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  1. anyone got an idea of the team or predicted result ?
  2. http://www.skysports.com/football/transfer_clockwatch/0,23710,14896,00.html  if you scroll down to 8-41. We are currently on the verge of signing a new striker within the next 48 hours. Any ideas of who that could be ?
  3. [quote user="Rusty Steele"] [quote user="AndyJR"]I think another center back and a striker, the problem will, despite all the signings, be if we get injuries.  No strength in depth judging by the academy/fringe players. [/quote] Have to disagree with this. If we do get a CB and a CF (Kennedy and Sibierski for arguments sake) then I think we do have squad depth for the first time in a long while with the exception of a back-up keeper. Take a look, I don''t think we need much more:                        Marshall Semmy   Kennedy   Stefanovic   Bertrand Bell      Russell      Clingan      Hoolihan                Lupoli      Sibierski                        Back-up Keeper Omosuzi      Doherty   Shackell      Drury Croft            Fozzy      Pattison       Chadwick                   Cureton      Martin   As you say, I''d like to see the CB and CF come in along with a back-up keeper. I then believe we''ll have a strong squad with at least two players for each position. There are also players that can play more than one position listed below so I think our squad depth is now OK. Omosuzi (RB, CB) Stefanovic (CB, LB) Bertrand (LB, LM) Pattison (CM, LM) Russell (CM, RM) Bell (RM, CM, LM) Chadwick (RM, CM, LM) Add to this the possibility of a couple more loans in Gibbs and another Striker and I wouldn''t want to see anyone else coming in without shipping some the other way. I don''t want players becoming unsettled with a lack of first team football!   [/quote] interresting ideas on having stefanovic as a left back. not really sure he would have the pace there ..
  4. [quote user="jordimurrell"] i think 2 strikers (steve howard, ameobi), centre back (david edger) and keeper <well saw that nelson in goal last night and he could be a backup but maybe 3rd keeper choice> (so maybe joe lewis back or ben foster on loan) what do think?   [/quote] your an animal. how do you keep coming up with these brilliant names ?
  5. [quote user="4-4-2"] Radio Broadland have just said we are in for Job, Did any one else hear this??? [/quote] was in the edp today. would be a good signing would be happy to have him here.
  6. [quote user="jordimurrell"] this might be a very random post, but i was thinking earlier today in the paper shop with my cousin ryan, ''where has that dennis bergkamp got to?'' ryan answered ''he''s retired'' i said ''i know that!''. i then said it would be nice to have a person like him to teach his striker talents to our accademy strikers. he agred! we could do with somebody like dennis bergkamp to teach our accademy strikers. what do u lot think?   [/quote] what an amazing idea jordi. why don''t you tell glenn ?
  7. [quote user="Canary Wanderer"]Looking for a new club, Fairly big and Physical, Not part of Chelsea plans at present. Go on Glenn see if you can pull him out of the bag.[/quote] be quite you idiot. obviously you don''t have much to do now school as broke up for you.
  8. [quote user="bass is best"] 1 more loan, the rest has to be perms!!!! [/quote] anyone know anything about him ?
  9. I think anyone would of taken a striker at the moment whoever. I don''t think you should be complaining firstly because it isn''t a perminant deal. Secondly because he is playing for italy u21''s. More depth the better.
  10. [quote user="spudgfsh"]But due to the lack of money who would you suggest?[/quote] not to make pointless posts.
  11. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/gossip_and_transfers/default.stm  Apparently interrested in signing the scotsman.
  12. Anyone else you would like me to sign Jordi ? Got well away on the player you recommended. And also your brother is being watched relativley soon. Just need a new insight of whom to approach. And like I said before your one have a good eye for bargains.
  13. [quote user="jordimurrell"]  i am hear you know!! lol [/quote] anyone else Jordi ?
  14. [quote user="sonyc"]....to finance Ameobi? We''re reportedly after Kadr another CB of Newcastle and Bell looks imminent, Shackell could get his £1.1m move to Wolves, Russell to Burnley (£600K?) and Croft (£700k) - where? - in exchange for Ameobi for £2.5M?[/quote] Im not looking into offloading players. I think last season was the lack in depth in our squad. Would it be beneficial to the club for everyone I bought I sold someone ? the answer is, no. Selling players to finance someone isn''t the way I act on the transfer market. Shoela has been offered a chance to play first team football at Newcastle this season and has taken that up in due coarse.
  15. [quote user="Shazzakidd"]Hehe [8-|] [/quote] Share your conversations somewhere else please.
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