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  1. Tony Cascarino? Wrote a very funny autobiography. He''s the one who played over 50 times for the Republic of Ireland and it was then discovered after he retired that he wasn''t actually qualified to play for them!
  2. I''ll be there with my two kids, but I doubt it will be as good as the celebrations before and after Saturday''s game at Carrow Road. That was fantastic and will live long in my memory!
  3. I don''t think he ever quite fulfilled the potential he showed in his early days at Carrow Road. Great shame because I had a lot of time for him and he will never be forgotten in those parts for those two goals at Portman Road!
  4. But surely Cardiff are a member of the FA as well as the FAW - otherwise how are they able to play in the FA Cup, not to mention possibly the FA Premier League?!!!
  5. Also we might even get a full page match report in the Sunday papers instead of a couple of paragraphs!
  6. Michel Salgado might be worth a shot short-term. You can''t get better than Real Madrid pedigree!
  7. [quote user="I am a Banana"]i''d rather QPR have a deduction next season say 10/15 points. They would have to do very very well to stay up, or there will only be 2 other relegation spots which would benefit us![/quote]Good point! (no pun intended)
  8. Aren''t they jumping the gun a bit? If QPR get a points deduction then it could be Swansea and Cardiff battling it out for second place and surely their matches should be shown?
  9. Funny how Steve Cotterill has been the opposition manager in some significant matches in our recent history. He was the Burnley manager when they beat us 4-1 at Carrow Road in 2006 - the match which resulted in Nigel Worthington''s sacking.
  10. He should certainly have apologised. I couldn''t believe he didn''t.
  11. Pretty standard odds for most promoted sides to the Premier League. Means absolutely nothing - it''s what happens on the pitch that matters.
  12. Thanks. Just checking. I know in the past that it has been decided by most goals scored but there are always so many rule changes these days and I wanted to confirm it wouldn''t be decided by City''s head-to-head meetings with the Bluebirds! [:)]
  13. If we draw our last two games am I right in thinking that Cardiff would have to beat Burnley by three goals to overtake us due to our superior goals for tally?
  14. [quote user="Lambert is King"]Leroy loves our club still he will do everything inhis power to halt Cardiff[/quote]I was thinking that. He could be our hero again!
  15. [quote user="Excited Canary"]What cricket is on? [:)][/quote]Yorkshire v Derbyshire - have hardly taken in a single ball for obvious reasons! God - will the hours never go by? [*-)]
  16. I do recall last season in the programme fixture list they indicated those away games in which the away kit would be worn. Just checked this season''s programme and nothing about it this time.
  17. Home shirt I should think - unlike previous seasons, City have not worn their away kit unless necessary this season (and long may that continue IMO!)
  18. I''m watching the cricket on Sky but just longing for the matches to start. Almost as nervous about the Cardiff game as the Pompey one!!
  19. I''ll settle for that. Just so long as it is in our own hands against Coventry and we don''t have to rely on Burnley to do us a favour.
  20. I see Brendan Rodgers is the latest manager to bemoan the absurd timing of QPR''s disclipinary hearing. (see BBC football)
  21. I must admit I''d rather our situation at the moment, knowing it is in our hands and that if we win two games then we are up - end of story, no argument. It must be agony being a QPR fan at the moment with all the uncertainty. I do feel sorry for their fans who as always will be the ones to suffer most if QPR are docked points.
  22. I''m sorry but I really don''t want City to wear their new kit at the last home game of the season. Given that this match could be win or die, the last thing the players needs is the distraction of a strange kit. Let''s leave it to the close season.
  23. I''ve looked at the application form for the tickets and it says nothing about registration. It just says "season ticket holders with 10 different away match stubs from last 12 months"
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