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  1. Also for that shot by Daniels i think it was in the 2nd half when Forster saved it, Martin just let him come inside him completely unchallenged and just stopped looking at him, he''s a joke, and offers nothing going forward either. Spillane in.
  2. How anybody can pick Lappin is unbelievable, you must be mad?! Please could you tell me what he offers to the team both going forward and defensively? Thanks                              ForsterSpillane       Whitbread      Nelson       DrurySmith         Hughes        Russell        McNamee                   Doherty       Martin.
  3. Dont mind Nelson and Doherty, both ok at this standard. But Lappin and R.Martin really are absolutely pathetic. Get Spillane in at RB. Mcnamee on the left wing so he doesn''t have to check back inside everytime, Russell and Hughes in CM and Korey Smith RM.
  4. Personallly i think it''s due to the fact our midfielders are not scoring enough goals. Pretty much all of our goals this season have been scored by Hoolahan, Martin, Holt, Johnson and Doherty. The other 3 midfielders who have played pretty much all the games are Russell, Smith and Lappin. Russell has scored 1 goal all season which maybe is to be expected as he''s playing the cdm role. But Lappin hasn''t scored once which is pretty disgraceful, and Smith has scored 4. So excluding Hoolahan who hasn''t scored as frequently in recent months as he was before christmas, our 3 other starting midfielders have contributed 5 goals. And like i said with Hoolahan not being in such good scoring form recently and now being injured, coupled maybe with Holt and Martin having dips in form. Our midfielders are not scoring enough goals to help out.
  5. [quote user="dhickl"][quote user="rondy"]I have  a spare ticket (£20) for tonights match at Orient..First come first served, I''ll be drinking in liverpool st from 5.30 or can meet you at the groundRupert - 07818 062107[/quote]You''d better sell it quick before your post is deleted.  Haven''t you seen the sticky post from Pete saying that you can''t sell the tickets on here.  It all started a few weeks ago when someone pointed out it was illegal to re-sell football tickets.  (I don''t think the boys at Archant knew before then).  After that the posts selling tickets were removed, and Pete put up this: http://www.pinkun.com/cs_pinkun/cs/forums/2045424/ShowPost.aspx  [/quote]bore off
  6. Thought they both did ok today, but certainly not great, although better than usual.Would much rather see Spillane in than R. Martin Think Lappin is very poor, am i the only one who struggles to see what he actually offers us? He''s poor both going forward and defensively. Slow, weak and so many times aimlessly passes to the opposition. Russell Martin, Lappin and Nelson should all be released at the end of the season in my opinion (if we do go up) as they won''t even be good enough squad players for the championship
  7. Apparently those who have been successful will have had the money debted out of their account.
  8. For best odds it has to be William Hill. I often compare accumulator odds between hills and bet 365, and hills have much better returns.
  9. Lappin, Nelson and Russel Martin are nowhere near championship standard.
  10. Not top 5 but a very good goal... Wes Hoolahan against Southampton at home last season.
  11. I''m guessing you dont want my ticket then...
  12. [quote user="First Jedi"]Can we have another pointless thread? Two isn''t enough! Come on![/quote]bellend
  13. In the mall shop there''s one in the corner so you can try before you buy
  14. [quote user="Tangible Fixed Assets anyone"]May be the third category should be for fans who showed their loyalty at early away games hundreds of miles from Carrow Rd. at places such as Yeovil, Hartlepool and Carlisle before the away support increased from a 1,000 to 3,000 when the teams success became obvious. Then the existing categories from third to whatever can drop one category. [/quote]That''s bullshit. I went to Exeter (longest away trip from Norwich) after we lost 7-1 and we virtually sold out our allocation of 1200 i think, and considering its about a 750 mile roundtrip to sellout is amazing, and you can''t put that down to how well the team was doing. Likewise with Hartlepool another i went to, we practically sold it out.
  15. Im in group 2, although wont go, i''ll apply on behalf of the highest bidder, if anybodys interested.......
  16. Doesn''t matter how far out/in it is out of London. To get to Charlton and Gillingham you have to leave from London Bridge, so most probably there will be Leeds and Norwich drinking at LB
  17. 20 police waiting outside Rocco''s for all of us to come out
  18. [quote user="Malcolm Mawkin"]Yep. Norwich had a very good mob out today. SC didnt have an easy ride as they thought they would.[/quote]Yep all in Rocco''s, great turnout.
  19. Was at Rocco''s before the match from 11am to 2.20 ish, about 200 of us left (ranging from 16 - 50) singing such as we all hate leeds scum, galatasaray, always look out for turks carrying knives etc. from Rocco''s up to the Angler. We all stopped infront of the Nelson singing and abusing leeds. Nothing really happened, few arrested, and OB had their batons out, thats it really, and a few drinks from Leeds thrown into our direction.
  20. saw on a leyton orient match report they put, hoolahan just tore us completely apart, which says it all really.
  21. typical armchair fan. You obviously both havent got a clue, so why post?
  22. and the winner of most contradictions in a post goes to......
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