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  1.                   Green Johnson Ferdinand Terry Cole                   Carrick  Beckham  Lampard  Barry                   Gerrard                   Rooney subs: James, Lescott, Jagielka, SWP, Downing, Heskey, Crouch   Sad thing is that at least 5 of them are in most of the suggested world XI''s and we still cant get it right and win anything.... *ENGLAND: 2010 SOUTH AFRICA WORLSD CUP CHAMPIONS*
  2. Charlton 1- 2 City Lee with an early header, gets booked for taking his shirt off. Charlton level within a minute after Semmy passes back to Marshall, who misses his kick and the ball trickles into the net. Semmy and Marshy have a row and Gunn has to run onto the pitch to calm things down. McDonald with a late winner, runs into the crowd with expected jublilation, quickly followed by several other players (bar Carney who is asking an old woman in the front row for the Sheff Utd score) one of which is an ecstatic Lee, who is subsequently booked for a second time and sent off. Last 5 mins, Charlton have 3 shots saved off the line by Shackells rear-end, we concede 7 corners in a row, Doc gets sent off for bringing a man down who''s clean through, for the greater good. Play is stopped momentarily as several City fans enter the fray to try and defend a corner. But we hold on for a win, celebrations all round after a hearty peformance and Delia and co. walk onto the pitch. Muffled boo''s can be heard... But what about the Barnsley result!? Plymouth 0-0 Barnsley A bore draw that neither team looked like winning.
  3. Did anyone actually see the clip of him on SoccerAM?? It was obviously a set-up! He was reading off a screen and taking the mickey!! Personally, i cant believe the amount of press this has got! One of the Norwich papers even wrote a whole column on it!! Made me crack up laughing!! But shows how desperate we really are for investment...[:(]
  4. [quote user="ricardo"] A very nervy afternoon. but the right result in the end. After the doom and gloom of last Saturday I warned you all that there would be further twists and turns before Punch has done dancing. Today was a must win and now the season comes down to a 3 game league and all we have to do is gather the same number of points as Forest or Barnsley because our vastly superior goal difference. Anyway, back to the game. I thought we dominated at the start and at the end but we allowed Watford too much of the ball in the middle half hour. The midfield still finds it hard to stamp themselves on the game and were allowing too many midfield runners to get through to our defence.Doc and Shaks dominated the centre and for once both full backs had decent games. Semmy probably had his best game of the season and it was his run that led to the opening own goal. It should have been two soon after but the Ref and Lino somehow contrived to be the only people in the ground to miss the tug on Mooney which was a blatant as you could wish for. The handball looked a good shout as well but Ref''s seem to have picked us out as undeserving of anything this season. The second half opened with us being very nervy for the first 15 minutes and I was beginning to think we would concede. Gunny seemed to leave it a bit late but finally got the message when swopping Croft for Carney and we began to make chances again. Shaks was unlucky with a header off the line and Lee crashed a great drive against the angle after a typical bustling run (shades of Ewan I thought). I was still thinking we might blow it but eventually Doc''s header settled the nerves. Don''t think its all over yet guys and gals because we''ve got to go through it another three times yet. At the end of it I remain confident that our goal difference is going to be the deciding factor. A pleasant stroll back to trowse and a special thanks to Mrs Ricardo who had my dinner in the oven as I walked through the door. [/quote] Great report Ricardo, spot on...   But isn''t it Iwan? [:P] Sorry, had to point it out! [:D]
  5. [quote user="Bobert"] [quote user="WeAreYellows49"]I truly feel for the fans, it could so easily be us.[/quote] I think that as long as we have Neil Doncaster, Delia and Mike we will be all right! I have a lot of faith in those three and none of them will allow us to go to the wall no matter how much they are abused on this Board. Together with Bryan Gunn they are the cream on my bun, the butter on my kipper, the jam in my doughnut. On the ball City! 3 - 0 against Sheffield. [/quote] damn.. meant to click quote... ahem... cough... Hear! Hear! [H]
  6. Dont all the cards accumilated get wiped at the end of Febuary? probably why...
  7. I actually dont believe it!! My mate (scummer) just told me, i nearly fainted! He will be a revelation! If only for 8 games... Regretably an absolutely great signing! Im looking forward to seeing him play at Portaloo Road! AHHHHHH! im so jealous!!
  8. 2-0 City Gow, Mooney / Mooney, Gow. 1 either side of half-time.
  9. ...to any ps3 Fifa09 owners out there... Ive just set up an online league for us pinkun members to compete in. thort it''d get more views in this section... check out the thread in ''It not just football'' for more details! thankyou!! :)
  10. You are living proof of reincarnation. No one could possibly get to be so stupid in just one lifetime. Swish! [H]
  11. [quote user="barclay king"]mr negative how r u??? u must have signed in on the wrong site,try the green un! [/quote] OMG! I think youve convinced me your not a binner!! Well done m8!
  12. [quote user="Indy_Bones"][quote user="Irish canary"]So I logged onto the Pinkun today, and see the story "Gunn looking to buy not sell", onlt to be followed later on by David Bell had been sold to Coventry! The club has become a joke!! I cant believe Bell has been sold already![/quote]There''s actually no inconsistencies in this... Gunn advised that he didn''t need to sell, and that he''d had some conversations with other clubs, which he didn''t feel were worthwhile regarding transfers. However it would appear that Bell wanted to go, and that Coventry made an offer that Gunn/the board thought was reasonable and the club accepted this. He may not be looking to sell but if someone makes a good offer for a player who''s usually sat on our bench, then there''s a good reason to make the sale. [/quote] Totaly aggree But it wont stop people on here moanin'' at the board/gunn/club for ''selling one of our best players.''
  13. You really should have started this in the ''It''s not just football'' section
  14. Thought it was 7 at a time, 5 in a squad and didnt know there was an upper limit to loans in a season.
  15. Youve got to feel for Lappin. Just told that he can force his way into the team. Then Gunn goes and signs exactly same sort of player.
  16. OMG! i cant believe no-one agrees with me on this! Its an AWFUL problem, not as bad as the defence but pretty major!
  17. I think Gunn brought Cort on too early in my opinion. He seemed to tire towards the end! [:D]
  18. Why have Croft and Semmy got it into thier heads that the way to attack is to pass continually between each other, UNTIL one of them has a chance to cross. They never look to play it inside! Its so frustrating because all it amounts to is a poor cross from either of them, or a throw-in. They should be looking to play one two''s with CM''s/ST''s to get in behind or quickly swap the play to the other side and pull the defence about. But neither have the vision to attempt/pull off such passes. Hoolahan and Bertrand on the other side are much better at it. Hoolahan especially is always cutting inside and swapping the play, but this may be down his lack of pace to get past the player. But still, its much more effective than our monotonous right-side play! Discuss...[:D]
  19. Marshall - 6 Not much chance with the goals. Distribution seemed to be quicker than usual. Obvious someone had told him to throw it out more often to keep the tempo up. Semmy - 5 Clueless when going forward, average when defending. Not good enough for this league im afraid, unless someone can get the best out of him Bertrand - 7 Got forward more often than of late, hopefully a return to form after a string of poor games. Doc - 7 Solid. Won some key headers, unlucky to get booked for his first offence, where saints'' players got away with multiple fouls. Grounds - 3 Awful. Looked nervous, out-muscled on a number of occaisons. Saganowski bossed him, at fault with second goal, allowed Saganowski to lose him to easily. What''s happened to the grounds we had before? Worst ''defensive'' display i''ve seen from a City player at home for a number of seasons. DREADFUL!! Hoolahan - 8 MOTM. Best game so far. Looked lively, always wanted the ball. Some neat touches, and smart passes. Unlucky with some that were cut out, and always a threat to Soton. Oh and he did alright with his tap-in. Clingan - 7 Solid. Once again. Most consistant midfeilder weve had since Holt. Always available for a pass and tough in the tackle. Fozzy - 6 Quiet and ineffectual. Not good for a captain. Fair play to him to get forward for his goal. Cant remember anything else he did though. Croft - 5 Argh! Frustrating. Started off well, taking on and getting past the full back at will....but then he has to cross. Looked tired second half. Sheffeild Utd. can have him for £500,000, as much as i love him. Russell - 6 Put himself about and won a good header on to Curo for first goal. But quite simply isnt a striker. Cureton - 6 Should have scored when Russell set him though at the end of first half. Full of drive, but tired towards the end.
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