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  1. Some people have so little understanding of the tactical nuances of football it's laughable. Sorensen performed the role asked of him well today and had far better positional discipline than we usually see from Gilmour. He was frequently outnumbered in midfield because Kenny and PLM were all over the place. It was more of the same from this flawed 4-3-3 I've been complaining about all season. We need two, central CDMs but we only play with one and get overloaded. The wide midfielders don't support the fullbacks enough and the CMs get dragged wide leaving acres of space. Sorensen largely worked diligently off the ball and at least made an effort to cut off the passing angles. He may not have been great on the ball, but certainly no worse than our other midfielders. He's basically the opposite of Gilmour, in a good way.
  2. To be honest, I think I like our Championship teams and I don't like our Premier League teams. I detest the business of signing players for the top flight with the inflated fees, wages, egos etc. Every time we go up, we make a bunch of signings which always seem to backfire. I want to see us develop players in the Championship and retain them rather than selling them all and stop blowing stupid money on rubbish players. Looking back, we've signed so much dross. I loved it when we went up under Lambert and basically kept the same squad, same under Farke. I don't mind losing, as long as we haven't spent tens of millions on that bunch of losers. I feel no affinity with any of our recent signings and Dean Smith leaves me cold. I want Norwich to be the club who does things differently. Rather than aspiring to be Everton, I'd much rather keep yo-yoing but retain our identity. It's all a bit late now though, we've blown the money, lost the soul of the club and I fear we are at the start of a long decline.
  3. I believe he only started one of the 10 unbeaten games, otherwise played less than 10 minutes as a sub in a handful of the others. My spreadsheet only covered his first 12 months at the club, in which time we averaged 0.66 points per game he started. I guess we/he probably did better after January 2013 to finish 11th.
  4. I'm happy to forget that first half of the season, as long as we can also forget the awful summer transfer window, the total abandonment of our footballing philosophy and the way we've ripped the heart and soul out of the club in a failed attempt to adapt to the Premier League. Sadly we can't recall Emi, or buy that Skipp replacement, or indeed bring Farke back to orchestrate a similar brand of football to that which gave us our best ever season. So I'm unsure how this fresh start is supposed to go. If you're expecting this squad to miraculously play well enough to keep us up then I fear you're in for some serious disappointment. Maybe if we terminate Gilmour's loan and bring in a proper defensive midfielder then we might at least stop being hammered every week. Weirdly I don't see that happening either. The only positive I can find is that it's times like this which act as a counterpoint to the good times and make the relative success of the occasional Championship title all the more sweet.
  5. It's definitely a weird anomaly rather than being his fault. But it was part of a trend where we attempted to upgrade the squad which ultimately backfired. Howson wasn't really a Premier League quality player, lacking the physical attributes required.
  6. I don't regard Howson as a 'good signing'. His arrival marked the start of a significant downturn in the club's fortunes which led to relegation. There was a bizarre statistical anomaly where we averaged something silly like half a point less per game when he played. I made a spreadsheet about it at the time.
  7. The bar is clearly very low if Placheta is now considered to be doing well. I don't recall him creating a chance, having a shot or even putting in a dangerous ball.
  8. How can you possibly say that, given how awful our current team is? It's hard to do worse than zero goals and zero assists. A massive factor in our failure this season has been the enormous and unnecessary turnover of players. We've replaced some bang average players who were familiar with our team, style, system, country, culture etc. with some bang average players who were totally alien to all of those things. The players we've lost had other attributes such as leadership, charisma and enthusiasm which are conspicuously absent from our remaining squad. Worst of all, we've spent about £30m net to go backwards. We'd be vastly better if we'd simply retained last season's squad minus Emi and Skipp.
  9. We aren't really 3 points from safety though. We're 20 goals worse than Watford so it's 4 points, which is 40% of what we've achieved in half a season. They also have a game in hand. In order to survive we'd have to not only overtake Watford, but be the best out of the bottom 3 teams as well. Burnley have two games in hand and Newcastle have infinite money. We don't have a whelk's chance in a supernova.
  10. One of our most promising youngsters who should be in and around the first team. He would arguably do a better job in the wide midfield areas than some of our regulars. It feels like the club is going backwards.
  11. The FA cup is our last hope of salvaging some credibility from the season. We are already relegated so it's absurd to suggest keeping our best players fresh for the league. We need to play our strongest possible team.
  12. No, it's not depressing at all to realise that we've been far more successful than our finances would dictate. Quite the opposite. What it does highlight is that richer owners doesn't directly translate to greater success. So rather than banging on about getting rid of Delia, people could be more pragmatic about solutions to our issues within our means. It's why, the more this season goes on, the more I regret the vast sums of money we spent in the summer.
  13. Yes. 4-2-3-1 with a double pivot. I might have mentioned it before once or twice. The central number 10 could be more of an 8, no problem. Crucially, the wide players need to be extremely diligent at tracking back and supporting their fullbacks, allowing the DMs to stay central and even drop between the centre backs when needed.
  14. The ridiculous irony is that it's ambition which has derailed us. We had a decent squad which had just achieved the best season in the club's history (albeit at Championship level). We had a footballing philosophy deeply embedded through the entire club and we had money to spend. Ambition led us to ruthlessly cast aside many of the players who got us promoted and to reinvent the game plan around a bunch of new signings brought in at great expense. A far more conservative approach with fewer signings and greater continuity would certainly have yielded better results.
  15. Yes, I honestly believe that Rashica is no better than Onel Hernandez and Sargent is worse than Stiepermann (pre illness). I think people are being pretty deluded if they think these players will suddenly come good in the Championship.
  16. If that's our first choice team then bottom half. There's absolutely no creativity or goal threat apart from Pukki, and he's not getting any younger. We need a complete overhaul in midfield. It's about £100m worse than our last Championship season - that's what it would cost to buy Buendia, Skipp and last season's Cantwell, plus Vrancic and Tettey.
  17. I really wish they *would* get him out of our club. While I don't condone personal abuse, the fans are venting their feelings in the same way they do when a manager has gone past their sell by date. Gilmour is causing more damage each time he is picked. The is absolutely nothing to be gained from continuing to play him. We need to be getting our team sorted for an assault on the Championship. The absolute worst case scenario is that he actually becomes the best player in the team and contributes a bunch of assists on the remaining matches. Then we'd find it even harder to build a team without him. Skipp served a purpose because we may well not have been promoted without him. Gilmour does nothing for us. We aren't staying up.
  18. Regardless of how politely (or not) you phrase it, I think Gilmour's presence in the team has been massively detrimental to our survival hopes. We have nothing to gain by playing him; we're just giving him more opportunities to learn from his mistakes so that he'll be a better player in the future. I would be more than happy if the loan was terminated. We need to be planning for the Championship next season so we should be looking to build a solid team (of our own players) to learn how to play together with a cohesive philosophy. It's time to ditch the loanees and journeymen. We'd be better off giving the opportunity to our own youth players.
  19. I'm struggling to get my head around this post. They haven't been that bad, but they aren't good enough? The midfield has been out weakness all season and McLean has been picked more than anyone else. It's fair to say that none of our midfield have been much good, apart from Rupp maybe. They've all made numerous mistakes which have (directly or indirectly) led to goals conceded. The mistakes are nothing to do with ability with the ball. They're either positional errors or simple failure to track someone. I find Gilmour particularly infuriating in this regard because he consistently leaves huge gaps behind him and never recovers once someone gets goal side of him, but McLean is not massively better.
  20. I was happy in the haze of the Championship, but heaven knows I'm miserable now. I was looking for promotion then I found promotion, but heaven knows I'm miserable now... In my life, why do I give valuable time, to people who don't care if we win or we lose?
  21. None of those things matter if that player fails to occupy the correct positions when out of possession. You can have a 90% pass success rate and still be responsible for giving the ball away in your own half leading to a goal. You can run the length of the pitch without getting goal side of your man.
  22. To be fair, I'd vote SNP if they stood a candidate in Norfolk. I still wouldn't select Gilmour though.
  23. My point is that, rather than filling the squad with new dross at great expense, we should have just kept the dross we had as backup. Hugill ~ Sargent, Vrancic ~ Gilmour, Barden ~ Gunn, Hernandez ~ Tzolis, Martin ~ Lees Melou, McCallum ~ Williams. None of those signings actually improved the squad. Keeping those players would have allowed us to make four quality signings which actually did improve the first team.
  24. It's pretty simple: Replace Buendia and Skipp at £20m apiece a £10m McLean upgrade a free or loan CB One from Sargent, Rashica and Tzolis Keep Vrancic, Hugill, Barden, Soto, Hernandez, Martin, McCallum. That's a net spend of about £30m
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