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  1. I was discussing the program issue with a mate after the game and I''ve come to the decision I may never buy another one, not only do I now have a filing cabinet full of programmes from about 78 that I''ve never read again since the match, but I''m sure I could find a better use for £69 during the course of a season (ok actually I probably cant but the point is its a lot of dosh). Programmes have almost become a bit of an irrelevance since news / stats are so readily available on the net (that''s the same reason I have''nt read the pinkun - since its brief glossy, not coming out till sunday phase).  
  2. last time I use the ''official site'' as a source of info...they havent sorted Thorne out with a shirt number on there
  3. With only a basic grasp of the language the player himself was happy to let his representative do most of the talking yesterday - but he insists it will be a different story before too long. “I am a quick learner so the language shouldn''t be a problem,” he said. “I was excited when Norwich came in for me and I am glad to be here. It was always my dream to play in England and now it has come true. “I feel I am going forward by coming to Norwich. I''m sad to be leaving PSV - but I am glad to be here.” ...now that''s pretty good english for someone with only a basic grasp of the language
  4. With Hughes taking the number 17, and Colin taking the number 24 shirt, do we expect Marney to take the number 8 shirt or is it being kept for someone else
  5. Hughes also gives us the option of 3/5 across the middle if required
  6. he would have been disappointing, unwilling to take people on, unwilling to get down the flanks and would not contribute a single goal, just like last season...why some feel he would have been any better after 12 months in this country compared to 10, and any better against say Wolves defense than Fulhams leaves me slightly mystyfied    
  7. Whilst I agree that its time to give the Doc Shacks partnership the nod, I do find the vilification (sp?) of Flem a bit out of order...firstly yes he had lots of faults last season but to blame him solely for our defensive frailties is not fair...add to that mix Helveg''s ability to pass square to the opposition on a regular basis, the lack of protection down the left hand side and the fact our midfield at times seems to be obsessed with playing on the edge of our own box. On many occasions where Flem was out of position was due to the vast acres of grass in front of him where the midfield had gone AWOL. He was deservedly player of the season 2 years ago, and yes is now past his best, but surely still has something to offer the squad. I also find the comments that others would prefer to see Colin there strange as they can be based on no actual evidence of the players ability whatsoever.    
  8. neither can I...when I asked the question a couple of weeks ago no one had an answer then either!
  9. ...with Jarrett, Francis and Safri all out of the next pre-season game any thoughts on our central midfield? I expect Brennan plus one of the kids....if you''re going take your kit cause you never know...
  10. am I disapointed WLY is staying...no do I think we could find someone of equal proven ability at this level for less than about 1/2 mill...no what ever the reasons WLY could be the answer to our right hand side of midfield
  11. For Me Its Tracy Sutch Segura Emblen Develd Dalglish Carey Grant DeWarrd Sheron Cottee Subs: Watt, Walsh, Easton, Llewellyn, Keith Scott Manager: Hamilton
  12. feel numb at the moment I work at Baker St station and have worked at Edgware Rd, I know people at every station affected, today is my day off dont know whether to feel lucky or sick
  13. call me controversial if you wish but the remaining corner is just crying out for a Spearmint Rhino
  14. ..if I go into work tomorrow and say ''boss you''re clearly a clueless joke of a man, who has grossly underestimated my contribution to the team...buck your ideas up or you''ll be for the chop'' I think a fine might be a lucky escape ...fining a player twice in 2 days is perfectly acceptable its what I did on Football Manager 2005 when I was trying to force Henderson out of the club
  15. Please can someone help me as I''m being particularly dense 1. how do I change my user name 2. how do I get an interesting pic to appear when I reply to a post 3. why cant I see anyones user names when I go into a topic deerrrrrr
  16. excuse my ignorance but who plays right back for the youth team
  17. Of course Green is good enough for us...however I still would like the money spent in other areas. The reason Green hasn''t been bought (yet) is one of value for money rather than quality...3 or 4 mill is an awful lot of money to spend on a keeper, almost a luxury and the European market offers better value for money for the mid / lower prem teams (where I beliieve Green would always be more likely to end up until established in the prem for a few years). Also the difference in keepers at prem level is very marginal, there may be 1 or 2 outstanding keepers (Cech etc) and the rest are all high quality but much of a muchness...so if you are say Charlton and have 10 million to spend do you spend 3 million on a keeper or try to pick up a cheaper marginally inferior keeper and spend the rest on outfiled players.  
  18. "And then we must ask, why play a player who clearly doesn''t want to be here!." ...lack of any better options ...a want away Francis ...an over the Hill Holt ...a lethargic Mulryne ...or 3 in midfield and exposed flanks not much of a choice and yes we should have bought better/more cover
  19. that would be the same sour ''Lemon sucking'' Burley who as soon has he had a sniff of money in the premiership spent £4 million on Sereni and £3 on Finidi George contributing to relegation and administration
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