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  1. The Surman one is quality...I have made one up about our 10 year servant Adam drury! To the tune of ooooohhh balotelli Ooooohhhh Adam drury are super left back he hates the Scum! Hear the Barclay roar when goes on a mazzie run he gave us 10 year service and we want another one! Ohhhhh Adam drury....
  2. i agree...we need more...alot more....
  3. just a quick one....have we ever had one? would the extremely strict stewards allow it at carrow road? thanks
  4. ello mate. This is really good. Think ill try it out in the pub before the game after a few jars and see if it catchs on...
  5. he must be the only player ever to be at a club for nearly 10 years and still havent got a song....so as its pre season its the best time to start thinking about new songs for barclay and snake pit to get going....anyone got any ideas on what we could sing for him????
  6. this is a defo i think. shall we get it going on saturday?????
  7. what about that st pauli song thats on youtube? That would be amazing if we could get that song home and away... Something like we all follow the surman... the sureman... the surman.... And when he runs we love it... we love it.... we love it.... Cos we are the city...the city....the city.... Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  8. *****other not our***** sorry had a typing error. dont shoot me...
  9. do u think after the game saturday (if we win) there will be a pitch invasion? as our celebrations are abit muted compared to our teams that go up as champions?....just a surgestion
  10. ant-tonyyy....mc-nam-meee. (REPEATED OVER AND OVER.) nice, easy and simple.
  11. youll be lucky. The only song u will hear tonight is OTBC at the start then every now and then you might here a YARMY. Thats about all ya get. Lol.
  12. yeah totally agree and i sit in the lower barclay. We was a disgrace today. I think a chant of " lambert said bounce and the ground" needs to happen to wake us all up. Anyone unsure on how this go. Go on youtube and put in Odriscoll said bounce around the ground.
  13. i completely agree with ya. The crowd was absoulute disgrace today. There was times when i sat there and could have fallen asleep. I go to nearly all the away games and i can garentee u that even these small grounds that we visit have a more lively atmosphere then what we do at the carra. This is our championship chasin season and all i want to stand up and sing today was "top of the league...and we still dont sing". RANT OVER
  14. just got my tickets too. anyone know of any pubs near the ground?
  15. well done for thinking up some good songs and i think all 3 of them work! Also why do everyone on here think they are comidens and slate everyone that thinks up songs. The fact is..Ours atmopshere is completely shite. When u go to all these little staduim because u have an away season ticket u notice this abit more! we need more songs pure and simple. We only got 4 songs! Rant over
  16. im now on the coach to walsall and when i get there ill try get it going. Hol a han na na
  17. thanks for that...i cant wait now...lol. aslong as theres a good atmosphere when it comes to kick im happy.
  18. He seems to have hit bit of form too atm. ild take him over cureton any day...
  19. ok i got the joke the first time...     Anyone ever been there? know of any pubs nearby?
  20. Just bought my tickets. was just wondering if anyone know how meny we will be roughly taking? as the game is on the 28th, the majority of people will be off work?
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