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  1. Hi Mate Live next to Weston Favelll Shopping Centre so not a million miles away. Will take you up on that offer...didn''t get your PM but will be in touch nearer the time. alanjohnson68@virginmedia.com
  2. I am going to Villa (hopefully!) in November was gonna get the train but if a lift is available that would be good. PM if you want :)
  3. Played great against Morecambe in the 6-0 win today and has a massive long throw which could be a good weapon in the armourey!
  4. [quote user="gary "]They will crash and burn long before then , they are too small for the league they were in this year , and got up on the back of signing Kings Lynns players , the ones whose over the top wages caused Lynn to Fold - give it time and Lowestoft will go as well , hope so[/quote] What a complete and utter cock you are....they only signed 1 player from Kings Lynn in Danny Bloomfield......your just a twat who dosen''t appreciate where football starts.....with your local team.....
  5. Well done to the Trawlerboys today beating Cheshunt 5-1 at The Meadow to secure the Ryman League North Div 1 Title at the first time of asking. Well Done Boy''s!!!!
  6. I want to wish Norwich good luck against Paulton Rovers tomorrow and will be watching on the TV. Also i would like to wish Lowestoft Town good luck in thier tie against Wrexham. Lets hope for a couple of good results.
  7. [quote user="Say Hello To The Angels"]Shame on those of you that wish Lowestoft Town well, in case you all forgot we are Norwich City fans!!! F**k the suffolk scum, i really hope they get stuffed in the replay.[/quote] Yet another moron makes undeserved comments.....
  8. I posted this as a good luck message to a local of whom many are Norwich supporters. Why do dickheads like Mister Chops , dylanisabaddog , SBLANL who seem to think it''s the place to start slagging of a local team.....why don''t you just keep your opinions to yourselfs if you do not like Lowestoft. In the past 2 season they have acheived so much and now have a great managment team right from the chairman all the way down. And don''t forget all the NCFC connections with the club. Anyway , they ground out a FANTASTIC 1-1 draw with a 94 minute equaliser from McGee to get them back to the Crown Meadow on Tuesday night. Holt and Crane had great games (except for Cranes own goal!). Lets hope for a good draw tomorrow afternoon on ITV1 at 13.00.
  9. I''d just like wish Lowestoft Town all the best at Gloucester City in the FA Cup tomorrow. A win and we could be drawn against them in the 1st round proper! I will be there cheering them on!
  10. Lowestoft have won 2-1 at Sutton Coldfield tonight. After being 1-0 down two quick fire goals from Matty Nolan put the Trawler Boys thru to the next round against Gloucester City.
  11. He MUST stay he a an Ipshit LEGEND! The longer he stay''s the quicker they will go down.
  12. Deeply saddened by his death. After seeing him on Sunday at the legends game he didn''t look like he was to good....but i never thought it would be that soon....RIP Bobby...LEGEND and GENTLEMAN!
  13. Well said.....to many whingers and moaners on here......we may have gone down with Gunn but the instigator was Rodent (with help from Smith and Jones!).....i don`t want him as manager but that''s what we have got.....so we should do the right thing and give him the opportunity to show us what he and his team can do next season.....with that he has my support and i will be going to games.....now stop moaning and support the club we all love!!!!!!
  14. STATEMENT FROM CLUB DIRECTORS Posted on: Wed 06 May 2009 AFTER today''s Board meeting, the Directors of Norwich City have issued the following statement: Today we had a frank and productive meeting to discuss the way forward for Norwich City Football Club. There are a number of crucial issues to be resolved, including: * The possibility of new external investment into the Club * The possibility of changes to the composition of the Board of Directors * The appointment of a management team to lead us next season * The financial situation facing the Club * The ramifications of this financial situation for the business as a whole * The ramifications of this financial situation in relation to the size of next season''s playing budget * The type of players who will represent Norwich City in the future We have made a good and solid start to tackling these issues and there will be changes at this Football Club. Today we met with Bryan Gunn, Ian Butterworth and Ian Crook and they set out their desire to help lead the Club forward and their vision for the future if they are appointed. We were impressed as always by their passion and commitment - but no decision will be made today on the managerial situation as some of the issues listed above need to be resolved first. The discussions started today will continue. When there is any further news to announce, we will inform our supporters and the media.
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