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Andy Hughes is a football genius

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  1. Naa, he reminded me of Andy Hughes last night, seriously underated, people only recognise his mistakes but its players like them that keep the squad together.
  2. This maybe so, but unlike Grant or Worthy, Glenn is more than happy to say "cyaaaaa" and find a replacement. And good on him i say, players are paid way to much to take it easy. The ones that dont like him are probly the ones that were there before his arrival and cant handle being told how to play football.
  3. I could go on but i dont want to put your scouts out of work.[:)]
  4. Andy Hughes.  I watched him sometimes and thought how the hell did he become a footballer. I am shocked! We would of been promoted last season if he''d of stayed but big fish little pond i suppose. lol[:D] 
  5. Lisbie - then we could sell him to ipswich and buy a decent striker with the money.   
  6. Hi everyone, ive been reading this message board for the last few weeks for all my norwich news, so i thought i better sign up and join in the fun. I''m sure norwich have got a good season infront of them with hoolahoop leading the way. [<:o)]  
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