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  1. Without wanting to overly condemn Errea without knowing what''s going on, one of the main negatives I''ve heard linked to them is the fact that they''re often late in delivery, especially with large orders. Obviously this is just conjecture, and I''d rather it wasn''t the case, but who knows? Maybe we''re having to wait on the first batch to belatedly get here from Italy before we reveal all, as to actually have something to sell when the time comes. On the other hand, maybe we have a completely different maker and the marketing team are just playing hard to get [:)]
  2. The anti-Chris Martin club aren''t saying that he should ONLY run around atfer the ball, they''re just saying he should do more of it. It''s not that he has a divine duty to put in the effort for the team, it''s that he chooses not to when you would think every player on the team would be hitting that 110%. And it''s not because of the contrast presented by Holt, or instructions not to break rank by the management, it''s because if Martin doesn''t have to run, Martin probably won''t run.    You can talk about as many abstract attributes like link-up play or making intelligent runs as you like, but when our backs are against the wall as they have been in the last two home games, I don''t feel he puts enough in and that doesn''t help. I also think this argument is getting to be bigger than it is. The ''Christ Martin'' club are reacting badly to criticism of their baby, which as baldyboy pointed out, you aren''t allowed to do. Suddenly Martin has transformed into this integral, irreplaceable weapon of footballing creation in our arsenal, which he is not. He''s a decent player, no doubt, and he deserves his place in a winning team at the moment (low effort is not a hanging offence) because he''s been a part of that team, but to call him integral is ludicrous; I''d say only Holt is that vital to our set-up. As for the best finisher argument, if we''re looking at it generally it''s got to be Holt. If it''s chances/converted, to be honest it''s probably Nelson. Think about it.
  3. [quote user="Mr. Bump"]Doesn''t offer anything we don''t already have? Please. [:|][/quote] Exactly. He can''t hit Maltese barn doors!
  4. Crouch wouldnt be worth... was it £9 million? Whatever Pompy paid for him if he was stupidly tall. He doesnt score enough as a striker to justify it. Height and strength is like potential in football, theyre assets rather than skills- a young player may not be brilliant but if he''s a talent and is ''only going to get better'' he is bound to be valued more. Same deal with a lofty forward, they may not be a goalscoring force but if they can provide chances for others and also provide a little extra defensive clout at an opposition corner (in true Drogba style) then theyre considered more valuable.
  5. Stefanovic and Sodje all the way [:P] Doherty and Stefanovic will be our partnership I think, am I right in saying Stefanovic is a left-footer? If so Shackell will probably be the one to miss out.
  6. I''ll happily take Sodje, its another good addition to our back line and pretty much means all we need is a sub goalie and another forward or two. Also, can Shackell leave now? Please?
  7. [quote user="Stone Cold"]Kevin Lisbie the poor man''s Jamie Cureton ![/quote] I thought Jamie Cureton was the poor man''s Jamie Cureton....? Kevin Lisbie is just poor, and now he''s an Ipswich player... you know hes scoring against us next season now! 
  8. Ra ra ra Loans Ra ra ra Freebies and Old People Remember we almost certainly wouldnt be in the Championship this coming season without last seasons loans. So they arent our players, what if we end up going up this season... we can then *buy* better. And if life isnt actually as wonderfully wonderful as Im making it out to be above, then they go back to their clubs and we get another crop of loans to try again. Oh, and why not wait and see if our signings are actually bad before telling them they are... you might look silly. Wouldnt want that would we??
  9. Clingan has been billed as somewhat of a playmaker... and apparently Hoolahan can ''thread a ball through a needle''. Good to see we''ve signed a player who can change the physical form of the ball to complete slightly pointless but still very poignant feats of skill eh...  
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