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  1. I agree he looks class.....I work with a WBA season ticket holder and the view amongst Albion fans is he is kak and we can have him....infact please take him. Work that one out
  2. Hucks - does it have to be someone from your playing days with City? If not then what about Steve Bruce, Bowen, Culverhouse (should be easy), or my old favourite Kev Drinkell? From your playing days what about Malky, Greeno, Flem, Earnie might be interesting Rich
  3. Not to nit pick but Fleck was hardly unheard of when he came down here and Drinkell came from Grimsby...hardly a big team. All the above players were signed permanent and not on loans, it was very different then.  I bet we have spent more money on loan fees than what we paid for bowen, drinkell et al. Look at Sept 2003 when we brought in Huckerby and Crouch.  Huckerby turned out to be the saviour of the club, Crouch went back to Villa and never looked back.  Granted if we had the cash we could have probably signed him at the end of that season but it doesnt always work out as we would like.  At least with loanes you get a chance to see if you like them and get shut if not (Etuhu....not sure what happened there).  it was inevitable with the volume of change we had to see we were going to bring in loads of loan players.  I think you will see those dwindle away over the next year as Glen is able to fill the positions with permanent signings. We will always have some loan players though........  
  4. what a load of shiiiit Sick to death of missed chances game after game.....when will our luck in front of goal change Cant describe how frustrated I am at the moment......  
  5. I am not from Norwich, infact from Rotherham in deepest south yorkshire. My first game watching City was the Rotherham v Norwich game on the opening day of the 1981/2 season. I was 10 years old. City scored after about a minute (Ross Jack I think), but went to be soundly beaten 4-1 by a very good Rotherham side at the time.  Rotherham had just won the old 3rd division title the season before and City relegared from old Div 1. I was from that game on a City fan forever, despite the thumping. My first trip to Carrow Road was the return game when I travelled on the coach with the Rotherham fans, City winning 2-0 on their way to promotion. I also went to games at Barnsley 2-2 and the final game of the season at Sheff Weds when we won promotion that season. Rich  
  6. Toss up between Hucks and Iwan....I named my first son Iwan. Both for obvious reasons...loyal, awesome at what they did and decent geezers to boot.  Third place would be Neil Adams for me.
  7. At least one more striker will come, I am sure of that. I work in Nottingham and work with a couple of Derby fans who are green with envy we signed Lupoli.  They think he is awesome and are gutted we got him. Previous poster got it spot on, Dery fans dont think he was used correctly and spend much of his time out on the flanks with Howard as a lone striker. This guy could get us 20 goals this season if he plays all games I hate Sheff Utd and everything about them.  In theory they had a much better team than us last season but f*cked it up, just as I am sure they will do this season
  8. I live in Rotherham and fell in love with city august 1981 when the two teams met at milmoor for the opening game of the season. City scored early on (Ross Jack I think), lost 4-1 in end but I was a city fan.  Dont know what it was but i was hooked.  Had no idea where Norwich was and didnt realise I was setting myself up hundreds of trips up and down the A47 for the next 27 years...and beyond ! Saw City at Barnsley and Sheff Weds that season (won promotion) and talked my Dad into taking me to Norwich for the first time to see the retunr game against Rotherham (City won 2-0) Since then have been a member for longer than I can remember.  Am a shareholder, both my boys are City fans (aged 5 and 9) and named my first son Iwan, for obvious reasons. Will be a City fan as long as I live, though last season was the last for me in terms of 30 games a season, at least until fuel prices come down as its costing a sodding fortune. Rich  
  9. Bumped into Wayne Biggins outside HMV in Sheffield many moons ago (1988 ish) with my shirt on and he chatted to me. Also bumped into Gary Megson outside of Thomas Cook at Meadowhall, again when I had a shirt on.  He acknoeldged me but didnt say anything.  This was around 5/6 years ago. Bumped into a city fan on one of the greek islands (Thasos I think) about 6 years ago, again I had my shirt on and we had a good natter . Turned out he ran a hire car firm and did me a good price on a hire car :) :) :)  
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