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  1. [quote user="lucky green trainers"][quote user="Beauseant"]Evening all! Just back from a killer spin session. Sounds like we''re taking a bit of pressure?[/quote] evening beau - wuss killer spin or is that a stupid question??? [/quote] killer spin = an evening with Neil Doncaster
  2. Yes but only if Gunn is brave enough to make changes Patty / Gow / Carney / Smith / Berty in to the starting line up Macdonald on the bench
  3. At home I''d be tempted to play Hoolahan in central midfield with Clingan for protection...and Patty/Carney on the left
  4. Hmm his pick of clubs/big signing on fee in the summer and he''d risk a broken leg at Forest....somehow I doubt it.
  5. Potential to be a decent CB (not sure about Prem quality), but in favoured LB position I think he''s a little lacking both positionally (which I guess can be coached) but not sure he''ll ever have the attributes going forward for a modern fullback (pace / crossing etc), I reckon a decent CB at bottom Prem / Top of Champs as he nears his peak...I can''t say I''m gutted that he''s going back in all honesty.
  6. my thought at the time and still is ''where is Grounds'' he looked like a CB playing left back for me on Saturday positioning was poor and offered nowt in an attacking sense, I''d play Bertie ahead of him
  7. item 1 on the list of terrible mistakes: 1. releasing Malky after promotion...
  8. I''ll reckon it will be something like                      Marshall Korey Smith    Doc   Stefanovic   Drury Daley     Spillane    Russell    Pattison                Cort     Martin
  9. [quote user="Largey"] No place for Drury, Patty, Carney and Gow then.   Carney sounds a good player I thought? [/quote] Drury and Gow injured, the other 2 seem strange omissions....not many goals or pace in that team
  10. Andy Townsend Liverpool away...88 I think..."hand it over...hand it over...hand it over Liverpool"
  11. Depends how you judge success, under John Hall, they led the Prem, qualified for Europe, saw them go from low attendances to being packed out every week, saw massive increases in mechandise sales, maintained their premiershp status and then found someone mug enough to pay over the odds for the club, I''d settle for some of that ''failure''...
  12. its shocking to realise he''s a better right back than what we have currently available...
  13. if our next step is to enquire regarding Chris Llewellyns availability then then I''ll start making my ''Gunn out'' placard...  
  14. Living in Reading as I do the local press we''re clear the reason he was released because he wanted to return to the USA, by the by have always thought him a bit overrated 
  15. he simply isnt fast enough or strong enough for the Championship its only the fact that no other clubs can match his wages that he''s still here
  16. I reserve the right to continue to blame Fotheringham for all the ills in the world...
  17. I''ve always liked Cureton for his attutude etc...but he needs to be dropped we do not have the luxury of time to nurse him through yet another confidence crisis, especially when we have just brought other option into the club. I thought the presence of Roeder was the controlling factor in his slump in front of goal....but he''s been recalled, started, scores a goal and yet still his confidence is so brittle that he''s back to wasting easy chances on a regular basis, as he has for much of the last 2 seasons. Given his age I''m not sure he''ll ever return to be good enough for the Championship...Gow and Cody should be given a chance.
  18. [quote user="Camuldonum"] [quote user="Canaries in Bed"]Off course I wanted Crofty to stay, but my point was that if he is to leave, then we should have got as much money now, rather than getting bugger all in the summer. For what it''s worth, I do think he will be off in the summer, he will get a better choice of clubs and more than likely more money.[/quote]   Also for what it''s worth we''ve been told by a little Canary that contract talks are "going well"........................we shall see.  [;)] [/quote] Hopefully in time to be announced prior to Saturday''s game?
  19. [quote user="1st Wizard"]We''ll get something out of this, my wands been twitching all day![:D][/quote] been on the little blue pills again Wiz?
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