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  1. I''ll be checking your ebay account to see whether you purchase any!
  2. There is a danger that this could offend people
  3. I was hoping it was going to be poo brown so mud and skids didn''t show up on it!
  4. Wow, I thought my wife had a short fuse! His kids are probably scared sh1tless of him if he reacts like that to, what was clearly, a joke! I suggest you go to anger management!
  5. Due to all the pies I have eaten, it does not fit as well as last year''s
  6. He''s on £45K per week at Hull so would rather we didn''t!
  7. I really like it. Will be great for premier league football!
  8. It''s going to be shown to the media tomorrow
  9. Anyone know if there is going to be one on Thursday 9 June?
  10. [quote user="Yellow Submarine"][quote user="PhatCanary"][quote user="Yellow Submarine"] [quote user="Colchester Canary"]Can anyone confirm if we will have a new kit every year now? A lot of clubs do - but it rather angers me![/quote] I was told by someone in the castle mall canary store that we will have a new home and away shirt every season from now on. [/quote] Thats not been confirmed,i''m sure David McNally mentioned that other clubs do it and we should think about it.The Canary store staff don''t have a clue about the new kit,they have no news and don''t expect to hear until we all do. [/quote] Quite right PhatCanary, I''m just passing on what I was told though [/quote] Don''t bother next time
  11. [quote user="Marty"] [quote user="canarytom"]Mine would involve an attractive lady with some strong pelvic floor muscles and a bag of ping pong balls![/quote] do you do pilates?   My idea, Monkey Tennis [/quote] No why, do they do that there? If so sign me up!
  12. [quote user="wayne kerr"]its not so obvious.. some of  the so called supporters on here hope we lose   you cretin[/quote] Course it is poo for brains! It''s his job to ensure the team wins. If he loses too many he will be sacked and it will harm his reputation and, thus, prospects of getting another decent job. Look up cretin in the dictionary. You will be amazed at how accurately it describes you!
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