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  1. A lot of sources in Spain, including Mundo Deportivo are reporting that we''re in for Joaquín Larrivey. 30 year old striker from Celta Vigo, some even suggesting he''s traveling here for a medical today. Bit out of the blue! Can''t claim to be all that familiar with him. Any expert Football Manager verdicts..?
  2. "I''ve always a good jaunty angled car parking is somewhat askew." Is this a cryptic message suggesting that Jens Berthel Askou is making a return?
  3. Thanks very much folks, much obliged.
  4. [quote user="Indy"]To be fair Robinson was superb too made a couple world class stops! Credit to both keepers.[/quote] This ^^^^^^
  5. He was outstanding whenever called upon. He did, however, waste the best opportunity he''ll probably ever get to get on the score sheet himself. I''d have had a punt!
  6. Visiting friends in London this weekend (planned before fixtures list came out!) so was wondering whether anybody knows of any pubs that are likely to be showing the derby on Saturday? Any Capital Canaries out there that can help me? Preferably in the Wimbledon area, but I''m not too fussy on this front! Cheers in advanced.
  7. [quote user="lappinitup"]Oh no!! They''ll be after our Neil now. [:''(][/quote] The Neil we have or the Neil we want?
  8. And their reward for dispatching our friends down the road...
  9. Was about to post something to this exact effect. Guess he''s not in the plans, but not great to see the manager being liberal with the truth. Not too sure what to make of this one, if he''s just out of favour, why couldn''t Adams have said so, as he did with Bassong and Becchio?
  10. So he''s saying manager''s need a Plan B that isn''t ''Plan A with different personnel?!" Why did nobody inform Mr Hughton of this...
  11. 7million Euro would be insulting. That''s just over £5.5million, which is pretty much what we paid for him in the first place, give or take.
  12. Well CM isn''t wrestling at the minute, so he might be worth a punt. After all he is the self professed ''Best in the World''!
  13. I have a theory... This has McNally written over it. He''s clearly showing his faith in Ricky. I imagine his train of thought went something like this... Ricky in the Championship ey? He''ll score shitloads, and suddenly everybody will want his name and number on his back again. Best give him another digit, make up for the loss in revenue from being relegated! McNally knows!
  14. If this is true, it''s laughable really. At the end of the day, if Sunderland stay above us, they deserve to stay in the league; not us. I for one, would prefer to go down and earn our place in the Premier League back next season that to stay up on a technicality. We haven''t been good enough, it is as simple as that. I remember the talk of QPR receiving a points deduction the year we went up. If they had been given that deduction, we would have been awarded the title. That would have felt just as much of a hollow victory as staying in the league on this technicality. There is only one circumstance under which I want us to stay in this league; by getting sufficient points from these remaining two games to do so. Then, and only then will we deserve to keep our place in the Premier League.
  15. I''m afraid Mr Mourinho is just playing his usual mind games with this statement. As long as it is mathematically possible for them to win the title - which it is - he will go all out. All we have to cling to is their tendency this season to follow up big wins against one of their title rivals with a silly defeat. But with the fact that it''s the worst away record in the league facing a team that has only ever lost once at home under Mourinho; I don''t fancy our chances! Here''s hoping they have a grueling battle in the Champions League which a) goes the whole 120 minutes and b) sees them through to the final.
  16. I was thinking this earlier. I think the thing I found most fascinating was the fact that they showed reaction to the Moyes news from near enough every other manager in the league, except for United''s actual opponents! For a second week running we have been a complete after thought ahead of a game, and that''s exactly what should be said in the pre-match team talk. You have been treated as an after thought. As far as the rest of the country is concerned, it''s your job to go out there and roll over so they can have their feel good Giggsy story. Get out there and show them all you''re not an after thought and rewrite the fecking script.
  17. I''d drive to London to pick him up myself!
  18. He''d probably appoint Delia as first team coach; would be no different to him appointing Michael Gove as education secretary!
  19. I''d imagine the ''people'' he speaks of are the Cameroon selection team.
  20. Is an edit button really so much to ask? Try this... http://i407.photobucket.com/albums/pp159/RoyalDavness/villastrip.jpg
  21. Oh, does it not show up if you aren''t following me? My bad. Does this work.. http://i407.photobucket.com/albums/pp159/RoyalDavness/villa.jpg
  22. Not in the slightest, only way I could work out how to post it on here. Couldn''t find an option to upload a picture straight onto here. Must you be so cynical?
  23. Aston Villa have unveiled their new strip for the 2014/15 season...looks nice! http://t.co/XHekCmUZB0 (Little bit of light relief for you all...)
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