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  1. As the c0ck up with points allocation has messed me up (went to 6 away games, but only got 50 points for them!) im not guarenteed a ticket... grrrr! would anyone be so good as to get 2 tickets using their points and sell me the tickets? i would be most greatful, and youll get another 50 points, everyones a winner
  2. Does anyone know where i can order an England flag with a canaries badge on it?
  3. The Bree Marie sounds like a good shout to me! Drinking in edmonton is a no-no. Ive been to the court there (for work, not for being bad!) and i wouldnt want to drink there!
  4. Where are people drinking pre-match, especially inlight that there are no trains to white hart lane due to engineering works!
  5. How much do people think ticket prices will be for Leicester? Same as Burnley?
  6. Im heading to the Quadrant pre match. plus i managed to get parking right near the pub, bonus!
  7. Im just wondering how you go about becoming an away season ticket holder, i cant see anything on our website.  
  8. Apart from the useless waste of space that is jamie cureton, who else do people think have cost us points
  9. im sorry but you see the same today, grounds isnt a centre half and he didnt look comfortable and i dont see why we got him
  10. I was having faith in Roeders squad rejuvination until ive just seen his latst subsitution Pattsion on for Lupoli Why does he like him so much? its clear hes the worst player in the squad by quite some distance yet he plays him and from what i can see farly regulary as a sub    
  11. pattisnson is probaably the worst player ive seen in a norwich shirt in a few years he cant play for us again surely, sell him to colchester
  12. The only good thing Martin is good at atm is getting wasted send him to a club where there is no such thing as pubs then maybe he could do something there
  13. Theres a Jo-Ho convention going on there today  
  14. If it was true, i think he could be the best player in the championship cant see it happening in a month of sundays tho!
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