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  1. [quote user="Camuldonum"]   4) Your poor English is probably better than the Italian of most posters on here.[:D] [/quote] in all honesty his English is better than the English of most posters on here...
  2. when Wolves signed Kightley plenty on here were moaning anout how we never uncover gems in non league I''d rather we were looking at decent bargains in the lower leagues than chasing Roeders so called ''premiership quality'' like Sibierski...sure its a punt but its low cost low risk with potential for big rewards
  3. [quote user="1st Wizard"][quote user="Beauseant"][quote user="1st Wizard"][quote user="still holding out for new heroes"][quote user="1st Wizard"] Gpood! tempremental sod. Whoa Jamie Jamie![:D] [/quote] Cureton''s gone to Dartford as part of the Cody deal...Dartford fans have questioned the clubs ambition... [/quote] Time will tell with tall strikers around him now. [/quote]   Yes, it will tell that he''s a slow,constantly offside, League One striker who had one good season in teh Championship back in the day. [/quote] Curo has friends in high places at Carrow Road Beauseant..........thankfully. [/quote] friends = naked photos high places = Neil Doncaster Ryan Betrand has the negatives
  4. [quote user="1st Wizard"] Gpood! tempremental sod. Whoa Jamie Jamie![:D] [/quote] Cureton''s gone to Dartford as part of the Cody deal...Dartford fans have questioned the clubs ambition...
  5. [quote user="the artist formerly known as VIYAG"] Am not impressed. Lupoli has proved his quality when playing. His goals per game is up there and he will now smash them in for Sheff Utd. Bodies in but not one person I know anyhing about or who has proven talent. Looks to me like we are preparing for league 1. Iverson and I will eat my hat though! [/quote] Lupoli''s been stropy though last few games, more interested in his own situation than battling for the fight...and we''ve replaced him with Cody, Gow and Killen...so all in all were in credit on that one.
  6. [quote user="Canaries in Bed"][quote user="1st Wizard"][quote user="Delia S. Tickers"][quote user="1st Wizard"] [quote user="Lord Flashheart"]Eadie, O''Neil and Bellamy were quite injury prone. I don''t remember anyone bitching about them being on City''s wage bill. [/quote] But they were already our own youth players who moved through the ranks, and not someone elses donkeys! [/quote] Donkey? I would hardly call him a donkey, but then again I have bothered to actually check his stats before mouthing off.   Club From To Fee League FA Cup League cup Other Celtic 31-05-2007   Free  2 (19) 1 0 (1) 0 0 (1) 0 1 (4) 0 Hibernian 26-01-2006 31-05-2007 Free  23 (2) 16 1 (1) 2 2 (0) 0 3 (0) 1 Oldham 30-07-2002 26-01-2006 £ 200000  53 (25) 17 3 (2) 4 4 (1) 1 2 (0) 1 Port Vale 23-09-2001 23-11-2001 Loan  8 (1) 6 0 (0) 0 0 (0) 0 1 (0) 0 Wrexham 08-09-2000 08-12-2000 Loan  11 (1) 3 0 (0) 0 0 (0) 0 0 (0) 0 Man City 01-07-1999 30-07-2002 Trainee  0 (3) 0 0 (0) 0 0 (0) 0 0 (0) 0 Totals £ 200000 97 (51) 43 4 (4) 6 6 (2) 1 7 (4) 2 goals / game 0.29 0.75 0.12 0.18 Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals [/quote] And of course you checked his injury record too?  No, thought not![:|] [/quote] You flaming nob Wiz, you have not checked too have you, you have read one snippet through your manky Lowestoft shathole and thought, hey I''ll make have an opinion on him without knowing all the facts, spoken to fellow supporters or anything. You make your mind up then if he scores a few your change your mind then back again. Jeese, maybe your fingers would pack up and we would not have to face your drivell on here, [/quote] He doesn''t use his fingers just repeatedly mashes his keyboard with a clenched fist until something angry comes out
  7. [quote user="Romantic"]Oh man! Can anyone explain the tactical rationale for subbing Hollahop?[/quote] because he''s always knackered after an hour, should have made this change on Tuesday before their second goal
  8. just seen goal on sky lovely old shocking Donny defender...Grounds unmarked from 8 yards didn''t even have to jump walked on to it, about time someone was defensively as rubbish as we are
  9. [quote user="WeAreYellows49"] Cheers for that Tommy. Oh bugger JC almost scored straight off [:S] [/quote] almost is his middle name
  10. [quote user="WeAreYellows49"] [quote user="kdncfc"]At least it will save me 400 quid for my season ticket if we go down, don''t care how much I love the club there''s no way I''m renewing my season ticket if we get relegated, I might not even renew if we stay up if Mrs Smith remains in charge of the club.[/quote] Know how you feel, we feel the same. [/quote] the last 3 days of this window will make my mind up for me
  11. Must every match day thread end in an exchange regarding the merits of ladyboys. It''s becoming as predictable as a Norwich away performance
  12. [quote user="shyster"][quote user="Tommy Gunn"][quote user="WeAreYellows49"]Cort is on, Rusty off[/quote] Yeah substitution timed at 45 +4 mins on the bbc WTF? [/quote] I know! Me thinks Uncle Fester doesn''t know what he''s doing. [/quote] Rusty injured, clash of heads
  13. 28:50 Jamie Cureton is caught offside 3:44 Jamie Cureton is ruled offside.   hail the returning hero
  14. just shown the goal on sky...shocking defending yet again....we''re dreadful at both ends of the pitch
  15. so either: a. we owed Luton nothing - have sold Bell for about £500k = 100k profit or b. we owed Luton 400k - have sold Bell for 100k plus Cov have paid Luton off = 100k profit oh well easy come easy go lets see if they feel he''s such a good deal once they''ve seen him play...they''ve replaced the fast Jay Tabb with him after all
  16. not real life I know but I bought him (free) for City in FM09....really was the worst person I ever managed, 1 goal in 20 and strength of character similar to a piece of wet tissue
  17. if you liked this and want to hear further samples of Morrissey lyrics you can download from www.cheerupitmightneverhappen.com
  18. [quote user="glove1"] CT - speak your mind, its a free world!! and yes there is a ''norwich youth'' group!! [/quote] flee for your lives, its the Cossey Possey...no telephone box is safe from being smashed...no bin safe from being upended...no muddy car safe from having the word ''bum'' etched into it with a claw like finger...
  19. [quote user="AJ"]Yes we do. Delia Smith She''ll rough you up baaaaaad! [;)] [/quote] I''d rather be roughed up by Nigella
  20. the nostalgic romanticising of football hooliganism started probably by the Brimsons, and a few film of the last decade, makes me want to vomit. I''m sure there are a few Fengibbons who go to our games looking for violence..hopefully evolution will get rid of this gene over time. Conscription is probably the answer
  21. [quote user="Canary Nut"][quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="1st Wizard"] Administration, I believe is very close now, how long before our entire team is made up of loans and youth players? Mind you, it would finish Smith![:D] [/quote] I may be wrong and i am sure that Wiz will be quick to put me right as he is an expert on all things Norwich City but i think there is a date in March(could be 12th) whereby if you go into administration after that date during the season you are automatically deducted ten points.As i say Wiz i could be wrong as i have my head up my own a***e most of the time as you put it the other day and everything that NCISA says or does is irrelevant i believe. [/quote] John, I believe the date you are referring to is the cut off for the ten point deduction (for going into Administration) being applied to this season. After that date the ten point deduction applies to next season. CN. [/quote] Correct CN, that cut off for this season / next season was brought in after dirty Leeds tried going in to administration on the last day of season knowing they were already relegated.  
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