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  1. If I''m correct in thinking that the council still own the walks, then there''s hope that if Lynn did cease to exist a new club could be reformed minus current directors and debt but at least with a home already in place. They would probably have to start a couple of divisions lower but at least with some hope for the future. Perhaps run by the supporters club. What I found staggering on Tuesday was the fact they were playing a home game the same night as us, surely the model going forward should be to attract Norfolk based city fans in need of a bit of football, by not playing their home games at the same time as us.  
  2. We should look to offload all off the following: Cureton Maric Whaley McVeigh Theoklitos Gill and possibly OTJ to free up wages for the two who have just arrived and another striker
  3. Quite right we should chuck loads of money at increasing our capacity for one game (proabably New Zealand versus Tunisia), for absolutely no gain at all.
  4. the one weakness obvious yesterday (and one Lambert has been quoted on) was a lack of pace, they packed the midfield making in difficult to pass through them, they were also playing so deep that any balls that did manage to find their way through had to be perfect (or running quickly out of play / to the keeper), we didnt really get in behind in wide areas, and should have made better use of the fullbacks in the first half, I thought our best play was when we got the ball more often to Drury in advance positions second half. Whilst Martin was fine yesteday I probably would have used MacDonald from half time just to give a different dimension to the game. Overall no one had a poor game and we deserved to win, I''m not sure I''d say we were lucky, Forster makes a superb save and the pen looked fair enough to me (we probably had a better shout for a handball just before), also nothing lucky about the way our defense is playing at the moment, apart from the one chance that Forster saved, back 4 were faultless again. I like the formation generally, but if we do have money to spend in Jan, it should be used on a pacey experienced striker.
  5. Doc has been excellent since his return to the side, where you can see why he''s been POTS twice, played at the highest level Domestically and Internationally, Nelson is a solid league 1 CB and decent cover, but no where near the standard of Doc.
  6. Maybe I was being harsh on Cody, our game didn''t help him, we played hoofball a lot of the night with no one to hold it up / flick it on. When we did try and play to his strengths the passing of OTJ, McVeigh, Adeyemi and later Huges simply wasn''t good enough. (It''s for similar reasons I wasn''t hasher on Cureton). I felt Cody should have scored when one on one and as I said earlier strikers who''s business is sticking the ball in the back of the net in pressurised situations, who basically bottle taking penalties should be flogged at dawn. Given Cureton''s celebrations on scoring the deciding pen, I fully expected to see him dancing round the pitch with the World Cup on his head. McVeigh is an obsese shadow of his former self.
  7. [quote user="Delias Devonshire Dirtbox"] [quote user="NCFC-47"]Korey smith has FB [/quote] As has Declan Rudd, Ched Evans, Joe Lewis and Dickson Etuhu who does not like being called a lazy bastard [/quote] it probably takes all the energy he has to post a staus update...''tired now going back to bed...how they hell have I managed to play European football''
  8. Foster - 7 good pen save, excellent handling throughout, kicking abysmal Semi - 6 clearly not fit, but didn''t do a lot wrong Nelson - 8 very good last night, lots of important blocks and headers, read the game very well, great pen Askou - 9 my MOTM - a rock faultless heading and lots of late blocks, great pen, I''m starting to love the bloke. Wiggins - 6 some moments of pace, clearly not match fit, had a couple of not great moments defending. Will probably prove to be better going forward than Drury but a worse defender McVeigh - 3 sad to say it but woeful - not just the fact that his legs have gone but his passing was dreadful, gave the ball away all night Adeyemi - 7 Solid and hard working, not much creativity but that''s probably not his game. OTJ - 5  best pen of the lot but looks lazy, not a great passer and I was not sure what he brings to the team - he''s Carl Robinson. Dawkins 5 has pace and perhaps not as lightweight as Daley, we didn''t really get the ball to him enough Cureton - 4 great pen, but contributed little to the game not helped by the team tactics of the night McDonald - 4 didn''t do enough to warrant a start, a decent 1 on 1 chance probably should have been scored (although he did create the opportunity, I''m not a fan of strikers who hide when there''s penalties to be taken. Subs - Dumic 6, did little wrong but not a full back - Hughes 5, passing very poor Tean performance 6 - very sold defensively but played hoof ball most of the night to two dwarves (it was like the ghost of Worthy had returned), shattered last 15 minutes but defense did an excellent job, 5 great pens. If Holt gets injured we are buggered. The county ground has barely changed since 1998 and is still terrible, my Hot Dog bun was stale ffs. 800+ plus away fans was a great turnout, easy trip for me but well done to those who made the trek. Some of the Swindon posse looking for trouble after the game, very sad indeed.
  9. Korey Smith has been outstanding this season, level of consistency for a young lad is amazing. Rudd and Adeyemi will both ''make it'', Daley I doubt it
  10. I wouldn''t worry about it I was there when Weston dived, right in front of me, about 15 metres away, I still spent the entire game thinking it was Jackson who dived. I also was convinced Spillane scored our equaliser, until I got home, perhaps I should go to specsavers
  11. This individual is paid very well to do a job most of us would dream to do. He was dropped because of putting in the worst goalkeeping display I have every seen (and I saw Michael Watt play), he was given a chance to put it right in a reserve game which again he fluffed. He was named on the bench last night and given an injury or a sending off could have found himself playing and also next Saturday, he choose not to take that opportunity. I hope he is sacked for breach of contract.
  12. I have to add I was wrong about him too, always thought he flattered to deceive and would have been quite happy to see him go in the summer to allow money to be spent elsewhere, but having seen Gillingham away, Orient and Rovers at home I''m happy to admit I was wrong....Rovers had no answer to him in that position, his faults (pace, ability to give the ball way simply don''t hurt us there, in the way they did on the left). Credit has to be given to Lambert for the way he''s handled him and is bringing the best out of both him and Russell (who I though was a revelation as a defensive midfielder on Saturday)  However to add to another point in this discussion, Lappin remains a big weakness for me, started the season well, but if we continue to play the same formation I''d have Hughes in for him asap.
  13. I''d go with:                        Rudd Smith   Spillane   Askou   Drury                      Hughes Daley            Russell            Lappin                      Hoolahan                      Holt although the problems still appear to be the wide areas, Daley has yet to impress and Lappin hasn''t been great last few games.
  14. [quote user="Pyro Pete"]Korey Smith looked to be forging a decent partnership with Hughes. Tom Adeyemi has impressed me too. Two real bonuses that have done a lot to offset the disappointing quality of Gill and Tudor-Jones. But as Luke Daley has found, being thrown in at the deep end because senior players can''t cut it can be a harsh way to learn. We need our senior players to pull their weight to allow the kids time to develop. [/quote] Daley''s main issue is upper body strength as he looks very easy to shrug off the ball, a year of weight training and he could be a decent player for us next year, Lamberts problem is being forcedto play him due to lack of any other pace in the squad (Cody aside)
  15. [quote user="Ole"]Is it only me who think we were totally outplayed in central midfield v. MK Dons? That is after Hughes left the pitch... But I hope you are right that Korey Smith will be a very good player...[/quote] because Lambert got this sub wrong in my opinion...should have brought Adeyemi on and kept 442, bringing on McVeigh, dropping Smith back to a 4141 gave them the initiative and isolated Holt
  16. and as we know touch Luke Chadwick and something will go snap....
  17. all the training in the World won''t make a blind bit of difference
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