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  1. i wanted to watch whole games of norwich
  2. i remember bernie he was the man in the barcley with his boys al around him if there was trouble bernie would be there in the front
  3. does anyone know where on the internet i can watch whole matches of norwiches past games
  4. i remember when man u came t carrow rd and they invaded the pitch that was in the 70"s when the smashed the barcly up
  5. he should go now hes always fxxxxed up in defencw
  6. just a thought do u think the boerd has a invester in mind and they wanted gunny out before they invested what do you think
  7. after tdays match u watch hooly will go before the end of august he will have enough just watch
  8. just watched espn tday and they had newcastle v brighton in 1984 i think and watched roeder give away a goal t brighton i c nothing has changed since
  9. i heard it as well cant c why gunny is keeping tight lipped
  10. roll on august 8th im getting withdrawl symtoms
  11. did theo go on the scottish tour i didnt hear anything about him
  12.  i remember  the ground in the 70s also when man utd fans smashed up the barcley those were the days
  13. so who do you think will leave the sinking ship i reckon croft russel and cureton and a few more
  14. so who  do you think will leave at the end of season
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