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  1. I would say Ivan Klasnic, as he''s behind Davies, Elmander and Sturridge at Bolton, but i guess his wages would be big. What about Simon Cox at WBA? Aren''t Delia and Hodgson friends?
  2. Afraid i have to agree with the opening poster. Very poor against Leeds on saturday, and equally poor tonight. I think he is our weak link this season
  3. [quote user="Herman "][quote user="TheGoogler"]The club continues there practice of having a team of mascots - 7 today at £200 a pop. More thoughts as the match progresses.[/quote] Cheers Googler[Y] When you get a spare few minutes can you explain this.Do mascots get paid or have to pay? [/quote]
  4. Is the Pinkun twitter providing more regular updates from todays match, as it''s at home, than the other pre season friendlies?
  5. [quote user="Barclaybred"]Another one who took time to settle,but now can do a job for us...[/quote]We''re playing Dereham...
  6. I actually know someone who did this towards the end of last season. There was always a few empty seats not to far away from where he sat, so the other person went and sat in one of those.
  7. http://www.pinkun.com/cs_pinkun/cs/forums/2116495/ShowPost.aspxand in the right forum
  8. Totally agree, what was very evident towards the end of last season is how much pace we lack, and as a team are generally slow. 1 wide man on each flank, a RB, striker and goalie please!
  9. [quote user="Arthur Whittle"]Obviously you are going to be hacked off losing in the play off final but demanding the manager gets sacked???........Please............[/quote]To the thread title.....hopefully
  10. Why is Drury ahead of Gibbs. Before his injury this season it was tipped Gibbs could be in Capello''s England squad for SA, much better than drury.
  11. [quote user="K Lo"]I doubt if you do but it''s Crofts.[/quote]Could you please explain why?
  12. [quote user="First Wizard"]Regardless of what people say, I trust Lamberts judgement, welcome Andrew.[Y][/quote][Y]
  13. Brilliant, i hope the lad who you sent out first got let off homework for a month
  14. [quote user="Lewie - Holt our saviour"]Mine:GK: ForsterLB: Adam DruryCB: Martin "Tiny" TaylorCB: Jason ShackellRB: Angel RangelRM: Peter WhittinghamCM: Chris BurkeCM: Darren AmbroseLM: HoolahanST: HoltST: Chopra [/quote]I''m sorry but 4 of Norwich''s team from last season would not get into a championship fantasy team.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hokq-7olthE
  16. Something to do with kits, like pictures of them and say name the year(s) they were worn, if we won anything in them, and famous players who would have worn them or something.
  17. A free kick specialist in the belgian league. Hahaha
  18. [quote user="Barclay hero"][quote user="ncfc90"][quote user="Barclay hero"] Shouldnt this be in the other football thread? Couldnt care less about John Terry unless he plays for Norwich..... [/quote]Why did you click on it then?[/quote] Why not?  [/quote]If you couldn''t care less about Terry, why would you click on a thread titled John Terry = broken foot?
  19. [quote user="Barclay hero"]Shouldnt this be in the other football thread? Couldnt care less about John Terry unless he plays for Norwich..... [/quote]Why did you click on it then?
  20. [quote user="Carra_Rud"]ncfc90, who is that classy lady you have as an avatar? [/quote]Brendo''s mum.
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