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  1. ...has this game been rearranged?  i hope not, thats all we need, another embarresment at home
  2. i do have a copy of it on a norwich cd from about 7 years ago, if you dont get any joy from anywhere else email me and i will get a copy to you. OTBC 
  3. wiard... someone posted a similar headline to yours a week ago and this was your reply to it...   A bloody stupid and irresponsible headline nik. I nearly had another heart attack!. Subject matter okay mate, but think next time please.   you are an idiot and a hypocrite -no offence
  4. think you will find that it will leon who will be off, ashton is staying
  5. cant see it really, as when he signed his contract we were still in the old first division, so surely being relegated meant from that division, not the premiership. but, if he is making noises about leaving less than 24 hours after our relegation then i reckon we are better off without him.
  6. spot on mate, after last weeks results the team we have to beat is palace.  soton and w. brom, with their fixtures, are gone, so the only result i think that ''mattered'' yesterday was that palace didn''t get 3 points. yes i know we could have really done with all 3 points ourselves yesterday, and it would have made us favourites to stay up, but the fact is a draw would have been no better than a loss, it still means we have to win our last 2 games which we had to do anyway. all is not lost.
  7. did anyone else notice the possible reason for the poor corners in the first half ? everytime there was a norwich player near the newcastle fans, taking a free kick, corner, throw in, cross etc some toon fan did a very passable impression of the noise of a firework going off, which is why some of our set pieces had a poor delivery, as it was putting the taker off. this stopped in the second half, apart from when green had to take a goal kick.       
  8. [quote]AAAArrrrrrrggggghhhhh!!!!!!!! Gonna get called an unwanted fan here but........ It''s CRAP!!! Yellow and Green are bad enough colours as it is without having to make the shirt look as stupid as poss...[/quote] ...yellow and green are bad enough colours?   i think you are following the wrong team, mate! i agree, the shirt hasn''t got my ''nads pumping just yet, i am sure it will grow on me (which would be handy if it did because it would save me forty quid buying it), but anything in yellow and green looks glorious and no norwich fan could ever say they are ''bad enough'' OTBC   
  9. add to this list anyone who calls  ''canary call'', cant the person who answers the phone give the caller a quick iq test before they make an idiot of themselves? how neil adams manages to respond to their points without either laughing himself stupid or calling them something unbroadcastable is beyond me.   
  10. i will find out for you later to see if there are any left, any particular size?
  11. he''s right !   it should be yellafella34@yahoo.COM CHEERS VINCE   OTBC  
  12. from the makers of the infamous `hcuk'' t-shirt comes an affectionate tribute to delia. a yellow print on a classic bottle-green t-shirt, it has negative-style picture of delia with microphone, with the now legendary "let''s be having you!" emblazoned above, with "pride, passion, pinot grigio" printed underneath. available in 4 sizes M, L, XL, and girls skinny-fit, all at £10 each. available from today (fri) at the Temple Bar pub (top of unthank rd and grapes hill) and also at the Unthank Arms tonight. limited number available, get them in time for tomorrows game! email me on yellafella34@yahoo.co.uk for more details (dont use this link, as the address registered for this site doesn''t exist anymore, type in manually)  OTBC
  13. yeah it is something to do with this site and different email  addresses, just tried it myself. just send me a normal email not using this page and that should do it. if not, as i said earlier, i will post here again on friday with full details. OTBC 
  14. thats weird, i have now had two people saying they got their mail returned but i have had other replies to apparently the same address, sorry ''bout that guys! try it again yellafella34@yahoo.co.uk but dont use the link, type it in manually as it could be that the addresss i used to register on this site is no longer available. if still no luck, i will post here again on friday morning when i know where you can get them from, or if i can deliver them to you. OTBC
  15. thats actually quite good, quite creative for a binner. ...we are never gonna live this down are we
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