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  1. I suppose their board had to get one over on us somehow, they haven''t beaten us or finished above us since god knows when and it looks they have just lost their first choice target to us, so I''m sure this will please a few!!!
  2. Wow this really is the most uncivilised board I have seen!!! Whats wrong are you starting to realise that your pathetic excuse for a football club has no money and the only player your manager dreamt of signing is about to sign for your filthy rich neighbours??    
  3. He didn''t score any as you know, but as many have said on here before he wasn''t fit so I wouldn''t read much into that! Anyway please Rubbish him like you all did with Kevin Lisbie who has been awesome for us so far!!! Those two would score more than your whole team combined!!
  4. Errm I''m not trying to wind anyone up, just stating simple facts, ask anyone on Canary Corner and they will tell you that I''m not a wind up merchant! In fact most Town fans seem to think i''m a Norwich supporter!
  5.   Laways wide of the mark!! "The difficulty in prising Iversen from Norway means the name of Shola Ameobi simply won''t go away. The 26-year-old Newcastle striker, who knows Roeder from his spell as manager at St James'' Park, has been the subject of a successful bid by Ipswich - but it is understood that he has yet to speak to anyone from Portman Road and that their attention has now turned elsewhere.
  6. As I''m sure you knew I wasn''t referring to the area as Ipswich itself is a dump! I meant it would have been a backwards move because he would have no real chance of PL footy with you in the next 2/3 years!!
  7. If he signs for us it will show he actually has the ambition of proving himself at a lower level and EARNING his way back to the PL by playing football and scoring goals!!  If he would have signed for you lot then that would have been a very backwards move, he would have been competing at a different end of the league!!
  8. What it should have said is that Ameobi passed his medical with us yesterday and is with us day today and Jim hopes to have the deal tied up today!! The fee being agreed as you say is old news!!
  9. According to our official site, He was in Ipswich all day yesterday, had a medical and is with us all day today with a view to sealing the deal!! So I''m not sure I believe that!
  10. Errm Sorry but you clearly don''t have £2m to spend, if you did have you would have spent it a long time ago!! £500k -£1m tops will be your striker budget, but more likely a loanee!! Not taking the Michael just trying to state the obvious!
  11. LOL what an idiot, you clealry don''t value your job!!
  12. Wow you must have far too much time on your hands!! Very sad indeed!! Maybe you should go to your own club shop and ask for a Martin Taylor or Ameobi Shirt??
  13. People like Amrobi and Nugent are exactly the things we despise about football, young 20 somethings, happy to not play any football and pick up 30k a week wages, they clealry have no pride or ambition! Redknapp has told Nugent he doesn''t want him and would love to see him leave, yet he is to thick skinned to consider dropping a division and actually playing football again in order to resurrect his flagging career!! Strikers from the lower leagues, seems to be the way to go for most ccc sides now i think!!
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