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  1. for the JTP game i parked at tescos which is just around the corner
  2. a lesson in what exactly? trying to find out what people are willing to pay? its a messageboard, i think you need to learn how to no take things so seriously
  3. so your gonna try and report me? haha you clearly dont know me, ive missed very few games this season, home and away,  and you really think im gonna just sell my ticket to our biggest game of the season? i was just putting it out there to se how desperate people are for tickets!
  4. on what basis are you gonna report me for? i have done nothing wrong haha. and you dont need fans like me? haha okay. this football club dosent need all you boring part timers that sit on this messageboard instead of going to the games.
  5. just aswell season tickets dont have face values then   and i wasnt gonna sell it anyway, i just want to see how crazy for tickets people are! so i will be the only person in my seat on match day btw my seat is near the back of block D lower barclay    
  6. immense protest, should certaintly show the board how you feel! face realitly delia has said if someone is to buy she will go! but who wants to buy a league one team?  
  7. I have to say although we have great attendances, no one tends to make no noise, espically away. i think its about time we started to al sing away, i go with mates who all fell the same. apart from us all at the back at derby no one barely sang!   Sing Up Norwich Fans
  8. I Know Him ha. Hes an absolute legend. and to top it off he also made that song aswell on the coach, on the way to plymouth ha. WILL VINCENT WE LOVE YOU =D
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