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  1. It was a fairly decent first half. We gave it a go. We just lack a bit of quality. Unfortunately Sargent and Rashica have not lived up to their transfer fees. You can't blame Farke for Krul letting that in. The first goal was a bit of individual skill. They ran out of ideas and ran out of steam towards the end. Definitely missing Cantwell, and taking Dowell off removed the last of our creativity. Ultimately it just reinforces how bad our transfer business was. Maybe if we'd been playing this system (which, by the way, looks pretty well balanced) all season then there would be a bit more cohesion.
  2. It's very much playing out as a 4-4-2. Rashica is playing as a winger on the left with Omibamedele as a fullback behind him. Aarons is lining up as fullback with Dowell as a right sided AM. It's much more positive. A couple of chances could have hit the target. Just lacking a bit of quality.
  3. Very interesting formation. Finally 4 of our attacking players, but at the expense of a left sided defender - I think we're incredibly vulnerable on the left. But it's quite a flexible formation. Could easily become a 4-4-2 with the same players. Good to see Dowell starting. Not convinced by Rashica or Sargent, but good intent. The acid test will be whether Normann and McLean will be solid enough. They need to hold and not get caught too high.
  4. A 'bang average' player would be head and shoulders above the utter dross we've seen in midfield this season.
  5. I find it highly unlikely that we'll turn things around. So I think the best approach is to sit back and enjoy the car crash. Everyone loves a good disaster movie. My plan is to moan about the rubbish formation when the teams are announced, get behind the team during the game, boo loudly when we concede due to Kenny McLean getting caught out of position, then go on about how the win was never possible with that flawed system afterwards.
  6. Just look at their comparative highlights on YouTube. Cantwell is a vastly better player than McLean. Kenny has featured regularly this season and his area of the pitch has consistently been deficient, despite being reinforced. Conversely, Cantwell's position has been removed from our formation, despite us needing the creativity and attacking intent that he offers. The irrational dislike of Cantwell is baffling.
  7. While it's true that any three points not perfectly aligned will form a triangle, I'd say that would be a generous description of our midfield three. 'Triangle' implies that there's some kind of structure and system to their movement. Maybe 'rabble' is too harsh? A flat midfield three pressing as a pack certainly wouldn't solve the problem that keeps leading to the concession of goals. What we're lacking is the positional discipline to prevent opposition overloads in the dangerous area in front of the defence. It's my firm belief that the midfield system is fundamentally broken because it requires too diverse a range of responsibilities from the players in those roles. They are somehow expected to get forward to support the front 2, support the wingbacks in both attack and defence and screen the back 3. That is an impossible combination and consistently leads to being caught out of position. The solution is to simply separate out the roles: two holding central midfielders who don't vacate that area, two wide attacking midfielders who diligently track back on the wings, and one central attacking midfielder who drops back centrally when we lose the ball.
  8. I think you're doing a disservice to his tackling. But his positioning has been awful at times. I'm unclear, however, whether this is more a symptom of the system than the player. It's basically impossible to do the attacking job he's trying to do in the absence of any attacking midfielders in front of him while also maintaining the positional discipline required.
  9. If we were going to freeze him out like this then we should have cashed in while he still had a monetary value. That Farke seems to think we can do without one of our best attacking players speaks volumes about his mindset. I can't see the team turning things around without a fundamental shift back towards a balanced team. Our style and identity have been completely abandoned. Cantwell was such a fundamental part of our success that it seems crazy not to be building the team around him.
  10. I've gone into great detail about the relative merits of a disciplined 2 man midfield with a dedicated central number 10 vs the loose 3 man midfield trying to do the attacking and defending and failing at both. Given the vast number of goals conceded when playing 3 in midfield, the evidence suggests it's not working. I think we'd at least need to try going back to the double pivot before writing it off.
  11. I'd play PLM if he absolutely promised not to go marauding forward or get drawn out wide on the half way line. But my preference would be for Sorensen. Normann has to start because we're lacking other options.
  12. If we go back to the truly awful 4-3-3 then the result will be no different to its early outings. I'd guess we woud concede at least 3. If we stick with the 8 at the back then we could scrape another 0-0. The only way we could win is if we go back to the 4-2-3-1. Then we might nick it 4-3 in injury time.
  13. It's ludicrous that people keep banging on about the 4-2-3-1 being too attacking when you consider how many goals we've conceded since abandoning it. The double pivot of two CDMs with a flat back 4 is so much more defensively solid than this vague system with attacking wingbacks and ill-disciplined CMs. Those attacking midfielders would give us a genuine threat which would make it far more difficult to put us under pressure. The extra centre back just invites teams to commit more players forwards, safe in the knowledge that our only outlet is to hoof it long.
  14. It's both inevitable and miserable that it will be some variation on the 3 man midfield that's proven so disastrous. If we concede early due to a positional error from the midfield then I'd be tempted to run onto the pitch and throw my season ticket at Angus Gunn.
  15. I would think that the second and third installments of the TV money would more than cover the shortfall. But we do seem to have p*ssed a lot of money up the wall when you look at the lack of quality on display.
  16. It's definitely looking like a bad decision at this point. I defended the sale at the time but I assumed we would be spending more on fewer, better players. I also didn't envisage ripping up our system and reverting to hoofball. It's hard to say which has been more catastrophic.
  17. What a load of deluded guff! There's a difference between 'a foreign owner' and a billionaire who acquired their wealth through exploitation and persecution. The aversion to a change in ownership is far more to do with the increased likelihood of failure. Just look at the clubs languishing in the Championship and League 1. Our owners are poorer than most. 'Labour supporting' is an interesting insult given the absolute shambles of a government totally destroying our country right now. There's plenty to complain about in terms of the dross being served up on the pitch. Our ownership and funding model is a beacon of light in relation to the rest of the sh*tshow. Get some therapy.
  18. I'm not really seeing any kind of self-reflection on the true state of affairs. It's as if he sees the Chelsea game as an isolated blip rather than the culmination of the poor choices which have led us to this point. The fact is that the squad has been poorly managed and the team being selected is significantly worse than that which won the Championship last season. Anything other than an admission of the mistakes and an apology is just going to wind people up more. Without admitting that you're wrong, it's not possible to correct the mistakes. Farke needs to give the fans something to get behind. Webber should be asking him to do that. Regardless of what Webber says today, if Farke puts out another 3-man midfield featuring McLean and Lees-Melou, if Cantwell is still absent, if all our attacking players are still consigned to the bench... It will continue to feel like we've lost an hour before kick off. We need to see some fighting spirit. And that starts with the team selection. We've obviously got to make the most of the players we've signed, but we also have to recognise when the recruitment has been poor and go back to players who were performing well last season.
  19. Two of those would be substitutes. McLean, PLM, Sargent and Gibson would make way. Fairly sensible to replace the players who are underperforming with the more talented players who are inexplicably being left out to accommodate the negative tactics.
  20. Buendia fitted in perfectly as part of the dynamic attacking midfield system we played. If he'd stayed then I'm fairly certain he'd have also struggled here with our inexplicable change in formation. I suspect that Tzolis could easily be a better player than Buendia in the long run, but we probably won't find out until Farke either gets sacked or (apparently less likely) stops picking such an imbalanced team.
  21. Gilmour hasn't been tried in a 2 man midfield because we've not played a system involving it at all this season. I don't have enormous faith in his defensive attributes, but he might do better with a more disciplined and deeper role.
  22. I've never seen any evidence of Cantwell having a bad attitude. The team have been utterly awful without him. We need to get him back involved as soon as possible.
  23. You're completely missing the point. We've tried packing the defence and midfield and it isn't working. It would be utter insanity to persevere with the same system and expect a different result. Without the goal threat of players like Cantwell, teams are able to commit numbers forward with impunity. Any variation with 3 centre backs and/or 3 central midfielders would be a continuation of the negative tactics which have repeatedly resulted in failure. We need a balance between attack and defence. Otherwise the attackers are isolated and ineffective. We saw it with the 4-3-3 and even more so with the 5-3-2. It's time to get back to the system which got us promoted.
  24. It's utter insanity to hold back on summer spending and then splash the cash in January when you're already cut adrift. And I don't see how signing yet more players would help. We already signed too many bang average players. Our best players can't even get onto the pitch. We needed some 'weapons' (as @Parma Ham's gone mouldy would say). Unless we sign a couple of £20m players then we're hardly going to be improving the team anyway.
  25. The 4-2-3-1 is 4-5-1 when you're out of possession. It just has specific behaviors for transitions which vary from a traditional 4-5-1. It's more about getting creative and dangerous midfielders on to the pitch at the expense of the less talented journey men we've been playing.
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