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  1. its on the "on the ball city" cd, which came out 4 years ago, i would have thought that the club shop would still have it, and if i had any idea how i could post a link for it, i would, as i do have it on my computer.
  2. no, they werent from some dodgy trader, i had them made especially just for me and my mates for the day, if you want i could get some more made up, let me know by posting below, they will be approx £8 each depending on the numbers who want them.
  3. "will there be many people drinking after the preston game" ? i haven''t heard a sillier question since i last went on the ipswich message board. OF COURSE THERE WILL BE! unless we are docked points because of celebrating on the pitch and wimbledon goes under meaning we lose 6 more points.... hey! it could happen but i doubt it OTBC
  4. me and my mates have hired a stretch limo for the trip down to watford, decked out in yellow and green, so if you see us on the a11 give us a toot! y''army!
  5. hiya fellas, the t - shirts are available from y''army fanzine. contact us via the web site www.yarmyfanzine.com or email y_army2002@.co.uk with your size and choice of colour (white, black, yellow) we can arrange to post them to you, or tell you where they are available from. hope this is some help
  6. greg, i cant add anymore to what everyone else has said so far, except that, last week, on the official norwich message board, there was one of your lads on there, basically winding everyone up. he eventually got taken off after writing some chant you lot apparently do at your derby games, which involves rather less than complimentary things sung about heskey, if you get my drift.... i would say go have a look for yourself, but it isnt there anymore, unlike our so-called rascist chanting, which wasn''t there in the first place. i hate to end on a couple of cliches but... i know 2 wrongs do not make a right, but people in glass houses....... by the way he called himself evertonrw18 if it rings any bells on your message boards. OTBC
  7. keep it simple, just sing ''ad-am dru-ry'' to the tune of tom hark by the piranhas (and for all the kids, thats the tune we sing ''top of the league at portman road'' to)
  8. there is absolutly no chance that this could and should happen,.......but if it did, rather than being called the east anglian crusaders or something else daft, we could take the first syllable from nor-wich and the last syllable from ips-wich and merge them together for a name! that would work. i am sorry yankee, ridiculous idea, good of you to try and start a debate but the next thing you will be suggesting is moving an entire team to a different place entirely, or have welsh teams play in english leagues, or having a foreigner manage the national squad, or....err...hang on?!
  9. just a couple of ideas for a song for drury.. i think the chorus bits would work, but not too sure on the bits i have marked * if anyone has got a better suggestions get em in! to the tune of ''always look on the bright side of life'' drurys'' gone down the left side of you * ad-am, ad-am, ad-am, ad-am, ad-am to the tune of ''the banana boat song (day-ooh)'' DRURY... ADAM DR-U-RY adams'' come so you''d better go home *
  10. i dont want to raise any hopes, but i have just heard from a reliable source he will be signing at 4pm, but for some reason he wont be able to play sunday
  11. yeah, we are normally in there for about 20mins after the game. just enough time for a celebratory sing song i believe...
  12. after reading those tips on how to avoid the stress by thinking of a new song, here''s mine. (apologies to those who have already read it on the canary website....) to the tune of ''let it be'' when we find ourselves in times of trouble mother delia comforts me speaking words of wisdom huck-erby, and in our hour of darkness he''ll be standing right in front of me he could be the answer huck-erby, oh, huckerby, huckerby, huckerby, huckerby he will be the answer, huck-erby! nah, didn''t work... still stressed!
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