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  1. [quote user="CANARYCHARGE"][quote user="city-till-i-die"]He''s cr@p at football, and supports Ipswich - you ought to withdraw your offer for him.....this made me chuckle[/quote] to be fair i dont want any binner fans,however good they are! Lee is bad enough! [/quote]   John 11:35 (King James Bible)
  2. [quote user="Romantic"]Rejecting bids, making bids and taking our time over medicals. Why was it so hard to do this sort of thing a year ago? Interesting how a tight budget does not have to diminish protocol along with expenditure. Something Roeder would have done well to adjust to in his time at the helm.[/quote] We actually have a chief executive now who knows what he''s doing in the transfer market unlike Doomy
  3. [quote user="Sports Desk - Pete"][quote user="blahblahblah"][quote user="Sports Desk - Pete"] Isn''t treatment at the N&N free? Best check my bank balance... [/quote] If you don''t want the treatment straight away it most probably is. If you want to jump the queue you have to pay. [/quote] Ah, that would explain my two-year wait.... [/quote] No that''s because gender reassignment surgery is elective, plus you probably have to wait for the hormones to work their magic.
  4. [quote user="canaryjock"] Michael Bridges is an interesting on. Available for sod all and a tall target man who has proved he can score goals at this level with an unfashionable club so in theory that could be a good one. I''ll reiterate the comment from the earlier posted though - who''s Chris Craig? Can''t find anything on him on Wiki. [/quote] Michael Bridges has never been a targetman, more of a ''fox in the box'' type
  5. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"]If i had Callums money Id buy Delia, let alone NCFC :( [/quote] Does she do hourly rates? Perhaps the supporters trust could have a whip round.
  6. [quote user="Bury Yellow"]I see ''heroes'' and although not perfect, what prey is a better system.... or surely you jest?[/quote] hmm as you''ve put me on the spot how about thalassocracy under the rule of benevolent lizard men
  7. [quote user="Bury Yellow"]But according to a lot on here he is a horrid man and not to be trusted. As the lefties would have it ''an evil capitalist'' Yeh right!![/quote] All capitalism is evil comrade, ownership is theft and all that...with some owners being more thieving than others ;)  
  8. I honestly believe that if  I was a billionaire city fan, even with a poor relationship with the board, in our current circumstances I would gladly say ''here you go 10 million, my only condition is that there is a contract that it has to be spent on team building''. I understand about not being run like a charity, but should we using the same argument have said ''no thank you Mr Moore, we can do without that Huckerby chap''. I''m not saying that Cullum should give us anything I''m merely saying that as a lifelong city fan if I had his cash I would, and all I''d want was to see us get out of this poxy league, this attitude of course explains why I''m not a billionaire.
  9. just not to us... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/yourbusiness/5760417/New-fund-offers-entrepreneurs-10m-to-start-service-ventures.html  
  10. Hands up who gives a ha''penny jizz (hand stays down)
  11. No what is a captial letter, is it anything to do with a capital letter?
  12. [quote user="Canaries in Bed"]Maybe Pete has been taken over by a man who wants to rule the press world. [/quote] thats a flattering photo of Matty Pattison
  13. [quote user="LQ"]Actually, has anyone heard from Pete since 5.30pm? Just askin''... [/quote] just a muffled gunshot and a thud in the distance
  14. A billionaire who claims to be a lifelong fan, and isn''t prepared to give approximately a maximum 5% of his wealth to buy the club at its lowest point for 50 years...his actions show he doesn''t give a tinker''s cuss.
  15. He was in some of the photos in the slideshow from Day 1 of training the other day on here
  16. Stephen is it true that you''ve been signed up for the film version of Magnum PI
  17. how disappointing I was anticipating some interesting news regarding the world of beads and/or beadcraft and all we got was some unrelated stuff about a new board member
  18. Are you drawing a wage or expenses from the club. Will the presence of non investing board members hinder the arrival of others prepared to invest in the longer term. If you''ve been gifted shares for your board membership will you be expecting to be paid for them should an investor appear Isn''t being a board member of a failing football club a fulltime job and shouldn''t you being treating it as such rather than on top of your day to day role at Archant.
  19. [quote user="First Wizard"] [quote user="Beauseant"]Wiz, can I just clarify whether these appointments are your long awaited news, or can we expect somethig else? Genuine question.[/quote] Firstly No. Secondaly yes. Money is there. [/quote] right that''s it the old fellas finally flipped and turned into Yoda ''Money is there, Strong with the dark side is Delia''  
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