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  1. Southampton looked like a team that had done a bit of homework on us and due to us naming an unchanged team I thought we were found out today. Unfortunately through a combination of the red card and lack of options on the bench we didn''t have the ability to make changes that may have enabled us to cause Southampton more of a problem. This is a point that we rapidly need to fix during this transfer window, we need to have strength and depth on the bench that enables us to have a Plan B. We were clearly struggling down the right hand side with the skill of Tadic, and Whittaker could have done with some help. He especially could have done with some help after getting booked as Southampton were clearly going to target him after getting booked so early in the game. A changed formation could have done the trick and I feel a move to a back 5 may have enabled, a) Martin and Whitts/ Wisdom to double up on Tadic, b) create a solid back 3 centrally and park the bus c) enable the wingbacks to lead counterattacks and get crosses into Jerome without spreading ourselves too thin in midfield. I recognise that due to Olsson being out we didn''t have a full strength defence and that the Premier League is not a platform to be experimenting, but I hope Alex Neil learns from today and recognises that we need to have a more than single game plan and we are able to react and adapt in situations such as today. Murray
  2. It was Spurs. Sigurdsson would have come to us if they''d have got someone in. Holtby was already at Fulham them - he''d been training with them prior to his confirmation at that point. Wes also would have left for West Brom had Sigurdsson come here.
  3. This all depends on Wes leaving/agreeing a deal. If he agrees with WBA (his only option we''re open to) the gilf will sign on loan until the end of the season!
  4. It seems Lewis Holtby is available, he''d be ideal. Playing a midfield of Holtby, Tettey, Fer and Guttierez against Cardiff would be ideal. I''ve no idea why CH keeps playing two wingers with the diminutive figures of Hooper and RVW in the box. The''re not going to wing many crosses in the air. We saw against West Brom that the ideal ball would be a ball threaded through on the floor to run on to. Holtby has the vision to provide these.
  5. 1, Get Snodgrass out on loan. His performance levels have dropped remarkably this season, and even though he''s frustrated, he''s not cutting it. 2, Get buying. A new centre back and midfielder who''s comfortable on the ball. We don''t need a lot just finishing touches. A classy CB that could marshall the defence is needed as they''re haemorrhage goals at the moment. Midfield is erratic and don''t retain possession once they get the ball. If you don''t have possession you can make chances. So a midfielder who''s comfortable on the ball, possibly dual footed and knocks the ball about should be the target. Neither cheap but falling out of the league is more expensive. 3, Change the formation. Let the team be flexible. 4 at the back for starters but with full backs that can attack so Olssen and Martin. Martin over Whittaker as with Martin you can change to a back 3 and push Olssen forward if the game is going your way. 2 Centre mids Fer and new player. Attacking centre mid, bring Wes back in and rotate with Howson when fit/you need to be a tad more solid. Play with one winger who''s free to roam both sides of the park. Also because if you play with Hooper and RVW who aren''t massive - they aren''t going to win that much arielly - no point in playing two wingers.
  6. Leroy was three times the player Victor Wanayama was today and he cost a third of the price! He''s gonna be some player. The potential we have in this squad is outstanding!
  7. With spurs seemingly having an influx of europes top young players coming in it seems they are wanting to trim down the squad somewhat. Particularly in attacking midfield where we may well be looking for that piece of the jigsaw which links the midfield and the strikers. Apparently they are willing to send Lewis Holtby out on loan but more interestingly sell Gylfi Sigurdsson. Now at 23 he''d fit right in with the squads young and hungry age group, knowing he''d get regular game time and could easily be seen as an investment with a large potential for sell on - like our very own RVW. I''d say he''d be willing to come because of his previous clubs and can see the clubs willingness to grow. And finally CH can use ''that'' Tottenham connection once again.
  8. Villa cant buy anyone off of us because a settlement has not been reached between the two clubs for Lambert and it is going to go to a tribunal... so dont panic about Lambo buying any of our stars!!
  9. Huddlestone would be perfect for this team right now and we would be perfect for him. I mean, much more appropriate in terms of style of play. Tom is a passer and we are a passing side. ANOTHER MIDFIELDER!! I hear you cry! Well, YES! Defensife midfield is one of our weakest positions and a role that none of our midfielders are currently very good at/built for. Johnson? Maybe our most shielding but imo far from a complete package and judging from pre-season, would like to get a little further up the pitch. You dont ship 5 goals out if you have a solid midfield and I would make this guy a priority. Tall, strong, young.... I''d defo negotiate a buying clause into the loan too, could easily work his way back into the England squad with a run of games.
  10. I agree with the above post. ^^^ You''re now starting to see Houghton let go of players who he doesn''t think will be upto scratch. Crofts didnt play a major part last season and even though he''s taken part in some pre-season matches it''s been decided he can move on. You may see the same with Lappin and Chris Martin. Fox nearly ticks all the boxes for the CDM role. His passing both short and long is the best in the squad. But for this role he is crucially (imo) too light in the tackle. If you had someone who covers the defence more we would stop hemorrhaging goals - making everybody''s life easier. Lest we forget we scored A LOT of goals last season. We needed too because our defence let in a tonne of goals. Seal some gaps and life becomes more comfortable. Plus if you can keep Vaughan fit that could be another 10 goals to add to the list, and therefore you don''t need to buy another striker. Then, quality players like Howson and Pilks should add too the tally. (I''m deliberately not saying Snoddy and Butterfield because the jury is still out on them at Premier League level, and I though Snoddy looked shocking against Ajax on Tuesday). My ideal player for CDM would be Tom Huddlestone, again, if you can keep him fit, but when he does play he look absolute quality and AVB could be tempted to cash in to gain some funds for some much needed strikers at spurs as they have just the one - Defoe. Also, in my opinion, we should buy another left back as Tierney who missed half a season, looked as rusty as hell on tuesday and not upto speed, and I was a big, big fan of his up until his ''injury'' last season. Again raiding Spurs for Naughton would be ideal. How much? 10 million for them both? I reckon for the quality and the potential it could be a snip. Is there the money, definitely. The transfer budget last year was 21 million. Lambert spent around 13 leaving 8. This 8 was going directly into this years transfer pot. How do I know this? One of my oldest friends is Functions Manager at Carrow Rd and gets briefed on all official club goings on on the last thursday of every month. (Of course you may think this a load of old tosh and choose not to believe it, but I can assure you I wouldn''t bother writing it. Plus you can see from the first 3 paragraphs I clearly know my stuff :P) So all in all, baring in mind Houghton has only spent around 6.5 mil, the money should defo be there.
  11. What you''re implying is that we''d bring new players in and not play them. The new players that come in have to be better therefore pushing the current stock to to the bench to be used as back up players therefore pushing the overall quality of the squad up and having strength in depth. The players I''ve listed as out aren''t going to be useful to push the team forward. Leon and Chris (and you can add crofts to that list too) are at best, championship players-not what we need, and it''s no good just having them on the books for the odd cup run.
  12. Since we''re playing real life Fifa... Out: Simeon Jackson Simon Lappin Chris Martin Elliott Ward Leon Barnett Tom Adeyemi - loan Korey Smith -loan In: Salomon Kalou - Free Mohammed Diame - free Tranquillo Barnetta - free Serdar Tasci CB Zdravko Kuzmanovic CDM Nathaniel Clyne RB Erin Derdiyok STR from Bayer Leverkusen Nacer Chadli LW from FC Twente Douglas - CB from FC Twente
  13. I wonder if we''ll se anything of Stephen Hughes. I think he should get an oppotunity as Russell is out. I personally would like to see more of what he can do.
  14. Waitrose sponsor Reading and are on the front their shirts..... so there could be something football related come out of it!
  15. So once we have a fit Whitbread, will he cut it a champ level? If he is I think he and Jens would definately would be my prefered partnership at the back next as as solid as Doc and Nels have been, they really have found their level imo. I would offer another Doc contract to though seeing as he''s been solid and fit since his Gee-up from Lambert, saying that, Lambert might find better on offer in the market. Also Jens will need his contract renewing too won''t he?
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