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  1. So Shacks might not actually pull off his "I''m still learning my trade" defence. That was not my main point. If Shoc and Dacks manage to remain first choice CBs then they are going to have to improve cos we got a proper replacement for both of them. Feel the winds of change blow. Costa del Colney has fallen and we won''t be calling "halluu Neil" to howl with outrage at another spineless capitulation next season. You mark my words......................
  2. Comments about the Dereham vs NCFC "youth team" game.   Dereham are quite good. They have a few ex-academy players who would have been bigger and stronger than our youth team ( plus a few less-than-happy first teamers ) was on the day. Derehams'' hungry team in front of their mums and dads and girlfriends or Grays Athletic Reserves infront of no-one; which presents our young players with the better opposition? Many good footballers from Norfolk and quite a few play for Dereham. Just because a player doesn''t make the grade at Norwich doesn''t make them poor players. Just ask Dion Dublin, Bobby Zamora, Paul Warne , Robert Taylor and even the great Darren Gill.
  3. I''ve seen GR in action. I wouldn''t want to let the guy down. He''s cold. Doesn''t matter about money. He is proper scarey. Something about nearly dying and then having east londons finest make a lovely song about that have "rubbed off" on him. You can''t physically destroy players a la cloughie or even big sam anymore. Roeder is the last manager I would ever want to let down. You can''t but admire how he has pricked the arrogance of Chris Martin. Might be the best thing for CM definately best thing for NCFC.
  4. The events described below happened. I witnessed them first hand. Jelly isn''t my real name. My maintainence payments( and a proper mental ex-missus) prevent me from using my real name. Sorry but I am not that brave. ''GR exhaled deeply as he flicked through the enourmous document. The document outlined NCFCs policy on recriuting young players for the academy. The academy staff stood around, none met his fierce gaze as this was their first meeting with him. They knew the academy was a failing institution. They knew that he knew also. There was a degree of shame which GR body language did little to alieviate. Suddenly GR tore the document into 2 strips. He had uttered not a single word to his new staff. The atmosphere was poisonous. "Just get me some f**king players" he demanded.'' I thought straight away of Brian Clough. Am I mental or could this really be the end of Costa del Cloney. Could a chippy cockney and a bunch of geordies finally wake up our sleepy little club? From the inside it''s looking like they might.
  5. Below is a true story. It happened and it says everything about GR and why he might just be our Cloughie. Thats not a phrase I use lightly. Read on; ''The Academy staff sat silently as GR flicked through a huge document. The document was huge because it outlined the NCFC policy for recruiting young players for the academy. It listed what staff could and could not do in the persuit of young talent. GR tore the document into two pieces. "Forget this s**t, just get me some F**cking players." '' Costa del Colney is crumbling my friends. A wind of change is blowing through our beloved club. It might be a little bit Geordie but it blows hard. It blew away some shocking excuses for footballers last season. It blew us Holahan, Bell, and Lupoli. It might even blow Chrissy Martin into a player again. My point being that any academy player who pulls on a NCFC shirt will no longer think '' Ive made it'' They will now think '' I can make it.'' Cloughie made his players cry, he made them walk home from matches and he treated those who wre unsuccessful with coldhearted distain. I''m surely not alone in seeing many paralells between cloughie and GR. Obviously GR is a couple of European Cup wins short but who knows...............................
  6. 4 centre backs!!!! That means if any of them forgets how to run without falling over (shoc and dacks last season) they might..........just might.........not get selected for the next match.(shoc and dacks last season) Also John Kennedy , if his knee goes, will he go down "like he''s been shot?" Back and to the right..........back and to the right.
  7. Your claiming that you would have been happier with Paul Parry left wing than Wes Hoolahan. Did you write that with a straight face? You might have point with Halmosi/kightly however.
  8. Despite our reasonable ''goals conceeded'' tally last season Shoc n Dacks didn''t have the best of seasons. Ginger Pele occassionally forgot which sport he was playing with his kicking for touch and his beautifully timed tap tackles. (Still) young Jase can still wriggle out under the "learning his trade" loophole but in my book a good center back should not have a normal shaped face for very long. The more a CB looks like Steve Bruce the more I rate him. Shacks is too pretty. Fact. Anyway despite Docs'' secret trial for Hull KR during certain games last season and despite Shacks boyish good looks betraying a lack of Steve Bruce style bravery they remain in our squad. With the croatian fella ( i love croatians footballers- mental) and JFK added we will no longer have to play someone who had a shocker last match. On such levels of competition are title challenges founded.  I would not be suprised if shoc and dacks keep their place in team this season but to do so they will need to improve and thats only gonna benefit NCFC.Anyway -  did you here the one about Dave Kitson being sold for 5 and a half million?
  9. Cambridge Canary. Thanks pal. It''s fun this computer stuff.
  10. Ive been to colney. Its lovely. However I hugely doubt that Wes chose us solely because of Colney. Think your being bit silly. More likely GR''s burning ambition and competitive salary had something to do with it.
  11. Glenn has signed some very, very good players. SuperWes took the piss out of our team at Carra Rd last season. When did an opponent last do this before signing for us subsequently? This is not a rhetorical question. My memory is not great. Please help me out on this one.
  12. 4 centre backs!!!! That means if any of them forgets how to run without falling over (shoc and dacks last season) they might..........just might.........not get selected for the next match.(shoc and dacks last season) Also John Kennedy , if his knee goes, will he go down "like he''s been shot?" Back and to the right..........back and to the right.
  13. Arguably. Did you watch SuperWes grace the pitch at Carra Rd last season? Could anyone point out a finer performance by an opponent? Could you Mr Bump?
  14. Still suffering from strange symptoms. Exitement , optimism , even a vauge notion that we are actually trying to sign a lot of good players. I have a mate who plays for Barnsley and he''s got money on us. I''ve got money on us and I earn a damn sight less than he does. 4-4-2 season preview always used to piss me off somewhat but this year I''m thinking of it as a smokescreen which will work in our favour. SuperWes - 250,000 . Dave Kitson 5.5 million. Thats funny.
  15. Let''s admit it. Something has changed at Carra Rd. Season after (bitterly disappointing) season I have struggled to force myself to pathetic levels of exitement over our mediocre signings ( chadwick, matty patty, hughesy) or players I''ve never/barely heard of (dave striker, le judge.) This time 12 months ago, 24 months ago,we were all kidding ourselves that we could compete. This year due ,almost solely, to the nasty and hugely ambitious talents of GR we have a team! GR isn''t a son of Norfolk and perhaps because of this he couldn''t understand the desert of ambition which was carra/colney. SuperWes and Bell are arguably the most talented wingers/widemidfielders outside the prem. Fact. Can anyone expain why they have chosen to play here? Please don''t get all "binnerwatch" on me as I love the club passionately, I simply dont understand. I cant wait to watch us play totters and although I''m sure it wont click yet. Despite all the financial malarky things appear to be changing in the only place it matters.............the list of names GR hands to the ref an hour before KO. I got a feeling that GR might just be to Norwich what BC was to Forest and AF was to Man Utd.Unlike Worthy or Grant I''m not sure I would like to be stuck in a lift with GR and that is a truly brilliant thing!  (Also can anyone remember from last seasons MOTD just how quick Elliot Omazuzi was? Just think if it doesn''t work out for him we will have to make do with the less than sluggish Semmy. SuperWes regulary makes championship players look a little bit silly and Bell was the reason for Lutons recent cup run - always got time and options on the ball.) Awaiting any geniunely amusing doommongering.
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