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  1. I live 10 miles north of bristol . I can honestly say that Rovers fans will not cause one ounce of trouble. City on the other have an average att of about 13,000 and every single one of those fans attend the game are hooligans. they do not attend for footballing reasons.
  2. Anyone from bristol area going to carrow road on saturday.
  3. Personally I would have been gutted had we appointed him . I dont like managers that stand and ball at the ref and shout at players too much. Worthington had a great attitude and whilst keane isnt as bad tempered as a manager than as he was as a player, i still think that behind the scenes there are some unhappy players.   Glad we didnt get him , even if he magages to get the scum promoted this season ..
  4. I disagree , when we got promoted to the prem we played teams off the park and i dont remember teams complaining about decisions going against them , we tended to play nice football and out play them . we still play fairly good football but the game stops every 2 mins and we seem to get punished everytime . we are not getting played off the park   Are we !!
  5. i agree , the refs have been terrible. i notice that holt getting a free kick awarded against him versus mkdons went unpunished form the FA.
  6. what wrong with fraser , i quite like the look of him so far
  7. Are you going to add the cost of the calls to the canary line to book your ticket.
  8. stop being a tight wad and tell your lad he has a share in grant holt ..
  9. I agree , today wasnt his best game either . Still a bit of a moaner .
  10. After we all met in the roo pub, just wondered if we should have each others contact details. I would love to see a couple of games . would be happy to drive and share costs
  11. the doc does not read the game well enough and panics on the ball  .. Fact  
  12. Well Thanks everyone for turning up . I think about 20 of us were there. We raised a few eyebrows . As for the game , i personally thought it was encouraging , the poorest ref i think i have ever seen , hence a strongly written letter on its way to the F.A soon . Holt getting a clout on the back of the head and a free kick being awarded to MK dons . This ref needs medical help.
  13. This is to the best supporters in the world We need a twelth man here , Where are you ? Where are You ?   Lets be Avin You
  14. Whos meeting. The Roo Pub Clifton   Whiteladies Gate, Bristol, Avon, BS8 2PN
  15. 3.30 am  What happened !  Did he get sent out, normally he''s there till 6am . Must have had a good night and while he was ahead .
  16. Roo Bar it is then ,   Whiteladies Gate, Bristol, Avon, BS8 2PN
  17. Yeah I would have liked have seen more, if you were quick you would have noticed that it was a croatian fan with a shirt in his hand( i did have the benefit of sky+ to be able to watch it in slow motion too.  , not quite sure what point he was trying to make.
  18. would anyone be offended if I wore my huckerby san jose shirt
  19. make sure you dont wear your bristol rovers away kit, ver y very similar , very scary
  20. I watched the game on telly , thought he played quite well but got shoved off the ball easily but im guessing he will learn how and when to be stronger.
  21. Is Dejan fit , is he willing to pull on a yellow shirt , or should we turn our attention to shacks or stick with what we have .
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