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  1. after 18 months of scouting for Dions replacement, the best Gunn could do when in position to move on transfers himself was Killen, I hope Deehan knows what he''s doing
  2. strange how quiet all that is...felt trust member to board was going to be the result
  3. I''m not filling the pockets of that scumbag with his wages, I''d rather donate my rebate to the family of his victim
  4. I''m assuming he''ll leave and I''m can''t say I''m bothered, over rated based on the vast majority of his appearances last season
  5. [quote user="Salahuddin"]I will support Gunny, if only because of who he is, the real target should be Delia who is slowly but surely destroying this club. Sure a Roy Keane figure would have been nice but without a "Peter Cullum " type investor we do not have the pot of gold needed to lure ambitious managers here, in fact I doubt we could afford anyone right now.[/quote] ''we couldn''t afford anyone'' (to paraphrase)...sorry are we not paying Gunn, is his wage significantly less that that of say a Jim Gannon...I''m not buying Gunn as being the only option we can afford I imagine he''s drawing a decent wage out of us...are you seriously suggesting that an unemployed manager would rather stay at home gardening than take a risk with us, again I simply don''t buy that a Gannon. Boothroyd, Holloway, would rather be at home decorating (they can''t all get the Reading job)
  6. the loan players are easily quoted as the source of all our ills.. but how many decent shifts did we get out of Russell, Otsemobor, Marshall, Fotheringham, Cureton, Pattison, under Gunn a didn''t see Gunn having a huge impact on our contracted players
  7. and apparently we employ 4 media / PR type people including Joe Ferrari, they really earnt their money today
  8. relax...all is well http://www.lynnnews.co.uk/sport/Duo-resignfor-Canaries.5255159.jp
  9. He''s a hard man who can give us penetration from the middle...probably just the thought of his signing on package from Fulham
  10. Nope I''m keeping mine I''m afraid, it''s my petrol money for 2 home games...anyone know when we can expect our money back
  11. if no one else writes it they wont be able to CTRL-C, CTRL-V it
  12. http://norwichcity.myfootballwriter.com/full_article.asp?i=4694&w=23&a=0&part=1 good stuff as usual
  13. [quote user="WilliamG"]One word to describe this . Weak. It never says you want these people to go, and indeed suplementing what is there with a couple more monkeys gives what you ask for. Pathetic [/quote] Fine lets rip each other apart like we have done since the Worthy Out days and achieve a big fat nothing, bickering amongst ourselves whilst the clock ticks ever on...and we says its the board who doesn''t learn from their mistakes. UNITY IS STRENGTH
  14. we simply cannot yet another year be wasted ''giving it time''...19 games is enough, the capitulation at Charlton shows he is not the man to lead us forward
  15. Like it or not the NCISA represents our best hope of affecting change and yes the statement leaves a lot to be desired, actions will always speak louder than words, NCISA members resigning from the SCG would be a start in my opinion. There is an irony that a group that dithered so much over its survey of fans feelings and previous statements now demands decisive change in others. The simple truth is that without the NCISA no other coherant movement has come forward to organise protests, public meetings, release statements, in the absence of a NCISA organised movement the best we as a set of fans have mustered is a few kids outside the city stand. Beyond the words or the grammar of this press release there is an important change of stance from the NCISA which should be seen for what is it, a starting point, and a welcome change of position. Like the NCISA or not, like the commitee or not they represent our best hope for a coherant and organised movement for change, perhaps now is the time to unite behind a common cause, I fear it may be our last chance.
  16. [quote user="AndyJR"][quote user="Beighton"]Outstanding news. Next season hasn''t even started and we''re already 10 points ahead of Stockport and Southampton.[/quote] Yes what amazing news - really brings a smile to my face.  [/quote] All together now ''we are staying up...we are staying up'' (next season)
  17. No, recruitment has been ok...some positives (Lee, Mooney, Shackell) some negatives (Carney) tactics have been poor (too negative at Swansea, dropping Lee versus Sheff Wed) motivation looks like has only improved slightly...has for example Otsemebor put in a better shift as a result of a change of manager too nice - can he kick players up the backside if needed...can he put pressure on the board when needed (like Worthy in the promotion season). We need someone experienced who knows league 1 and can get the best out of an average budget or squad...Ince would be my choice Ultimately he''s failed in his mission to keep us up...we''ve rewarded failure far too much in recent times.
  18. [quote user="Canary02 III"] If balme is being dished out I''ll get some for the Mrs for Xmas [;)] As to your point, spot on. That was a huge blow to the season. [/quote] it''s what comes of mashing a keyboard in anger....ggrrrr
  19. [quote user="Lol Morgan"]Love it. Adams would be the one possible appointment the board could make that would be worse than Grant, Roeder and Gunn.[/quote] not quite Brian Robson is still out of work
  20. Jamie Scowcroft sat 4 rows in front of me last night...make of that what you will
  21. lets not forgot the role of ''lifelong fans'' Sharon and Andrew Turner who pulled away a promised 2million at the worst time they possible could have, leaving us without a striker and ultimately screwed.
  22. Gunn has to shoulder some of the blame for the games he''s managed...recruitment has been at best average, selection at times poor (dropping Lee for the Sheff Wed game etc), tactically very little has changed, substitutions far too late, and little evidence of motivation (has Otsemebor put in a better shift under him)...he shouldn''t get the job, but I fear he will
  23. they can have mine back if they sack Doncaster and appoint a manager other than Gunn
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