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  1. here is why. Roeder would want the big striker in by now. There are several players people keep mentioning and i will tell you why i feel you can cross them off the list. Howard. If we wanted him and he was in our price range we would have got him by now. Ditto Rasiak. Siberski. He  is  available on a free transfer, if we could afford him and Roeder wanted him we would have got him by now. Carroll. We bid for him, probably about as much as we can afford and Newcastle turned it down and said he is not for sale. I think this one is dead in the water. This points to the man Roeder is after as being either Iversen or Ameobi. Can''t see it being Ameobi as we couldn''t afford his wages and he is said not even to be a target man type player so what would be the point?
  2. But isn''t the idea of the big, tall striker we after being somebody who can hold the ball up, win things in the air and generally rough up the oppositions defenders. This isn''t Ameobi''s game from what i can gather so what would be the point in signing him?
  3. [quote user="Evil Monkey"]Ffs people, its all based on a report in a tabloid... Cuffley doesn''t do proper journalism - going out into the world, establishing contacts, getting stories from reliable contacts - he just opens up a copy of The Sun or logs onto the Pinkun of a morning... This may seem like some kind of personal crusade, but the "journalism" at Archant is getting worse and I''m sorry but it winds me up... [/quote] Damn right! I see Cuffley has mentioned in his article about Iversson wanting to finish his career off in England. He got that off this site as i posted a link from Sky Sports News from last January about Iversson wanting to finish his career in England. I did the investigation on the net and he just popped it into his article. Lazy journalism indeed.
  4. His goals record at Spurs was one in every 3 i beleive whilst he got 4 in 16 games at Wolves. Both these records are at Premiership level remember.
  5. The media  in Norway are reporting that Iversson is wanted by an unnamed Championship club, but are unwilling to sell untill they can get a replacement in........ Plus check this out.. http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11095_3000087,00.html 6ft 1". Very strong in the air, links play up well and scores goals. Draw any conclusions you want, but my guess is Steff will  be the first  Norwegian to don the green and yellow since Erik Fuglestad.  
  6. [quote user="mrdi"]I''ve never heard him say anything positive about Norwich either. But then again, after his ''performance'' when he came back with Chelsea [and the barracking he got from the Barclay], why would he?[/quote] Actually Andy Townsend said he thought "Norwich was a fantastic club" on Sundays show.
  7. Don''t know why you would want him to kick John Gaunt. Jon Gaunt''s views are spot on imo. We could do with someone with his views as PM. Better than any lily livered leftie anyday.
  8. He is not Captain Canary. I know the guy who  is employed as CC as i used to work with him every day for over a year.
  9. I agree although Olifinyana is not a bad player. The problem Stoke will have is the same one Watford and Sheffield United had, that they are all about hoofing, big tall players, who play a very physical style of football that is great for doing well in the Champ but will get you no where in the Prem. I think Stoke are even worse than Watford and Sheff Utd when it comes to that style  of play and i expect them to finish bottom by quite some distance. At least Roeder is signing the sort of ball playing, technical, quality players that could play the style of footie that you need to survive in the Prem he  has just got to make sure we don''t become too pretty as that won''t get you out of this league.
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