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  1. I''ve noticed that out of the bottom clubs are goal difference is rubbish. What are the rules for the Premiership with regards to who goes down if on same points? In division 1 it was goals scored wasn''t it? but I think premiership is goal difference in which case we could be in trouble with points being so close!!!!!!!! Would be heart breaking to go down because of it!
  2. Hate to say it but I did put a poster up before the fa cup game saying we shouldn''t risk players in the cup and we''ve lost Charlton, Bentley and Helveg and lost 1-0 anyway. Don''t think we''re going to be able to get someone of the same calibre as bentley on loan, he was starting to look useful. Not unless Arsenal have someone else we could swap him with, is Pennant still on the go?
  3. Duncan Ferguson?He''s a bit of a nutcase but he knows what he''s got to do to score and is well experienced.
  4. I''m pretty sure you can only have two loans at any one time whether thats season, or 3 months, so 1 is used up already with Bentley. So we''re in a position where we can get 1 more loan player in Jan for rest of season or 3 months or whatever. Age restriction applies to length of loan, I think over 24 you can only have for max of 3 months and then you have to make an offer, like with Hucks last year.
  5. With the West Ham game coming up and so many players out injured or just returning why don''t we play a second string against West Ham. All those first teamers and those injured will be knackered after 4 games in 9 days so why not let the likes of Gallacher, Jarvis, Brennan, Shackell, Crow etc etc play the full 90 mins. Although we might not have any choice anyway with the injuries, I wouldn''t like to see us risk Francis, Mulryne, Huckerby, Green etc in a cup match which means nothing compared to our premiership survival. What do you guys think?
  6. Good points. Never going to get anything from Chelsea, dissapointed at Spurs result considering how we outplayed them in first half, and boro result was also dissapointing. Before I was hoping for 2 points, draw with spurs and boro. Next game is a big one against Portsmouth!!!! If you look at squad, if we can retain most players if we go down then we''ll be good enough to come straight back up. So although I''ll be dissapointed if we go down when you consider other teams are thinking nothing of £5m here, £10m there on single players and then you look at us, just to stay in the fight for keeping up is a huge achievement. Its not over till the fat lady sings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I agree that both these players are worth a look. Moore was down in the summer for a chat with NW but personal terms were too much. Arveladze not sure what sort of money the Gers are paying him but if on a freebie then we can afford to up the wage stakes, even just for a season or 6 months until are future is certain. I think these type of players along with De Vries of Hearts are potentially within our budget and grasp. The likes of Pennant, Ashton etc etc are outwith our reach this year, if we stay up then next season perhaps but not this year. I''ve got a feeling all will be ok, we''ve good youngsters and good team spirit which counts alot for us.
  8. I always thought it would be a struggle but that we could battle it out with the bottom 6 and I think thats whats going to happen. It is hard when new players come in, especially those we bought as high expectations because of their experience but then for them to adjust 1 to a new club and 2 to the Premiership we can''t expect immediate results. I''m more hopeful of second half of season now that the whole team has experienced playing everyone once, done Stamford Bridge, done Old Trafford, done Anfield, just Highbury to go on the big list. To borrow an advertising slogan; The future looks bright, the future is Yellow!!!!
  9. Hi everyone, I was looking over the fixture list earlier today to see when the matches are over the festive period but couldn''t help notice the last six fixtures. Palace (a), Newcaslte (h), Charlton (h), Southampton (a), Birmingham (h) and then Fulham (a). Realistically depending on morale at that time and injuries etc I would be looking to beat Palace, Newcastle, Southampton and Birmingham. If we can win 3 of them and pick up a couple of draws out of the other 3 we would gain 11 points which would put us on 26 with our current 15 so we just need to pick up another 9 points before the last six matches and we''re home free!!!!
  10. Don''t think so. There''s been no noise from the Sutton camp that he isn''t happy. And for us to get him would have to offer McVeigh plus a cool £1m or so. Too much for us I think, although I would like to see it happen even at the expense of poor McVeigh who is so underestimated, he should be first team squad member every week!!
  11. At the end of the article Worthington is quoted as saying he has a shopping list with 6 targets on it. Do you think he wants to sign 6 players or has say three strikers and 3 defenders in mind and wants 1 of each? If we were trying to sign 6 players then there would need to be 2 or 3 leaving as well, who?I was wondering if Jarvis might be involved in a swap deal with someone out of the championship to lower cost of a signing. I can''t really see who else would be leaving?What does everyone else think? Hopefully we''ll at least get one signing and one loan signing.Can''t wait for Saturdays match against Chelsea, its what being in the elite is all about!!!
  12. Bergkamp, Bentley and 3 million and I''d accept it.
  13. He''s not bad, I work in Edinburgh but long to return to sunny East Anglia. I''ve often thought we should take a look. Hearts are in financial difficulties just sold their ground etc so if he''s tempted by us then I reckon we could get him for £1m as they need the money. Hibs striker O''Connor is supposed to be good as well, that would be interesting a Hearts striker and Hibs striker playing together at Norwich.
  14. Anyone know? I could look it up on net but can''t be bothered as I''ve been out for a social lunch and I''m slowly falling asleep at my desk...........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  15. Yep I think that cos of lack of interest from other clubs for him that everyone in football knows he''s already going to Arsenal in summer. Hopefully this means Worthington has lined up something for Jan with them in that we get someone else on loan for rest of season or transfer someone on the cheap etc etc.
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