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  1. More pace than Maddison? Not sure about that, I think Cantwell''s lack of pace stands out. Fortunately, he has quick feet, and has enough in the first yard to beat a man. Cantwell is more comparable to Wes than Madders, sharing similar strengths and weaknesses IMO.
  2. [quote user="westcoastcanary"][quote user="lincoln canary aka Golden Coppel"] ....... I don''t want to Farke to try and improve his defensive game, I want to maximise his attacking ability. A bit like Wes, don''t try to fit a square peg in a round hole...... [/quote] So you''d like to make young Cantwell, at the start of his career, as unselectable at the top level as Wes became towards the end of his? [/quote] Snoop Dog wannabe in missed point shocker.
  3. [quote user="FenwayFrank"]I guess you Reading fans wouldn’t know[/quote] I guess most on here, including yourself, don''t actually know why. Yes he wanted to move on, but is that deserving of some of the disgusting things said about him? Do we all hate Leon McKenzie too?
  4. [quote user="king canary"]I never really rated Grabban that highly when he was here but I don''t want him to get injured- such a strange overreaction.[/quote] Yeah, can someone remind me why he is so disliked, even hated by most Norwich fans?
  5. [quote user="RUDOLPH FARKE"]Neil Adams gave young players a chance. I thought Hucks was referring to Alex Neil - who certainly didn''t (James Maddison in particular). From what I have seen of Cantwell his pass and move and playing on the move set him apart. He could be exceptional.[/quote] Yeah, the reference surely was Alex Neil. I think in time Neil Adams would have brought the youth through, given he''d worked with many of them! Problem is the timing was wrong for Neil Adams. I still think he could make a manger. With regard to Todd, I''ve not been as convinced. But Forest was definitely he most effective game for us. It''s easy to forget that young players take time sometimes, and need to make mistakes to learn. Many, including myself, are guilty of that. I do think that his true position is central behind the striker. Being out wide, his lack of pace leaves us exposed, his defensive awareness isn''t great and he often fails to track back effectively. Centrally though, Cantwell is at home. His best work on Saturday came when he migrated inside. I don''t want to Farke to try and improve his defensive game, I want to maximise his attacking ability. A bit like Wes, don''t try to fit a square peg in a round hole. When fit, I''d still like to see Ben Marshall given a run in the wide advanced role. Given Steiperman''s subdued performance sat, perhaps Cantwell can start there tomorrow in his place. And this isn''t taking Buendia into account, who again I believe is suited more centrally!
  6. [quote user="McCanary"]Lincoln you have clearly never been to hillsborough when the massed ranks of the canaries fans rise to their feet and sing I wanna go home I wanna go home[/quote] A song that''s sang in jest at 99% of away grounds. That''s what your basing your appraisal of the city on?
  7. [quote user="McCanary"]Surely they are taking the juice. Dilapidated stadium, average team. Dump of a city. How on earth can they get away with charging this much[/quote] Dump of a City? Hardly, Sheffield has some great places and facilities. The gateway to a national park to boot, far from a dump as you put it. And as for a dilapidated stadium, I really enjoy visiting Hillsborough. Proper old school ground with plenty of history (good and bad) and atmosphere impossible to create in new build stadia. I agree the ticket price is expensive. But that''s nothing new.
  8. Where''s Simon Whaley!? What an injustice not to mention him.
  9. [quote user="vos"]For me Leitner plays too many short "nothing" balls to colleagues who are no better placed. Needs to be far more creative and find players in space.Also needs to get forward in to the box a lot more.[/quote] Only 25 remember. Imgaine the player he could be in another year or two. And those short nothing balls are actually pretty important. They keep the tempo high and the opposition chasing. This in turn creates space for a killer ball. I think the main problem is one or two teammates (Tettey) are not technically as good, and struggle to deal with the short ball in and out under pressure. Is what it is really, I wouldn’t want Leitner to change his game. He’s very good to watch, well for the purists anyway!
  10. [quote user="lake district canary"][quote user="Mike "]But in all seriousness, who wouldn''t want him? His CV is impressive At our level a born winner, strange that people would not want to see us win more often than not..[/quote]I''d rather watch a Farke team at it''s best than an Allardyce team at it''s best. [/quote] I''d rather win ugly and get promoted, than play pretty and finish mid-table. Each to their own I guess.
  11. [quote user="TCCANARY"][quote user="lincoln canary "]We can all pray that this will never happen.[/quote]Fixed it for you. [:D][/quote] Ha, like it! But in all seriousness, who wouldn''t want him? His CV is impressive.
  12. [quote user="sgncfc"]It''s amateur hour again at Carrow Road. This is what I do for a living - I am a professional Managing Director/COO/CEO principally in the financial services industry and have been doing it for many years. It never ceases to amaze me that football clubs, which are essentially like any other business in terms of resources and management needs, constantly get this kind of thing so wrong. A husband and wife both serving on a Board or an exec team is a simple no. Completely ludicrous and about as tinpot and amateur as is possible. Having no senior Finance officer operating at Board level is also unheard of in my experience. Who is devolving the financial authority and where is the accountability? This new arrangement simply cannot work - it has zero chance of success. If Steve Stone left because of this type of amateur, almost feudal approach to business then that is very understandable. I don''t care how good Mrs Stuart Webber is at what she does, she shouldn''t be doing it at the same place as her husband in this type of organization. I am a shareholder and I will be asking the Board some questions.[/quote] Agree with this. It’s extremely worrying, but surely Delia isn’t so stupid not to have anyone at board level with serious financial nous?
  13. Leitner''s won you over has he Piggy? When I was calling him out as a talent last season, you questioned my judgement and what he actually brought to the team. Glad you''ve finally come around.
  14. Husbands, Wives, Nephews and friends.... The Queen Vic is run with more professionalism.
  15. [quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"]Zoe Ward is well known to football agents and highly respected in her role. Norwich are lucky to have her.[/quote] Oi oi
  16. Perhaps Stone has underperformed? Unlikely that it is our board would put abillity over sentiment. But you never know. Hopefully Webber next..
  17. [quote user="......and Smith must score."][quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="lincoln canary"]...Farke should have freshened the starting 11...you have to rotate one or two players fairly regularly to keep things fresh.[/quote]if Farke had changed the starting eleven and we still lost, you would have said "He shouldn''t have changed a winning team". #Readingbetweenthewhines...[/quote][:D][/quote] Simple things.
  18. [quote user="Nuff Said"]Using your crystal ball again to back up your negative views Lincoln? ‘If’ things had been different, then we would have seen how bad you think we really are...[/quote] Benick Afobe is a proven championship striker. I think it’s reasonable to assume that had he been in yellow yesterday, he’d probably have scored.
  19. [quote user="......and Smith must score."]FFS...not that resurrected yet again ?His City career is a dead as the parrot in the Monty Python sketch.[/quote] Rehabilitation? A man of Nelsons talents, we should be looking for a better outcome than the current situation.
  20. [quote user="Faded Jaded Semi Plastic SOB"]So Stoke must also be toothless given they had less shots on goal, lets shots overall and the winning goal was not scored by them......[/quote] I suppose it looks worse when you have so much possession in the attacking third, but don’t create much from it. Stoke rarely had any sustained pressure in our half. Had they done, I suspect Afobe might have made them look a bit more clinical. Stoke played for a draw, whilst looking to exploit any counter attacks or set pieces presented. We had a lot of games like that last season.
  21. There’s no doubt our wins (except boro) so far have been against the weaker teams in the league. Against the better teams we struggle. Our level is around 10th - 14th. Yesterday’s performance was very reminiscent of a Norwich City home performance last season. It was toothless, and Farke should have freshened the starting 11. I like the idea of a consistent side. Farke tinkered too much last year, but you have to rotate one or two players fairly regularly to keep things fresh. Still like to see more of Godfrey.
  22. Still early days. Remember what happened around this time last year. I’m happy to see Norwich at least competitive with the better sides in the league, but I can’t see us finishing higher than 9th/10th come the end of the season. The amount of quality sides in the championship this season is crazy. To be fair to Farke we seem to have developed an identity and style of play which is unique compared to most sides in this league which is hard to do.
  23. The league is so tight, even for championship standards, this quite unbelievable. Normally there’s a team or two that you’d say will fall away, but the top 10, bar Wigan, are all quality teams with more than a chance of promotion. Factor in Villa, Stoke and Forest - who should all push on, then it’s anyone’s this year.
  24. [quote user="hogesar"]Says the Reading fan who posts on a Norwich forum whenever there''s a possibility of us losing / not winning / having some form of generally negative undertone.[/quote] Says he guy who pretends I’m a reading fan for his own satisfaction. Like I say, completely obsessed.
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