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  1. perhaps the F.A will wait till monday to make a decision monday or tuesday morning and fly the trophy up to us in time for the parade !!! either way it will be a great day for us all !!!!!
  2. the most ridiculous idea i have seen all season, may as well gamble on dean ashton back into action, at least he already lives in norfolk. seriously think you should leave the ideas to lambert, would be nice to have some reliable experience though.
  3. no reason to suspect anything is wrong, only that it was supposed to be a short term injury and things have been very quiet from the club, even the questions from the pink un have not mentioned CM , just made me wonder if they had been asked not to mention ???
  4. can anyone confirm what is going on !  i have a feeling he has upset someone at the club?
  5. to be honest , i would start with all 3 , we dont want to concede,                               ruddy martin   ward     whitbread    edwards   tierney         crofts             surman          lappin                  vokes               jackson
  6. oh , i will be travelling in from gloucestershire , down the M5 , so if anyone wants a lift and back , i am happy to do so , i was aiming to get there for 7pm to have something to eat before the game. 07775996673
  7. Anyone in or near to bristol, there will be about 15 of us getting together in the Roo Bar in clifton. its right next to the train station , would love to meet more norwich fans in the area, hopefully see you there. Clifton Down Station, Whiteladies Road, Bristol, Avon  BS8 2PN
  8. Hi All , in recent games we have got together in the roo bar in clifton. please let me know who can make it, stroud canary or anyone in gloucestershire give me a shout , i dont mind driving , Darren  
  9. i think we may all look back at the window closing with no match winners coming in. i hope the club have some targets in mind to bring in on loan, we needed a huck''s type signing to give the club a boost. too many clubs breathing down our backs. like i said i hope im wrong. OTBC
  10. anyone down at butlins this weekend  wanna meet up to watch the game
  11. surprised liverpool arent tryig to re -sign him , but then i suppose they are deemed close rivals to man city
  12. Is it 3 clubs relegated this year or 4, the league table on the pinkun page highlights 4 clubs
  13. Mate you have served 23 years and you have you ask us that ! someone from the ground will text you live scores if your that worried about missing out, have a great day at the party, enjoy.
  14. be serious , bristol city are no team to get excited about , hardly any history and no future, fans are thugs, 13,000 every week and they want a new 30,000 seater stadium so they can invited jedward down on matchdays !!
  15. what about Jan molby, he was hilarious in a norwich shirt.
  16. was hoping for a s/west club as i live in gloucestershire,  but  bristol city, bristol rovers, cheltenham , swindon , Exeter ,yeovil, hereford, coventry wallsall, and plymouth all lost tonight, dont even get me started on the london clubs .
  17. (Take note Archant subscriptions - still no bloody Canary Preview by the 10th August, ordered on 29th July!!! )   please note , i too had ordered mine on the 26th july and have been told that no-one will recieve their copy until friday 13th aug. absolute joke, i have informed Peter Raven at archant and he agrees this is ridiculous. I asked the subscription company to refund me , and they even take up to 28 days to send me a cheque for the refund.!!!
  18. I live in gloucestershire and ordered mine on the 25th , told it would be 7-10 working days and they send it out 2nd class,," but i got a letter from the subscription company a  confirmation that i have paid for it after 4 days.  frustrated at such crap service.
  19. well aware that theres normally a few norwich fans around , just trying to keep up the very socialable side of the football going. anyway i will be in the sports bar on poole quay if anyone is interested , i will be in my yellow and green
  20. yes your right , there is , they are not the friendliest of people in there but would be happy to meet up. yes we spend a couple of weeks down there every year, we stay in wareham . have to keep in touch and meet up for the game .
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