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  1. Lincoln, that depends on whether Hughes is fit, becuase he is our other player that can change a game.  Both players are quality and deserve their place, but from the formations I have seen, Norwich are a better team with Hughes and two strikers, as he doesn''t want to play Hoolahan in the centre.  Last night was crying out for a second striker.  Thats why it took us so long to score.
  2. Can''t go as don''t finish work in time for Midweek games as 4 hr drive to get there, so becuase I am not there, it will be 5-0 City.  Attacking line up as well me thinks.         
  3. Not trying to be antagonistic, but apart from the forementioned Kelly Smith, the rest of the England team were woeful.  The left back couldn''t even throw it to an England player on a throw in let alone pass it 5 metres. Womens football as some way to go, but then again, I may have just been watching the wrong game to show off the quality of womens football.
  4. Seriously Jim, Cureton!!!!!!!!! You are having a laugh.  If Maric signs, Cureton will hardly feature this season as he will be fifth in line for a starting place behind Maric, Holt, Martin, Cody. For me....Same team as last night with possibly Maric instead of Martin. 
  5. I have a Cambridge Utd shirt, although from atleast 5 years ago.  My wife (Staunch Norwich supporter, got me into NCFC) has an Ipswich shirt she was given to by my bestman in his best man speech.  She saw the funny side but has given it back now.
  6. You are all correct, it was the Wolf that couldn''t blow the house down.  I was trying to say that it was the third pig''s house that he couldn''t blow down. Anyway back to Croft.  Like I said I admire his work ethic (most of the time, Doncaster Away was a game he was woeful in), but a winger should be able to cross a ball WELL and he can not do it on a regular enough occasion.
  7. Croft is a good championship player, but I don''t believe he should be guaranteed a place in the first eleven.  I am probably one of a few people who feel that Croft is like the thrid little pig.  He huffs and he puffs, but he can not blow that house down. (I.e. he will run all day and work hard, but when it comes down to it the basic principle of a winger is to stick the ball on a strikers head, not cross and hope the striker can get to it)
  8. I believe the link with Garforth Town and Brazil is the fact that the Chairman owns/runs a football academy in Brazil which he set up from scratch.  All of these ex-international players are part of the network he has set-up in Brazil to give under priveliged kids a start in life, by getting them into football.  The first few brazilian players only played as a substitute in one game, but i think this Cafu move is for rest of the season.  Basically they are giving him something back for the time and money he has put into it.
  9. Different formation for me to try to sure up the back but still provide some kind of attacking threat. Therfore a 352 or 532 depending on which way you look at it.                                        Marshall                      Omozusi      Docherty      Drury Otsemobor                          Clingan                    Bertrand                            Bell                              Pattison                                          Cort    Lupoli          Well thats my team.  no point sticky Croft in as he is probably in Sheffield having a medical.
  10. [quote user="CT "] [quote user="thecanaryfan"]Drury[/quote]   [:(] DAMNIT! He sat behind me yesterday, during the journey I said to him ''hello adam'' he instantly replied ''you''re a norwich fan arent you'' Seems like a nice chap and seemed  very willing to speak to the fans (not sure I would be[:P]) P.S i WAS going to ask him about what he/the squad thinks of Roeder but I thought better of it - kinda wished I had now! [/quote] You''re right CT, he is a very nice bloke.  Polite and always willing to talk to fans.  I know his family as a few of mine live in Cottenham aswell and they know his parents.  Was really happy when he joined City as he was quality at Peterborough.  I think he has been given a rough time since being injured, as I believe he is a very capable Championship player.
  11. [quote user="pete_norw"] [quote user="Smudger"]Did the editor not realise that they had missed a ''0'' off perhaps??? [:O][/quote] Or even 3, 0s, [/quote] Ouch, thats a lot of money Pete. Anyway, he is not worth 3 million with only 6 months to go on his contract.  Probably not worth three million anyway especially as he can not get in his own team Smudger.  But I would gladly pay 300k for him, but the likelihood of that is probably 0.0%.
  12. It''s OK Ex-greenoschin, I can understand that you are not having a go at me. My own personal opinion is that Roeder should be given time.  No one can make a major impact in a little time span.  New managers get the initial new manager effect (Roeder, Redknapp etc), but then after that has finished, it takes time to put you idea''s in place.  What if Man U got rid of Fergie, or Arsenal got rid of Ar se before it took them time to bed in.  Ignoring the Board level, this club was in major trouble on the pitch before Roeder came along, and in my opinion of watching games, the football on offer is a lot better.  Hopefully we stay up (which I think we will), and Roeder has a couple more transfer windows to get all his players in and a major improvement will be seen. Look at the clubs who continually change manager - where are they - NO where (except the ones with lots of money).  Give a manager time like Bolton did with Allardyce and thats when you can truely judge whether a manager is good or not. And for all those ready to say I love Roeder and kiss his backside.  I don''t as I find him as a person very fundamentally unlikeable. 
  13. A Norwich win this game.  We play well and actually manage to take some chances. 3-1. Fatty, Cort and Bell
  14. whoareyou? How will he be found at out Blackburn? He stated that it would take a few years to get Newcastle sorted when he first took the job, as they were in such a mess.  Just like it took him at Bolton.  I may be wrong but wasn''t he mid table with Newcastle but the fickle Geordie fans couldn''t wait that long as they wanted immediate success rather then to build slowly, sort all the problems have and then have continued success over a long period.  Personally, I think Allardyce is a good manager and a great appointment by Blackburn.  I hope they stay up and Newcastle go down (Big club my A%^e - just like Leeds) Besides he would never come here.  He did his time with Bolton in the lower leagues and doesn''t need to prove himself. Paul Ince on the over hand took a big jump form MK to Premier.  He would easily drop down to Championship.
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