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  1. [quote user="Wes Hoolahanraha-hanrahan"]No he wasn''t, he was in France, Michael Bailey confirmed this on his twitter...[/quote] that''s what happens if you believe ''junior reporters''
  2. as a driving instructor I often hope for a Randy Learner...   ...this poster may not actually be a learning instructor
  3. the same Roeder who criticised Hoolahan''s attitude and didn''t know where to play him
  4. While Forster deservedly one MOTM yesterday, the Doc was immense yesterday with at least 2 goal saving blocks and tackles, his consitent level of performance this season has been a joy to behold.
  5. [quote user="Allez17"]I work in the betting industry and I''d been considering starting a permanent Norwich City betting thread... [/quote] Works in a tiny pen factory
  6. Please check your nearest rock to see if ''call me Robbie'' Cowling is underneath it, if you see a pair of shoes sticking out of his backside then you''ve also found Cameltoe
  7. the sooner we sign Robbie Savage, to deal with some of the local journalists the better...
  8. [quote user="Yellow Fever"] [quote user="Dogger chasing Top 2"]FIGHT!!!!![/quote]   [:)] I like Gingerpele, but I also like Shyster, but which one do I like best ? . . . . . . . . . . . .   [/quote]   Shyster wins: http://www.googlefight.com/index.php?lang=en_GB&word1=gingerpele&word2=shyster
  9. [quote user="Canary_on_the Trent"][quote user="still holding out for new heroes"]I''d have him in instead of Lappin personally[/quote]So you''d ruin the balance of the side by taking out a left sided player from the left and put in a right sided player?[/quote] Yes I would replace a not very good footballer with a good one
  10. [quote user="droundi"]I wonder if Col is deliberately hoping to stir up trouble at the game, so he can blame Norwich for crowd trouble as well as all the other ills of his silly little world. If thats the case i would say, what sort of a man puts his own fans safety / enjoyment on the line to prove ''get his own back''. Not much respect there for his fans.[/quote] The thing is though if there is trouble it will be Colchester who get into bother with the FA, for failing to put adequate steps in place to prevent away fans buying tickets in the home end. Cowling''s statement will come back to haunt him in such a case as it will look like he knew the risks and was happy to fan the flames for the sake of his own agenda.
  11. [quote user="Camuldonum"][quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="Barclay hero"] Nutty - at the end of the day we haven''t really been ''punished'' by Colchester - we have been given the usual away allocation.  Most clubs dont fill that - we can (and will oversubscribe in all probability).  Col U CAN segregate other areas of the ground but chose not to take that option this time.  As I have mentioned previously this involves moving Col U season ticket holders.  I dont know where you usually sit at CR but imagine being told by the club you''ve got to move from your seat because an Ipswich fan wants it.  Doubt you''d be happy and you''d probably complain to the club Its tough luck on us but there you go... I''d rather sit with Norwich fans, but havent had a season ticket for a few years (kids put an end to that - couldnt afford it) and havent got enough away stubs - therefore I''m unlikely to get an away end ticket.  So I''ll sit with the Colchester fans, keep my mouth shut (out of respect for the majority of ColU fans as well as my own safety) and will hopefully come away having seen a Norwich win [/quote] I do understand this. I have never suggested that Colchester are under any obligation to increase our allocation or indeed should morally. I don''t believe it''s the decision that''s causing the friction between the fans. It''s the statement attatched to that decision. And while I sympathise with fans who had to be moved to accomodate the Leeds fans it should be noted that the guy with the big gob was more than happy to upset his own fans in return for "the Leeds Dollar".   [/quote] I think it is a waste of time NN but I''ll try.  One of the joys of being a tinpot small club is that, since Rob Cowling took over, we have an Owner who by and large listens to the small number of fans we have.  I would go so far as to say that we like our Owner which, judging by this message board, may come as a surprise to some sets of fans at other clubs.  You don''t seem to be currently 90 per cent behind your current owner (s) but, as they say, that is your problem. When he put up the season ticket prices the fans of the tinpot club complained, some ringing him up at home (do you ring Delia?) and so he changed his mind and lowered them.  I believe we are far closer to our small club that many of your supporters will ever be to yours: not to the club per se but to the people running it.  No one can dispute how many more you have but, honestly, how close are you personally to the people currently running it?  I think we feel close this end.  You don''t personally seem happy with Delia and Co as but one example. You made an illegal approach to one Manager who turned you down.  There is absolutely no argument about that one as the Manager reported it to his Chairman (as previously posted: see mystery pointless warning) and jacked up his salary as a result.  When that failed you turned to Colchester.  Leeds is a bit of a red herring as previously posted but not entirely.  We were never going to fill the ground for Leeds - family groups a bit frightened of the reputation.  But those moved from the East Stand let rip with merry hell and I believe our Owner realised it was a mistake and won''t be repeating it.  How many of your fans will attend the players Christmas Party?  Some of ours did and subsequently rated the WAGS among other things!  Our Press Officer was pictured next to the Lois Lane lookalike and Elito was on the floor wearing a blonde wig. I don''t feel you are all right behind your owner(s) this end.  We are! Small we are without doubt but with a similar passion to your goodselves I believe. We think you attempted Might Is Right and we are not taken by it. No doubt, in the far distant future, someone will nick either Lambert or McNally.  Will you be letting them go for free do you think with a thank you press release thanking them for their past services and wishing them well in the future?  Or will you be asking for money from someone?   [:O]   [/quote]   Of course you''re far closer to your West Ham supporting owner than us, they''re so few of you he probably knows you all by name. Yes we are far more questioning of our owner, and that is a good thing, Fans attending players Chritmas parties? That really is the stuff of non-league perhaps when your club finally takes a professional approach it might actually achieve something or convince a few people to turn up to games.
  12. [quote user="Yeovil Fan"]Having seen the replay, he meant it. Look at the TV pictures and try defending it.[/quote] It''s a man''s game you big girl''s blouse
  13. Thoroughly enjoyed the film too, but the book is a ''must read''
  14. Hmm and to think 2 years ago when I called the idea crackpot I got an angry response, it was always a plainly ridiculous idea
  15. ron - firstly if there''s any doubt someone should be found innocent in English law. Lets take your argument to an example. Myra Hindley clearly guilty of the most heinous crimes - what was the better punishment - a long drop from a short rope, or 30 plus year to rot in gaol with false hope of release followed by ultimately a painful death in prison. Many convicted murderers, West, Shipman choose to end their life because it is the easy way out compared to a life of freedom being removed and the knowledge they will never be able to carry their sick crimes again. I''d go for long years of punishment rather than a quick release for them everytime.
  16. The positive part of me thinks that the timing may indicate new investment that we are keeping quiet about so we don''t see inflated prices in January, McNally comments regarding money still available and no need to sell certainly seem softer than the ''dire'' comments of the summer. The arrival of McNamee and Martin do not point to us being stony broke. The negative part of me thinks were screwed and were hoping we can delay the bad news for as long as possible
  17. My problems with the death penalty, 1, no justice system is perfect how many cases recently have there been of innocent people suffering a miscarriage of justice 2, not convinced it works as a deterrent - e.g America 3, look at the states who top the list of those that carry out the death penalty - China, Iran, India, Zimbabwe to name a few - it does not equate that the death penalty leads to a better, more lawful society
  18. Why would anyone want to spunk several million quid for the sake of one game probably along the lines of Bulgaria v New Zealand
  19. I don''t think losing Beckford would stop Leeds, losing Snodgrass on the other hand...
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