwell his first start, it''s clear that he''ll play talented youngsters.Believe Middleton was told that there were players ahead of him in the queue. Diallang Jaiyesimi was at loan at Grimsby last season, and is a regular starter for Yeovil (5th in League 2). Todd Cantwell spent the rest of the season at Foruna Sittard, did very well and played on the left side of the midfield aginst Reading.Webber''s reasoning was that a guy who wasn''t getting into the U-23s wanted to be involved in the first team, which sounds like he was trying to run before he could walk. I''m not sure if the club genuinely consider Simon Power to be a better player, or if they wanted more ballast in the U23 side. Webber makes Middleton sound like he has a massive ego. [/quote] Farke developed Maddison?! Give it a rest, he picked a player who would have been picked by any other manager, apart from Alex Neil of course! I give far more credit for Lewis and Aaron’s. But Maddison, sorry, he was always going to have a season like he did last year imo.
  10. QPR 4-2 Norwich. Goals in it tomorrow. The last two games have lacked intensity from the opposition and defensively we’ve been comfortable. I can see QPR flying out the blocks tomorrow, with Zim and Klose struggling to keep pace. If we can survive the first 20-30 minutes we could grow into the game. In that’s case I can see a draw, and I’d take that if given to us now.
  11. [quote user="westcoastcanary"][quote user="lincoln canary aka Golden Coppel"]It’ll be a huge shame if pride gets in the way here. Oliveria could still have a positive impact for us. I hope Farke can reintegrate him.[/quote]So it can only be pride (on the part of Webber/Farke) that could possibly be getting in the way of Oliveira''s reintegration? What could possibly explain your suggesting that?[/quote] Eh? What are you banging on about?
  12. It’ll be a huge shame if pride gets in the way here. Oliveria could still have a positive impact for us. I hope Farke can reintegrate him.
  13. Bad news RE McLean. Hope this doesn’t turn into something that impacts the rest of his season.
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